May 13, 2016

Prayers, money and a crockpot for “Saint Sophie of Chatelaine,” from one working mom to another

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show

Like you, I feel for Sophie Gregoire Trudeau

When I read that she’s struggling to do all the things she wants to do in a day, I immediately went to church to pray for her. I drove as fast as I could in my late model F-150 and thought of how poor Sophie has to drive around in that million dollar convertible, ruining her gorgeous hair.

Poor Sophie pleaded to a French language newspaper, “I need a team to help me serve people.”

Have you ever heard anything more horrifying?

This beautiful soul, like Mother Theresa and Princess Diana wrapped up in an expensive designer dress, needs our help. She needs us to pay for another assistant to help her manage her day.

It's a good thing Sophie's husband took away our child fitness tax credit and our income splitting. It brings me such joy to pay more to help her do less.

So, I'm sending Sophie my personal chef to help ease her load. My personal chef does all the cooking when I'm busy balancing work, three kids and a husband that works in the oilpatch.

By personal chef, I mean my crockpot. Welcome to the real world, Mrs. Trudeau.

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commented 2016-05-16 15:14:41 -0400
it is outrageous to hear her say SHE GOT IT TOUGH …!! soooooooooooo empathetic ….the poor gimme gimme couple have it soooo tough …sure it must be tougher than before BUT … is that past the barometer ??? how many vacations have they taken since oct 2015 …. how many so called useful and humanitarian " engagements" that she so strongly holds to will really produce results ? and if ANY results , surely not all " canadians " as the hubby is so quick to assert… will benefit .. did Billy Graham not draw sponsorship dollars from those who wanted to hear and follow him ? do the same blondie…..take up a collection for those who think you are soooooooooo deprived…do not dip in my pockets for your self asserted importance…..too many worthy ladies out there cannot ( and thankfully WOULD not ) have the gall to make that plea ….ugh….
commented 2016-05-16 11:55:23 -0400
This is sad really, they are both dillusional
commented 2016-05-16 01:39:18 -0400
CBC news had a segment where they defended the princess for wanting admin help.
commented 2016-05-15 22:10:49 -0400
Always good, but one of your best yet. Please, please lead with a trigger warning. Went to the safe place for a bit ( garage with a beer fridge)
. As much as I don’t share politically slanted emails, links, videos with my totally progressive family back east, this link had to go where the sun rises.
Kudos to you, your very understanding and patient husband, and your children.
commented 2016-05-15 18:20:57 -0400
Say what you want about Junior, but I’d totally take Sophie out for dinner and ask her about her birthday and her favorite things, given the chance lol
commented 2016-05-15 17:03:49 -0400
SHEILA, if you get her a crock pot , make sure it says CRACK POT before you send it to her
commented 2016-05-15 15:01:39 -0400
It’s bad enough that we are burdened with Justin’s havoc wreaking and destruction in our land, let alone the embarrassment every Canadian with a brain or a conscience feels over this ass clown’s antics in public and on the world stage, but now we have to put up with this whiney BS from Justin’s better half!? Ohhhh Canada…
They say that laughter is the best medicine…well I certainly got a huge jolt of good health reading about your crockpot this morning Sheila, thanks, and here’s to your good health.
commented 2016-05-15 11:55:52 -0400
Sheila, don’t you dare suggest Sophie get a crock pot. She would burn down Rideau Cottage with all she has to do in a day-in a word- nothing. What an entitled brat.
commented 2016-05-15 10:37:39 -0400
JOHN LANDRY The liberals are in power and they don’t give a shit for 4 years period
commented 2016-05-15 06:05:36 -0400
Sheila – some day I am going to be lucky enough to meet you and say hello.

My wife and I both howled with laughter at your “crockpot” line.

Be happy.
commented 2016-05-14 13:54:13 -0400
Doug Laird – commented
“I know single working moms who manage to get through this type of horrible workload before noon on Monday. And they keep clean houses, feed their kids well, look after their own yards, and chauffeur the kids to various appointments and activities. I would like to know if this speaks more to their abilities as supermoms, or to Sophie’s inability to capably handle anything at all.”

I’m going with the latter part of your last point. She appears utterly incapable of tying her own shoes, let alone raising her own kids. Though that is likely a blessing for the children! She was not elected, and shouldn’t receive another dime for anything!
commented 2016-05-14 12:40:13 -0400
I try to keep an open mind and read a variety of viewpoints that range from the LPC apologist army at the CBC forums to the right-wing attack slant of the National Post forums; on this issue I avoided the CBC until the very last because I didn’t think I could stomach the apologist slant on this little fiasco. That was where I discovered, in Neil MacDonald’s pandering apologist column, the fact that the PMO has revealed she is inundated with 50 to 60 requests per week – yes, folks, each and every week! Let’s break this down for any that are not very good at math. If she keeps herself and her assistant busy five days a week while staying out of the way of the nannies, housekeeping staff, gardeners, drivers, and chefs, that is 10 to 12 per day; if they cannot, between them, come up with a way to answer them all in an 8 hour day, they might have to work 10 hours to get through them all at the rate of one per hour. The poor little princess needs a team to handle all this!!!

I know single working moms who manage to get through this type of horrible workload before noon on Monday. And they keep clean houses, feed their kids well, look after their own yards, and chauffeur the kids to various appointments and activities. I would like to know if this speaks more to their abilities as supermoms, or to Sophie’s inability to capably handle anything at all.
commented 2016-05-14 11:54:05 -0400
LIZA ROSIE- If you want to know if something is a lizard or a rose, leave it alone until it shows it’s spots or pedals. You and I and a lot of other people see what is going on, but it is not that group of people we need to awaken. Small L liberals are like frightened children when they see their side criticized, their logic goes into lock down mode and cognitive dissonance takes over. I see this all the time when dealing with them. You can only get through to them like you would a child, with patience, kindness and gentleness. The Liberal party knows this, so they intentionally antagonize the conservative base with these silly distractions that are of little consequence. The conservatives lash out, the liberal mind closes up and no progress is made.
commented 2016-05-14 10:42:02 -0400
“Perhaps Sophie has something to offer we’re not aware of and I’d hate for public ridicule to stifle her efforts”.
John Landry, I really can’t imagine what that might be but she can darn well do it under the same budget plan other wives of PMs functioned under. At least Margaret didn’t pretend to be a good mother, she just moved into an apt. in New York to party hearty, and work on her photography.

Your suggestion of Sophie taking advantage of the daycare program in Quebec is a good one. It would go a long way to keeping the spawn of Trudeau from growing up even more entitled, unbearable and dangerous than Justin and his bro.

Regarding your comment about giving boy Trudeau a chance to really show his colours. I ask you John, for the love of God, haven’t we seen enough? The country really can’t afford to see what else he can do. Not that we can do much about it other than try to steer, block and make him accountable, until the next election.
Did we learn nothing from our neighbours to the south?
Why o why couldn’t Justin have gone into television like Ben did.

Sophie and Justin for that matter, put themselves out there and deserve what they get. Did Sophie really think her song was so great the world would appreciate her singing it in public on Martin Luther King day? The short answer, yep!
She has all comments coming to her. She lays herself open to them. Even though she is pitiful, she is not to be pitied.

Sheila that was stellar!
commented 2016-05-14 10:34:45 -0400
commented 2016-05-13 21:50:08 -0400
The Trudeau’s should sign up for Quebec’s $9.00 a day daycare freeing up the nannies to field phone calls and adjusting schedules.
commented 2016-05-13 21:46:42 -0400
MARK CHADWICK, there is no way of escaping taxes as a small business. It’s a monkey on the back, even if you are totally honest. The CRA is a tough, smart and empowered entity. The carbon tax will be more damaging than the G.S.T in it’s implementation. I’m pretty sure it was designed that way.
commented 2016-05-13 21:38:02 -0400
When just Trudeau hired the 2 nannies I promptly mailed him a check for $1 to help the family. Now if a full team is needed I will certainly cut a new check for at least $1.39. I hope someone in the team can teach her how to sing.
commented 2016-05-13 21:33:57 -0400
Bill Elder: I wonder if the Quantum Queen has broken the news to Butts yet. These love quadrangles can be tough.

DJBT and Sophie the overworked
commented 2016-05-13 21:24:16 -0400
John I hope you are not 1 of the small business owners trying to dodge taxes by being in business that Justin was talking about.
The only way to way we will win is to educate voters before they vote, good luck.People voted for change and pot.Be lucky to have any change left over once the carbon tax kicks in.
commented 2016-05-13 21:23:50 -0400
John Landry: Jumping into the mud seems to have worked well for Trump. Oh ya, you have that conservative and moral thing. Not my best example. Sorry.

DJBT and Sophie the overworked
commented 2016-05-13 21:03:10 -0400
I Wonder if Sophie will turn pot groupie after her husband kicks her out and moves in with Peter Mansbridge?

Will family history/genetics repeat itself?
commented 2016-05-13 20:50:17 -0400
MARK CHADWICK I’m a small business owner and as extreme a conservative as you will find. I know exactly where the liberals are taking us, but I prefer to fight it with class and intelligence as it is the only way we will win. We cannot espouse a higher moral ground when we jump into the mud.
commented 2016-05-13 20:43:33 -0400
JOHN I truly doubt you are a conservative if you don’t know by now where the Trudeaus are taking us. Heavy on the TAKING.
commented 2016-05-13 20:34:34 -0400

Grow up! You’re an embarrassment to conservatives, however I doubt you are one unless you’re 7 years old.
commented 2016-05-13 20:31:33 -0400
I really don’t like making fun of people or watch others do it. Perhaps Sophie has something to offer we’re not aware of and I’d hate for public ridicule to stifle her efforts. As I felt about Justin, let’s give it time and see where they lead us. As a conservative, I prefer to wait for the facts and effects of our highest office.
commented 2016-05-13 19:59:00 -0400
Well done, Sheila! The Turd is a big-time loser, but the thing he’s married to definitely out shines him in the loser dept.
commented 2016-05-13 18:24:23 -0400
Hey Sophie – you need to work a little harder – that double chin is really starting to show and that fat ass of yours is getting fatter.

Get to work you fat cow!!!!!
commented 2016-05-13 18:00:46 -0400
Couldn’t Imam Justin, the Purveyor of Puff, just wrap her in a burka bag, ram a joint in her mouth, and jam her in a corner while he arranges for a stay in an asylum. For the both of them. As I stated in an earlier comment, those two should check out the end result of Nicolae and Elena Ceausescu’s plunder of Romania. History has a strange way of repeating itself. Maybe a jug of drinking water from Attawapiskat would fix her up.

If anyone could use a helping hand it would be the gal who did this report. Thanks Shiela for all of your hard work. Keep us informed.

Laurentian Loonacy
DJBT and Sophie the overworked
commented 2016-05-13 17:38:03 -0400
Robert Mcclelland commented 36 mins ago
Happy wife. Happy life.

= mission impossible