March 01, 2018

Post-debate media scrum with Tanya Granic Allen: “I respect grassroots democracy”

David MenziesMission Specialist


The final debate for the four remaining PC leadership candidates was held in Ottawa last night.

Watch as I bring you the post-debate media scrum held with Tanya Granic Allen.

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commented 2018-03-03 12:31:58 -0500
“I have better things to do than waste my data on 45 minute videos”
Andrew that is why I gave you a 5 minute one, I knew your attention span wouldn’t be able to handle 45 min. However I knew some others would appreciate the longer version.

While the sexualization of children has less to do with education and more to do with social engineering and indoctrination, to prop up some sicko’s idea of utopia, talking about blowjobs, fisting and anal sex to children just seems patently wrong to me. Robbing children of their childhood backfires and this crap is child abuse. Resentful kids make for angry adults, and society will pay.

Regarding Peterson, you could not be more wrong on all counts, but I am not surprised. You probably aren’t capable of grasping his concepts, especially the historical references, but only because you resent the truth not because you don’t have sufficient comprehension skills.
That is what I think, and I won’t be goaded into picking apart that curriculum with you. We have all been there done that.
commented 2018-03-02 21:15:54 -0500
I have better things to do than waste my data on 45 minute videos, which I’m sure have about two minutes of actual useful information.

I’m not asking for Jordan Peterson’s opinion (he makes money for being controversial, so his analysis is tainted by financial conflicts of interest). I’m asking for yours, and particularly, a hard link to what you actually find controversial. Do you have an opinion, or are you just waiting for Dr. Peterson to tell you how to think?
commented 2018-03-02 12:17:25 -0500
I love that Allen made it clear to the reporter that she didn’t say anything about tearing up windmills, but that she said she was going to tear them out of the ground.
I love her can do attitude. Its about time politicians showed some leadership. I expect her to be an influence one way or the other.
commented 2018-03-02 11:47:43 -0500
In addition to the Peterson explanation, I will say it is the sheer audacity of the government to declare themselves to be the arbiters of our moral and sexual health, that I find so offensive. All of it but for the most simple and basic information is an invasion. Re writing absolutes if offensive. Rewriting absolutes and dictating them to children as the new truth, for the advancement of political power structures and social control is evil and criminal interference.
commented 2018-03-02 11:02:45 -0500
Regarding Allen, boy I would like to see her hitch her wagon to Ford, or even visa versa. Now that would be a force to recon with. They would cover all the bases.
I wish I could vote in my birth province. I do not like this voting system at all. I didn’t like it federally and I don’t like it provincially. it is a stupid way to pick a leader and confuses people. Those two would be my top picks, not sure of the order, and I would vote for no one else. Elliot and Mulroney wouldn’t even be on my ballot.
commented 2018-03-02 09:49:20 -0500
“liza rosie commented 2018-03-01 19:29:22 -0500
I read it when it came out Andrew, but thank you for posting it for anyone who hasn’t”

So, having read it, what part of it is “neo-marxist”, literally or plausibly metaphorically?
commented 2018-03-01 23:10:36 -0500
Tanya has ZERO chance at winning. So any change will not be coming from her.

Why do you people have your head in the sand?
commented 2018-03-01 23:09:41 -0500
When the scruff goes out of their way to lambaste a candidate like Tanya that means she is on to something. She is the the direct opposite of Wynne in every imaginable way. She has my vote.
commented 2018-03-01 22:59:30 -0500
Without Tanya Grenic Allen in this race, it would be same ole, same ole.
Tanya has taken this corrupt party to task and because of her, there will now be change.
My vote is on her.

Christine Elliott is boring and unpredictable. She has been in the system too long and we need fresh ideas and not someone who is going to maintain the status quo. She lost to Wynne before, what’s stopping her again.
commented 2018-03-01 22:52:27 -0500
James MacMaster—-Thanks for the Woodburn case, opens everything up.
commented 2018-03-01 21:24:33 -0500
So you did finally listen to what she actually said, good job Vinny. Now go back and listen to exactly what Allen said, you may have to go to the full debate to catch it all. Companies which can stand on their own two feet with out raping the taxpayer will have no problem coming to a province open for business. If they are afraid of the government pulling subsidy agreements then don’t come to Ontario. Ontario deserves better than to do business with leeches anyway. No province should be worrying about offending the kind of business that will suck the province dry while it does their R and D and or tries to do business when there is no market for what they are supplying and so they are unable to stand on their own. Not the kind of business anyone should want to attract.

Be open for business, they will come.
commented 2018-03-01 20:03:02 -0500
Wow – people are so stupid and The Toronto Sun on top of that.

Christine didn’t say you can’t do it. She said, even if you can legally, it would send a terrible message when trying to attract investment into Ontario. The smarter play would be to try and get out of any extensions and not sign any new ones.

She is right.
commented 2018-03-01 19:29:22 -0500
I read it when it came out Andrew, but thank you for posting it for anyone who hasn’t.

Reading it is a good way to cut down on calories. Before meals it will ruin your appetite, and after meals it will make you throw up.
commented 2018-03-01 19:10:19 -0500
“It is used as an excuse to indoctrinate our children with cultural neo Marxist ideas and should be fought off at every turn. "
Can you link to the portion of the curriculum that you feel is “neo-Marxist”?

The curriculum is here, you can simply copy-paste it.
commented 2018-03-01 18:32:54 -0500
NDP Sucks, I posted the same link on the Christine Elliot report suggesting she read it.
Vinny is really pushing Elliot on every thread related to candidates, I’m not supporting a Liberal Lite!
commented 2018-03-01 17:39:35 -0500
I think she needs some experience to round off the edges, but she has potential.
commented 2018-03-01 17:19:50 -0500
I like her tough talk about wind turbines and speaking of ripping things out, SOGI should be ripped out by the roots as well. Completely scrapped. Basic sex ed as it relates to health is the only thing required by the educational system. The rest of it is not for the government to dictate. It is used as an excuse to indoctrinate our children with cultural neo Marxist ideas and should be fought off at every turn.

I have to give Allen some credit, she is well spoken and knowledgeable, but there is something about her which makes me uneasy. I can’t put my finger on it.
commented 2018-03-01 17:02:34 -0500
In fairness to Tanya, she did a great job taking Patsy Brown to task for the way he abused the nomination process. It is indeed a pity he dropped out before she could give him a broadside, She has courage and a willingness to take on opponents and the media head-on, qualities sadly lacking in Smilin’ Andy Scheer. Watch out for her in ten years.
commented 2018-03-01 16:06:35 -0500
Well she doesn’t have a chance in hell of being leader of anything, so her point is moot and useless.
commented 2018-03-01 15:57:52 -0500
That was a fucking moronic comment. She has no concept of the law and contracts. It was laughable that she is just going to tear them out of the ground. "

Well, there is ample case law that supports the rights of Governments and government agencies to tear up contracts. One that I have some knowledge about is the National Capital Commission’s (NCC) expropriation of the Woodburn family farm on the outskirts of the City of Ottawa.

The Woodburn family farm was expropriated by the NCC in 1963 to become part of Ottawa’s Greenbelt. The Woodburns got $100,000 as compensation for their land and were permitted to stay on as tenants …until 1994, That’s when the NCC refused to renew the lease, and the Woodburns had to move. The NCC subsequently declared the land surplus, and had the City of Gloucester rezone the land commercial. The land was sold directly to a developer and generated a profit for the National Capital Commission of $6.7 million dollars. The Woodburns went all the way to the federal Court to stop the sale, because the re-zoning and subsequent sale of their former farm, plus their eviction as tenants, was a clear breech of the terms of the original contract – which stated that the purpose of the expropriation was to provide the city with a Greenbelt devoid of development in perpetuity and a 99 year lease for the Woodburn family..

To make a long story short, the Woodburn family went to court and lost. And although Justice J. Heneghan felt compelled to comment on the hypocrisy / duplicity of the NCC, he ultimately ruled in its favour – with the observation that, because times and circumstances change, governments, their agencies, and ultimately the public, should not be bound by contracts which would now constitute a burden.

And I don’t think it would take much of a lawyer to make the case that Ontario’s alternative energy contracts have become a burden on its citizens.
commented 2018-03-01 15:50:26 -0500
You don’t need to be an expert to know that Tanya is a fucking idiot with the comments she made and why Elliott corrected her.
commented 2018-03-01 15:33:58 -0500
I read that it is not against the law to rip the turbines out of the ground as long as Wynne and her Liberals are underneath them.
commented 2018-03-01 15:30:17 -0500
VINCENT CASSINI You are such an expert in everything. Unbelievable how ‘smart’ you are – or is it ‘how smart you perceive yourself to be’? Regardless, its amazing how one person can be so smart about so many different subjects and matters.
God Bless you.
commented 2018-03-01 14:47:21 -0500
That was a fucking moronic comment. She has no concept of the law and contracts. It was laughable that she is just going to tear them out of the ground.
commented 2018-03-01 14:40:17 -0500
I love the idea of ripping the Wynne turbines out of the ground but it ain’t gonna happen.