April 12, 2016

Porn site blocks North Carolina users to protest transsexual bathroom law yet feeds on traffic from countries that actually discriminate

StaffRebel Columnist

Famous internet porn site Xhamster has blocked users from North Carolina to protest a new bill.

The bill requires transgendered individuals use a bathroom designated for the gender they were born with as opposed to the one they identify with.

In other words, if you were born with a penis, you use the men's room. Not the women's room.

As we've seen before, allowing men into women's washrooms has been dangerous.

WATCH: Man cites 'gender identity' rule after stripping in women's washroom, returns as young girls change for swim practice

Xhamster.com spokesman Mike Kulich told The Huffington Post that, “We have spent the last 50 years fighting for equality for everyone and these laws are discriminatory which XHamster.com does not tolerate.”

“Judging by the stats of what you North Carolinians watch, we feel this punishment is a severe one,” Kulich said. “Back in March, we had 400,000 hits for the term ‘transsexual’ from North Carolina alone. People from that state searched ‘gay’ 319,907 times.”

According to Alexa, a website that ranks websites according to their traffic, Japan makes up 12.5% of Xhamster's web traffic while India makes up 6.6%.

Same sex marriage is illegal in both Japan and India. In the latter, gay sex was made illegal in 2013 after a law from 1861 was reinstated.

We have reached out to Xhamster for comment.

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commented 2016-04-14 09:14:30 -0400
I see an increasingly number of organizations and individuals that are supporting this. xHamster, Latestrip.com and famous people like Bruce Springsteen officially banned NC and there are voices saying that Google and Facebook will do likewise.
commented 2016-04-12 20:38:32 -0400
There is a very real agenda at work and they are getting desperate…

“…While LGBT activist groups would like for us all to believe this was a spontaneous uprising of indignation among the state and national business community, a closer examination reveals that it is actually part of a carefully orchestrated campaign by the HRC and its network of allies.
Each year since 2002, the Human Rights Campaign has produced what it calls a “Corporate Equality Index” to track and report efforts within corporate America to promote acceptance of the LGBT agenda. A review of this document for 2016 sheds quite a bit of light on the questions above…”

commented 2016-04-12 18:02:16 -0400
It is not about morality, it is about money.

Those foreign countries bring in a lot of porno cash.

Not so much from North Carolina.

Ever notice how the main stream liars never tell this story?
commented 2016-04-12 17:55:53 -0400
This has gotten so stupid. Maybe come the federal elections, those states will not be allowed to vote, or something just as absurd.
commented 2016-04-12 14:43:39 -0400
Right then, fine. Let’s take this full circle here.

Since the whole idea of separate male and female change rooms is basically to prevent men leering at others in a sexual manner…

And as we straight heterosexual men have no idea if other guys in there are looking at us like some piece of meat…

Then as a straight heterosexual male who may or may not be insecure about my anatomical flaws or not-flaws, I demand washroom/change facilities that allow only straight heterosexual males to change in safety, (Hey we all seen at least one prison shower scene.) or a PRIVATE facility where ever I go.

“Sob.” (Sarc.)

My eyes are up here! (More sarc.)
commented 2016-04-12 14:05:43 -0400
Wow! A porn site claiming to stand for justice and “principles”!?! I thought the porn industry came about as a result of society abandoning its principles. I know if I wanted a character reference, I wouldn’t choose a distributor of porn to vouch for me. Even if I was a sicko pervert, I don’t think I’d want to advertise it to the world. Weird!!!
commented 2016-04-12 14:02:41 -0400
A porn site has no basic common sense? Color me surprised.
commented 2016-04-12 13:54:51 -0400
Tons of free porn out there.

Good job Mike Kulich you fkg moron!!!
commented 2016-04-12 13:33:29 -0400
Ridiculous Social Warriors. Let the governments and the people who elect them make the laws they want and just fuck off and leave them to it.
commented 2016-04-12 13:03:10 -0400
might as well punish everyone while you are at it, as if everyone agrees with the decision.
since when did a porn site become the voice of morality for a nation.
it’s not like the site exploits women or anything like that…
commented 2016-04-12 13:00:44 -0400
oh ya! that’ll teach em’!
I guess you do not have the right to say ‘no’ anymore.