December 05, 2017

Pop Star Pink Boasts That She's Raising Her Young Children to Be 'Gender-Neutral'

Rebel Staff

Pop star Pink boasted that she is raising her six year-old daughter and 10-month old son in a "gender-neutral" and "label-less" household.

The singer, who is 38 and married to motorcycle racer Carey Hart, 42, told the U.K.’s The People she does not want her children defined by their gender. Pink said she is delighted her 6-year-old daughter Willow told her she wants to marry an African woman when she grows up.

“We are a very label-less household,” Pink, whose real name is Alecia Beth Moore, explained, “Last week Willow told me she is going to marry an African woman. I was like: ‘Great, can you teach me how to make African food?’”

“And she’s like: ‘Sure mama, and we are going to live with you while our house is getting ready,’” Pink continued. “I was like ‘what the f**k, who are you? Who is paying for this by the way?’”

The performer of international hit “Get the Party Started,” Pink is a champion of the new gender ideology that does not acknowledge the science of two biological sexes – male and female.

“I was in a school and the bathroom outside the kindergarten said: ‘Gender Neutral – anybody’, and it was a drawing of many different shapes,” she said. “I took a picture of it and I wrote: ‘Progress’. I thought that was awesome. I love that kids are having this conversation.”

The Grammy-winner says though she enjoys motherhood, she considers herself to be a “pre-teen boy,” according to The People’s report.

“I do bake sales and lemonade stands,” she explains. “I take my kid to school and try to get there on time. I’m a f**king grown up now, it’s so weird. I’m still a 12-year-old boy.”

Sounds like that's one confusing house for children to grow up in!

Progressives may be living in a fairy tale where we are all gender-neutral, but in the real world, raising young children to have the choice of which gender they want to be will only make it more confusing when they actually are part of society and see that the majority of biological men are actual males, and the majority of biological women are actually females. 

The main problem with the left's definition of raising children to be gender-neutral is that it's oftentimes just an excuse to force young boys to get rid of their masculine qualities. Young girls like Pink's daughter living in gender-neutral households will still have their feminine qualities celebrated, while young boys will be encouraged to be as feminine as possible. In modern culture, masculinity has been labeled as something "toxic," and ridding young boys of their masculinity at as early an age as possible has become the left's parenting norm. 

This goes back to the left's push for children who believe themselves to be trans to begin transitioning to the opposite gender before they even hit puberty. Adults should have the right to make the decision to change genders if that is what they wish, but children are far too young to decide something that major. Similarly, Pink's children are far too young to understand the complexity of progressive's definition of gender. Children should be allowed to be children for as long as possible, and pushing these kinds of questions about gender on them at such an early age will only make them start asking themselves adult questions that they shouldn't even be thinking about until much later in life. For goodness sake, Pink, let your daughter be a girl and your son be a boy!  

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commented 2017-12-07 15:48:55 -0500
Andrew, why keep harping about Pence’s marriage then, their marriage, their agreement…take your own advice!
commented 2017-12-07 12:16:47 -0500
Her kids, her problem.

The supposedly pro-freedom time sure spends a whole lot of time worrying about how other people are living their lives.
commented 2017-12-06 13:41:42 -0500
Entertainers tend to be a whole lot goofy when comes to anything that requires a brain. If she wants to ruin her kids let her.
commented 2017-12-06 09:14:06 -0500
How sad to destroy the normal traits of male and female in her own children. Pink is a tortured soul and has decided to pass it on. She’s just ruined their potential as human beings. They will definitely be neurotic and unhappy.
commented 2017-12-06 06:09:00 -0500
I wonder how Pink would react if her son said that when he grows up he wants to marry a white Scandinavian woman. Freak out? Wondering where she went wrong? Where did all this masculinity come from? Why would he prefer male gender over female gender?

Its must be tough being a PC SJW pop music star.
commented 2017-12-06 01:38:47 -0500
William Elder,

If you actually believe that, then you have just confirmed yourself as an idiot.
commented 2017-12-06 01:23:03 -0500
The father of these children doesn’t have a 1/4" of untatooed skin on his upper torso.
These adults don’t know how to be humans.
commented 2017-12-05 22:53:58 -0500
No doubt in 20 years time we will read how these neurotic kids killed their parent
commented 2017-12-05 21:50:56 -0500
Worry about your own kids. Not what works for her and her family. I am sure her kids will be just fine and she will be an excellent mother.
commented 2017-12-05 20:55:51 -0500
Yeah let us know when your non boy gets pregnant. See if nature listens to your BS.
commented 2017-12-05 20:38:33 -0500
The decline of the white race controlled by idiots following a juvenile fad.
commented 2017-12-05 18:54:43 -0500
So this “thing” is raising little sh “ITS”??
12 YO boy, eh?? Maybe this thing should pull down it’s bloomers & take an educated peek??
commented 2017-12-05 18:01:55 -0500
its child abuse.
commented 2017-12-05 17:56:35 -0500
Where do these people come from? Pink is an example of a very minute group of idiots who think they’re going to change the world into some gender circus freak show in the name of equality or superiority in their minds. I don’t think so. This will fade away like the rest of the insane ideals that crop up from time to time. (These circus freak show promoters need to be locked up in a padded room, in a straight jacket, away from society where they can do no harm.)
commented 2017-12-05 17:29:34 -0500
Her importance to society is totally over-rated . Who on God’s green earth cares how she raises her kids? There are many people who can sing songs. Her specialty is to sing upside down suspended from the ceiling while semi clad. As I said who cares. Raise your kids to be monkeys. But please publicize it so we can laugh at you and cry for the kids.
commented 2017-12-05 16:51:23 -0500
I hope she has a psychiatrist on speed dial!
commented 2017-12-05 16:37:17 -0500
make that “hadn’t”
commented 2017-12-05 16:36:49 -0500
Good. Less chance of them reproducing. Pity her parents had done the same thing.
commented 2017-12-05 16:18:26 -0500
More progressive child abuse.
commented 2017-12-05 15:24:51 -0500
Poor kids!
commented 2017-12-05 15:04:44 -0500