November 20, 2018

Premier Ford: To support economic growth, “we have to change the culture” of Ontario’s bureaucracy

Rebel Staff

Toronto Sun Editor-in-Chief Adrienne Batra had a fireside chat with with Premier Doug Ford at the PC Party’s annual convention this past weekend in which they discussed what the Ford government has accomplished so far, and what it will do for the people of Ontario in future.

Noting that this new PC government has been very busy in its first 100 days unwinding many of the disastrous Liberal policies Ontarians have endured over the last 15 years, Batra asks Ford to share some of his biggest challenges and most rewarding experiences to date.

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commented 2018-11-21 10:23:41 -0500
I feel a certain proprietorship towards THEREBEL, mostly a sense of protection. I know my $80.00 a year doesn’t buy me more than a chance to listen and to comment…but I feel very protective toward THEREBEL, nonetheless…
Putting out a substandard product – like not proofreading, bad audio or visual, or a poorly written and/or thought out piece is a reflection on me…since I promote THEREBEL as much as I can.
THEREBEL has become very important in some people’s lives – as in being one of only a few sources of honest reporting in Canada, AND, where you can mostly say what you want and not get censored!
I hope my constructive criticism will be taken with the same understanding and honesty as it was given…I see I’m not alone.
commented 2018-11-21 02:42:47 -0500
Andrew Stephenson if bureaucracy is so important then why do they have little accountability? If you had ever worked in construction you would know city and provincial inspectors do almost nothing on a site other than drink coffee and chat. Anything they approve that fails or is not up to standards does not come back on them in any way.
commented 2018-11-21 02:38:18 -0500
Andrew is to blind to see the reality that heavy bureaucracy is nothing but a barricade to growth and a strong economy.
commented 2018-11-21 02:36:39 -0500
Andrew Stephenson sorry but public sector union garbage is not labor reform , they are in it for power and money. Now once again tell me what PSAC has done about Phoenix disaster, i mean other than forcing adjusted dues to be paid by workers who were screwed over in many other ways? LMAO! They have done nothing.
commented 2018-11-20 23:12:44 -0500
Dan Mancuso….I’m glad that you also commented, I was beginning to think that I was the only one.

Isn’t it the Hotel that sets up the sound system, except for bands ? I lasted 3 min.
commented 2018-11-20 14:02:30 -0500
If you guys can’t get a proper audio recording – because half the dialogue was unintelligible on that one, and others in the past, like how bad Skype can be – then I think you should transcribe, or caption it.
The message is so much more important than the medium, especially in this form-over-function society we’ve been…given.
I’m disappointed I could only watch 2 or 3 minutes of it…and I still don’t know what they were talking about.
I think maybe you should be more concerned with putting out an intelligible message than filling space or settling for something substandard…for whatever reasons.
I know…you don’t get the billions the Fake News Media Party does, is that any good reason not to proofread or assure basic standards, etc.?
I’m not looking for some slick talking-head spewing tripe and lies…I’d just like to be able to actually consume the product.
commented 2018-11-20 13:00:28 -0500
I can only think of the vague tinge of desperation in his plea to business to support his labour reform rollbacks. Rolling back the no-sick notes policy shows how out-of-touch he really is. Meanwhile companies see him meddling with Hydro One and tearing up contracts (legislating himself out of penalties – we’ll see how long that lasts) and wonder if the new highway signs are just a ruse.

Then again, perhaps he is having an effect, as evidenced by his appearance at the groundbreaking of an office tower in Toronto, a project started years ago, surely in anticipation of his eventual ascendance.
commented 2018-11-20 12:28:41 -0500
Terrible sound ! Maybe Trudeau’s Border Jumpers stayed at that Hotel and peed on the sound system.