August 23, 2016

“What do you have to lose?” Polls show RISE in African-American support for Trump

Christopher WilsonRebel Commentator

Donald Trump is coming off his most impressive week since the Republican National Convention. The momentum is building as he pivots his campaign with personnel changes, but polling seems to show this is still a tight race.

Last week I broke down his speech on how to Make America Safe Again, but that was just the first of a series of fantastic speeches.

Trump went to Milwaukee amidst the riots, where he appealed directly to the African American communities so disproportionately affected by the violence, and who so often live in failed, Democratic-run cities.

There was also a shift in Trump’s tone.

He apologized for hurtful comments in a general way, just enough to provide a look at his softer side.

It’s the same compassionate side we saw later, when he flew down to Louisiana on Friday to view the aftermath of the worst disaster to hit the region since Hurricane Katrina. His opponents and the press quickly accused him of wanting nothing more than a photo op, but he left a sizable personal donation behind.

I tend to stay away from polls conducted by major national news organizations. WATCH as I explain which polls are prefer, and what they indicate about the state of the race.  

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commented 2016-08-24 18:31:43 -0400
Trump addresses rampant violence and assists in Louisiana. While the violence ramps up and citizens in the flooded state drown, Killary avoids the media and gets richer from the Clinton Foundation. Obama is so concerned he goes golfing!

What a profound difference!
commented 2016-08-24 15:59:59 -0400
Here’s something the politically correct Ontario Conservatives fear ever consider eliminating, a job as a result of Treating the French language as equal to the English language, or 50%, when Francophones in Ottawa only represent 15% of the population


Organization: Ministry of Education
Division: French-Language Education Policy and Programs Branch
City: Ottawa
Job Term: 1 Permanent
Job Code: 6A007N – PolicyEducationOfficer06
Salary: $68,536.00 – $118,317.00 Per Year
Understanding the job ad – definitions Posting Status: Open
Job ID: 97275 Apply Online
View Job Description
The French-Language Education Policy & Programs Branch of the Ministry of Education offers this unique opportunity to play a key role in the design, development and implementation of policies, programs, standards and initiatives related to education in Ontario in the areas of Student Success including Board Improvement Plan, Student Voice, applied courses, 21st Century Teaching and Learning.
commented 2016-08-24 15:56:46 -0400
Not surprising as Trump is actually speaking and wanting to work for them and not some special interest group like Black Lives Matter/NAACP, who claim to represents Blacks and calls anyone a Racist who does not choose them over choosing Black themselves.

Trump is definitely not a typical Conservative politician who does the opposite because a typical Conservative would rather do the placate the bigot card players politically correct thing, than do the right thing
commented 2016-08-24 14:54:59 -0400
a cell phone app that polled around 100,000 people showed Trump at 67% and Hillary at 19%.
an online poll hidden at the ABC website with about 150,000 votes showed Trump at 70% and Hillary had only 8%. rest went to independent candidates.

Largest concern is that Dems will stieal the election. Breibart guy now on Trumps team is supposed to be very technical person and a help in this department.

We need to pray for the Trump campaign and the American people.
commented 2016-08-24 12:17:39 -0400
DAN MANCUSO; That is the exact video and reference that I was alluding to.
Thanks. Hilarious but true. A black person can use the “N” word to refer to a black criminal but a white person using that terminology to describe the same would end up in court or prison. The Black Americans are waking up and supporting Trump in part, precisely for these reasons; jobs, security and safety, freedom of speech, script, expression,religion, worship, provided there is no harm to others by a person’s actions, not to mention open borders and illegal immigration to name a few.
commented 2016-08-24 08:42:56 -0400
The black African American community use the "N"word to describe a bad black person. Well there’s one of those in the White House running the country into the ground and most black men and women are starting to figure that out.
commented 2016-08-24 08:37:25 -0400
So in spite of th poll rigging the MSM polls still cant stop the landslide of voters who support Trump from showing Trump is the absolute winner. Can you imagine what the polls would look like without the MSM fraud and poll rigging?
commented 2016-08-24 05:26:23 -0400
If that asshole—- Obama had another 4 years——— He would have his Race War. . He has worked long and hard at cultivating the Hate.
commented 2016-08-24 03:58:42 -0400
It turns out putting a black man in the white house does nothing for the blacks.
commented 2016-08-24 02:45:31 -0400
Mike Krchnak, A homophone is a word that has the same sound as another word but is spelled differently and has a different meaning, such as “soul/sole” which you used.

Other examples are “to/two/too”, “there/their/they’re”, and “pray/prey”.
commented 2016-08-24 02:24:57 -0400
Drew…..don’t be putting facts out to the leftist regressive fucktards. It really contradicts their false truths.
commented 2016-08-24 02:18:01 -0400
Vqjay Jay. …put down the booze and go to sleep.
commented 2016-08-24 02:16:22 -0400
Andy….putting your heart and sole into something. That is something that you would know nothing about, I’m sure.
commented 2016-08-24 02:08:35 -0400
Christopher Wilson quotes one of Donald Trump’s most ridiculous comments yet. Trump assumes that all black Americans are oppressed and disadvantaged and cries: “What have you got to lose?!”

And then Christopher Wilson makes his own ignorant and misspelled comment: " WATCH as I explain which polls are prefer, and what they indicate about the state of the race."
commented 2016-08-24 01:35:29 -0400
Andrew Stephenson
More left wing hypocrisy and Obama being a filthy hypocrite. And of course the media with little outrage like the children they are.
Also the US debt hit 77% of their economy , must be a good thing LMAO!
commented 2016-08-24 01:31:46 -0400
Andrew how about some facts. In Democrat run cities blacks are murdering each other like cannon fodder and they are poor. I suppose you think that is good for them or for anyone else? Of course you think having people addicted to welfare is a good thing. Not sure why.
commented 2016-08-24 01:30:06 -0400
Andrew please substantiate your claims, and by the way , you said Ontario was going to really get going LMAO!
commented 2016-08-24 00:35:01 -0400
BIll Elder, what poll is that?

Actually, you’ve made several claims. Please substantiate all your claims.
commented 2016-08-23 23:51:14 -0400
Andy you really are dyslexic with numbers the last polling showed Trump with 25% of registered black voters and 31% of Hispanics. Obviously a good portion of minorities think he’s a better option than Clinton.

But you and I both know these predictive polls are only good for dogs to piss against. Every time Harper won the predictive polling had him some times 20 points below the popular vote in the election.
commented 2016-08-23 21:25:58 -0400
PS – what’s that support rate you’re celebrating? I notice you don’t spell it out.

I will. It’s sixteen percent… which is still pathetic.
commented 2016-08-23 21:20:13 -0400
“Hilary will get rid of Breitbart news”

No need to, as you know they were being funded by the GOP anyway. When that party collapses in the aftermath of the Trump disaster, the site will lose its funding and die.

As for the Rebel, there comes a time when Ezra gets tired of putting his heart and soul into something that earns less than simply begging in the street does, particularly now that its rankings have slipped considerably.
commented 2016-08-23 21:01:47 -0400
Hilary will get rid of Breitbart news (and of course, Trudeau will try to do the same for

I’m sure you know Computing Forever? (#RegressiveNews: Hillary to Shutdown Alternative Media)
commented 2016-08-23 19:11:24 -0400
In Trump’s second term he’ll pull the majority of the black American vote, once he makes a steady job the best inner city welfare program – this is what he says.
commented 2016-08-23 18:32:06 -0400
Anyone believing the Dems have been a friend of the American blacks really does not know their history.


That would be most blacks in the US of A – perhaps that is about to change.

About time.