January 25, 2017

Populist politics at play in Conservative leadership race? Kevin O’Leary leads the pack

Christopher WilsonRebel Commentator

It’s been just over a week since Kevin O’Leary entered the Conservative Party leadership race and according to a new Forum poll out yesterday, he’s comfortably in the lead. 

When you dig a little deeper, the numbers keep getting better. Among card carrying Conservative Party members, he’s at 31% and does even better with voters who cast their ballots for the Conservative Party in 2015 with 49% support.

If we’re to trust these polls, one thing is apparent, Kevin O’Learly is the front runner, and a clear front runner at that.

Some aren’t too happy about this, and many have valid criticisms of O’Leary on a number of issues with some even going as far as suggesting that O’Leary isn’t a conservative.

Now where have we heard that before?

Oh, that’s right the Republican establishment and much of the conservative media said the exact same thing about then candidate Donald Trump.

Watch as I explore the similarities between Trump and O’Leary and how they may work to his advantage.

If our country truly want to compete with Trump’s America and become an international hub of investment, innovation, research, and wealth creation then we need someone like O’Leary at the helm.

Our economy is on the fast track to nowhere and we could be facing negative growth between now and the next election. Canada may need someone like O’Leary to right the ship.

I do have concerns too but politics are changing, and populism is at play here.

If O’Leary can appeal to the 18-35 year olds - the ones who will be impacted the worst by the policies of Justin Trudeau, Kathleen Wynne, and Rachel Notley - he stands a shot.

It’s a group the Conservatives have never appealed to, and it’s a group that by 2019 may be feeling so much pain that they’ll look to Make Canada Wonderful Again.

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commented 2017-01-29 17:21:42 -0500
Exactly Jacko mannie, and a part of fixing the economy is stopping the abuse of taxpayers. Halting this invasion (because that is what immigration without assimilation is) will be the first step towards a much much healthier economy. There are other capable choices for fixing the economy and I beg to differ, by the time this election rolls around, the Islam issue will be THE most important issue. There are lots of us ‘dirty deplorable’s’ across the country and we are all going to vote for the conservative candidate.
I’m not trying to convince you, I don’t care who you vote for.
commented 2017-01-28 22:47:42 -0500

This may shock you, but I think the economy and jobs are the biggest issues for most Canadians.

If O’Leary wins, it will because of his promise to turn the economy around. If you are looking for him to be against Muslims or for Canada to build a wall, that’s not going to happen. He has come to fix Canada’s economy when no one else will.
commented 2017-01-28 20:05:25 -0500
“Glenn Craig commented 3 hours ago
@jack Carter…are you qualified to vote in the leadership convention?"

The bar isn’t high. You just need to have a membership by March 28.

I’m still wondering if I will vote for O’leary to head off the SoCon whackos, or the also-ran least likely to win against Trudeau.
commented 2017-01-28 19:34:22 -0500
Anything is possible Glenn.
commented 2017-01-28 18:24:00 -0500
@liza Rosie…this bears all of the hallmarks of liberal party infiltration and it wouldn’t surprise me if Warren Kinsella was involved.
commented 2017-01-28 18:12:22 -0500
Looking at his website gives me no confidence. His ‘why I’m running’ page doesn’t say much except about the economy and being ‘inclusive’. No real meat on the issues. The last election was on the economy(stupid), this one is about much much more than that. O’leary addresses none of it.

commented 2017-01-28 17:19:50 -0500
@jack Carter…are you qualified to vote in the leadership convention? I would want to see full disclosure of Kevin O’Leary’s support funding, and if he is, as I suspect he is, the CBC’s Manchurian candidate that is the end of his hopes.
commented 2017-01-28 15:48:45 -0500

No one else can beat Trudeau. So one way or another – you are not going to be happy. I would think it’s better to get Trudeau out even if O’Leary isn’t your dream candidate.
commented 2017-01-28 13:05:23 -0500
You know a federal election may be won before the votes are even complete in the west, but don’t forget that westerner’s hold memberships and we can definitely have a say in who leads the party. By the time the election rolls around O’leary will be completely exposed for the cino he is and no self respecting Conservative is going to vote for a liberal lite. I know I will do my best to make sure he doesn’t get in as leader of the conservative party. I don’t believe he would be anything but a sell out. He might beat junior, but what of immigration, and if not carbon tax what other revenue scheme would he come up with, upping the GST to 9% like Peterson would do? His interests are with investments only. I simply do not believe the man is in touch with the average Canadian. I am afraid he would make us into a Global trader at all costs, including sovereignty.
If we ever get him on the Rebel again I want Ezra to ask him if he was behind Brexit or not. That would say it all for me.
commented 2017-01-27 02:35:17 -0500

As I said before, Canadians couldn’t stand Harper for one more second. Liberals were most likely going to win this time around – no matter who was running.

But you bring up an interesting point, which reinforces my point about Kevin O’Leary. Liberals who are disappointed with Justin, will have no problem voting for O’Leary, because they will know that social issues that are important to them will not be changed.

O’Leary is the only one that can beat Trudeau. Canadians will rather take more years of Trudeau over voting for a far right conservative who doesn’t know what century we are living in.
commented 2017-01-27 02:22:19 -0500
You’re no bigot are you Mannie You could say that about the general public in Canada. Look what they voted in for PM. You can’t get more brain dead than that. Unless of course you’re still defending Justin Trudeau, in which case you are zombie material, way past brain dead. So don’t tell me the American low info are any worse or more than Canadian low info.
commented 2017-01-27 00:46:18 -0500

Let’s say it’s O’Leary vs. Trudeau. I assume you will vote for O’Leary just to get Trudeau out right? Or will not vote, because Kevin is a social liberal and just accept that Canadians want a partial liberal on some level.
commented 2017-01-27 00:42:55 -0500

They couldn’t take Harper for another minute.

It’s not insulting. It is simply the truth. Hell even Americans will say that the general public in America are fucking morons. We know more about America than they do if put to the test.
commented 2017-01-27 00:08:13 -0500
I just went to Brad Trost’s facebook page.( the calibremag link as well) I like what he is saying, that is for sure. If you put o’leary’s policy stands beside Trost, Trost would satisfy the requirements for many Canadians. He covers just about everything.
No carbon tax, firm on cutting back on mass immigration , two big ones for me. There are personalities that present better, but Trost has the goods. I just want his substance to be enough for him to win. Unfortunately that seems to be a deal breaker in politics, especially these days.
I wonder when the numbers will whittle down. There are a few hangers on who hopefully drop out soon.
commented 2017-01-26 23:18:20 -0500
“I think it’s fair to say that Canadians are much smarter than Americans and wouldn’t fall to the clams of a snake oil salesman and empty promises of making America great again. "
Jack mannie, now that is the funniest thing I have heard all day, aside from being rather insulting to our American neighbours, it is insanely ironic for a liberal to make such a remark considering boy Zoolander got voted in as PM. What were those, smart Canadians?
commented 2017-01-26 23:14:21 -0500
All of what Brad says I like. But he needs to show more bravado, personality….he needs to make some more noise or it will be harder for him to rise to the top. I do like him though. Thanks for those links Leviticus I will spend more time getting to know Trost.
commented 2017-01-26 22:57:31 -0500
Brad Trost pushing for a reversal of C-68 in full, and for a sensible firearms policy that treats law-abiding, responsible gun owners with the respect they deserve. an article about his position that appeared in Calibre Magazine which has a series introducing all of the candidates:
As far as immigration and ISIS, this from a recent post at his Facebook page:
But the greatest threat to these commitments and Canadians’ way of life is terrorism motivated by Islamic extremism.
That is why as Leader of the Opposition I will push, and as Prime Minister I will introduce legislation, to shut down immigration to Canada from countries that support, encourage or harbour terrorists or Islamic extremism.
Let me be clear: No immigrants from countries that support, encourage or permit Islamic extremism.
But . . . genuine refugees (which presumably would include Christians undergoing genocide) from countries that support, encourage or harbour terrorists or Islamic extremism will be welcome!
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commented 2017-01-26 22:24:21 -0500
Kelvin Grabowsky,

Nothing wrong with welfare, EI (since you paid into it) or food banks if you were laid off. Sooner or later, America will also have universal healthcare or form of it. I personally don’t mind paying more in taxes in exchange for OHIP.

He is probably a globalist. Ultimately far right conservatives are not going to like him, but reasonable conservatives and liberals will.
commented 2017-01-26 22:13:09 -0500
Welfare, EI.,food banks,emergency rooms…………..etc.

Time will only tell about the snake oil salesman.

I didn’t say anything against O’Leary, I’m just wondering if he’s in the globalists camp or not, if not, he’s worth taking a look at. If he is, then he will never get my vote.

I have to be honest with you, I really don’t have a dog in the fight , because I’m a western separatist, and I know longer care what happens on a federal level. Canadian governments have taken away too many of my freedoms, my fight now is concentrated on a free west, and considering on what’s happening out here that’s plenty enough to deal with. Cheers
commented 2017-01-26 21:11:36 -0500

What handouts are Canadians waiting in line for exactly?

I think it’s fair to say that Canadians are much smarter than Americans and wouldn’t fall to the clams of a snake oil salesman and empty promises of making America great again.

Do you actually think that Trump is going to be this great President?
commented 2017-01-26 20:46:51 -0500
What is O’Leary’s stance on the TPP or nafta or banksters or for that matter globalism. The left right paradigm is so blurry when it comes to Ottawa politicians, that the only distinction is a candidate that will speak out against the cabal and exposes the corporate corruption culture that we call our governments over the last 50 years. Even the great Harper was a globalist. What made Trump president was Obama’s flaunting of globalism and the pure unadulterated stuffing of it to the American people.

Your right Jack Carter, Canadians aren’t Americans. As a whole Canadians are more apt to stand in line waiting for a hand out, because that’s the way our governments have programmed us to be. Americans are waking up in droves while most of Canada slumbers.

And if by chance there should emerge a candidate from this field that does speak out against the globalists, the media will likely crucify him/her to the enth degree. And maybe just for the principle of it, that’s the candidate that needs to be listened too .
commented 2017-01-26 20:05:34 -0500
Mannie Buttercup is that you?

Ron, cheers.
commented 2017-01-26 19:22:57 -0500
Liza Rosie , your comments are true Conservative and I totally agree with them .
commented 2017-01-26 19:19:20 -0500

The candidates that are running for conservative leader cannot beat Justin. Stop thinking that Canada is like America. Canadians are very different than Americans and they will want someone who is at least socially liberal to some degree. That’s O’Leary.

Center right has a shot – that’s it.

Kevin O’ Leary is most likely going to be your candidate. The sooner you accept that and try to find the positives, the better. Why waste your energy on candidates that just can’t win. You really think Kellie Leitch has a shot?
commented 2017-01-26 18:57:53 -0500
The line that the defunding/privatising/ or selling the cbc would be political suicide, and conservatives must change their ‘image’ and have a ‘liberal lite cino’ as leader if we want to beat Justin are so last year. They don’t apply any more, and will apply even less by the time the election comes around. Those lines are used by liberals as a scare tactic.
Is bullst.
commented 2017-01-26 18:52:40 -0500
Who is this? Another Mannie/duh Sailva resurrection?

There is growing disgust with Justin’s Laurentian ways, and if there were an election today I think ANY conservative would have a pretty damn good chance. We don’t have to be stuck voting for candidates we don’t really want any part of. We get to define what we want not the other way around. Justin’s days are numbered any way you cut it. I would just like to point out though that no vote is the decent thing to do before any disgruntled conservative considers voting NDP.
Early days, things will sift out. I have faith someone will be a break through for us.
commented 2017-01-26 18:45:15 -0500
That’s what happens when liberals lose. Petty name calling with no facts !
commented 2017-01-26 18:42:39 -0500
Name calling liberals know best ! Lol
commented 2017-01-26 18:41:29 -0500
If O’Leary wins it he deserves it but I guees we will see soon enough ! I’m glad I get to vote for the leader and will use that privilege wisely and not be swayed by liberals !
commented 2017-01-26 18:36:45 -0500
Ron Christensen,

Sorry – I forgot that you are a prude, puritanical and repressed.