November 17, 2015

Premier Wall: Conservatives need to "learn how to finish the sentence," to better communicate policy benefits

Brian LilleyArchive

Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall joins me again, this time to discuss the Conservative Party leadership and what the party has to do going forward in order to win.

I continue to push Brad Wall to consider taking a run at the leadership, but to no avail. One thing we both agree on though is the importance of having good communicators at the fore of this leadership race.

Tune in to our discussion and tell me what you think in the comments.


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commented 2015-11-20 00:03:38 -0500
Premier Wall is good people.
commented 2015-11-19 11:50:52 -0500
Wall just comes across as factual and calm. He can form a sentence (and complete one). No inflated language…no glurgy rhetoric. And he knows his limitations. He feels he can do the most good leading the Flat Rectangle, and that’s good. May he serve as an example to all Canada. One can always hope.
commented 2015-11-17 19:48:56 -0500
Brad Whitcomb said, "Gee, I guess you were all confused when you made that other comment about paying for “free handouts” "

?? When did I say that? You must be confusing me with someone else. Can you quote the time and article I said this?

However now that you brought up “free handouts”, supporting those people that are “intellectually challenged” is not something I would consider a free handout, but something an enlightened society should do.

Please, do provide that quote of where I said this.
commented 2015-11-17 19:39:10 -0500
Brad Wall is Canada’s last hope.

I think he should stay as the premier of Saskatchewan. Him being the premier, reminds the rest of Canada how he was able to turn the province of Saskatchewan around with a conservative party in charge.

Plus, I think the residents of Sask would hate to see their premier leave.

God forbid he becomes the ambassador to the USA, the same way Gary Doer was.
commented 2015-11-17 18:41:10 -0500
We need Conservative who is not afraid to stand up to the bigot card that would result of taking on Social Liberal Privilege which includes allowing SL Bigotry like labeling All Whites as Privileged, Men as pigs/rapists, Christians as Homophobes, and these Quebec/Francophone Language Supremacists etc, and all the official bilingualism, multiculturalism and employment equity programs that are based on, or meant to serve such bigotry

Harper showed he was a coward and too afraid to stand up to this by continuing to placate such Quebec/French bigots, including reappointing Graham Fraser, gave $100,000 to Feminists for their male bashing white ribbon campaign and other Social Liberal Bigot groups/causes, refused to make any cuts to official bilingualism/multiculturalism etc, while cutting services to the general public etc

As it stands now, all we have are Conservative Politicians being afraid to be called bigots by bigots themselves, thus forget about taking on SL Bigotry and Privilege because such Conservative Politicians can be bulled by such SLBs
commented 2015-11-17 18:37:17 -0500
It’s called taking care of business first. Then you can afford to HELP. Also conservatives, contrary to what liberals believe, are the most giving. Difference is we believe in a hand up NOT a hand out!!

As for the insults, that is typical of the liberal mind.
commented 2015-11-17 18:21:17 -0500
Gotta love that guy. I sure hope he reconsiders and runs federally. He would make such a great PM.
commented 2015-11-17 17:19:53 -0500

Well, so now you don’t have a problem with “responsible social policy” for the purposes of improving “quality of life”? Gee, I guess you were all confused when you made that other comment about paying for “free handouts” – it depends on the handout. Ya know, I’d bet you’re one of those people who are big fans of convenience: so long as it serves you, it’s alright. In other words, there’s nothing special about you; you’re kind of like a someone from the CPC who goes on and on about the Free Market, and then uses their political connections to get a government job. Like Ayn Rand being against Social Security but collecting the cheques. (She paid into it, so she was entitled to receive it. But that just proves she was a creature of convenience as well.)

Oh, and you can shove your head back up your ass.
commented 2015-11-17 16:01:25 -0500
What a breath of fresh air.
commented 2015-11-17 15:33:57 -0500
Brad Whitcomb said, "Wall used the terms “quality of life” and “responsible social policy” to justify spending monies on a program to provide housing assistance to those who are “intellectually impaired”. …. That’s pretty liberal. "

Load of shit. Your personification of conservatives as people who do not take care of the “intellectually impaired” by providing assisted housing and other assistance when necessary is the standard crap lie the Liberals love to use to pat themselves on the back. The fact that you think it is only Liberals that provide that type of assistance indicated that you listen only to your Liberal propaganda. There have been many Conservative governments both provincially and federally that have created and maintained programs to help the “intellectually impaired”.

So, Brad Whitcomb, take you arrogant condescending attitude and shove it where the sun doesn’t shine. Liberals are idiots.
commented 2015-11-17 14:39:03 -0500

I know you have 47 chromes, but that should not affect your ability to listen with a somewhat capable degree of comprehension. But it appears that you really do have shit for brains.

Wall used the terms “quality of life” and “responsible social policy” to justify spending monies on a program to provide housing assistance to those who are “intellectually impaired”. In other words, and to describe it in a manner that you can understand, Wall provided welfare housing for retards. That’s pretty liberal.

And, if you know anything about the history of the Saskatchewan Party (I know it’s a stretch, but you’re just not capable.) upon become leader, Wall set aside the Party’s social-conservative agenda. Why? It made them unelectable. You know…taking endless about them abortions and them gay and lesbian weirdos who want to get married and make sodomy look like fun.

Wall’s is functionally about as liberal as you can get.

As for the conservative part, that’s what you shit out, right?
commented 2015-11-17 14:36:45 -0500
Brad – you certainly think you have your finger on the pulse of literally everything, don’t you? Typical Liberal, throw out trashy thoughts about to someone, true or not. It is the Liberal way.
commented 2015-11-17 14:26:33 -0500
Bruce, I think you are correct, but I fear the necessity. I don’t want to live in a progressive Canadian made Greece.
commented 2015-11-17 14:16:42 -0500
While I have nothing but respect and admiration for Premier Wall, the fact of the matter is that in Canada the vast majority of Canadians have accepted the helpless victim mantle, that leftists have convinced them to believe, and are conditioned to taking the easy path of mindlessly parroting ’the government must do something about _______" . In order to break that cycle, there now has to be a nationwide collapse/reset (see: Greece economic meltdown) to force people to the reality that liberalism is nothing more than the slow death of prosperity, freedom and future. Conservatism will be never be taken seriously until that happens.
commented 2015-11-17 14:07:22 -0500
Brad Whitcomb said, "Brad Wall sounds…Liberal. "

That’s because you Liberal brain is incapable of hearing things as they really are.

Brad Wall is definitely conservative. You might want to consider opening your mind up to other ideas other that your leftie/progressive indoctrination.

There are more things in heaven and earth, Brad Whitcomb, than are dreamt of in your progressive philosophy.
commented 2015-11-17 14:05:06 -0500
Saskatchewan is looking better all the time with such a great leader. It might be something to look into when the west says screw you Canada and separates. The optimal solution would be to coerce Premier Wall to take over the reins of the CPC. Unfortunately, he could never be the next PM because he actually knows something.
commented 2015-11-17 13:34:39 -0500
With the CPC federal Caucus in an identity tail spin, I guess Brad Wall becomes the official voice of right of center Canada.
commented 2015-11-17 13:34:29 -0500
Brad Wall sounds…Liberal.

Actually, he’s a moderate on most issues, particularly on social policy.

And he’s NOT a social-conservative. Oops. CPC will never want him; why would they when they want a 47 year old virgin as leader?
commented 2015-11-17 13:19:04 -0500
Well, if Brad Wall is not going to run for the Conservative party so we can get him running the country, then maybe I will move to Saskatchewan. Need to find a job anyway, so might as well find one in the only remaining conservative province in Canada where capitalism is still alive and well.

Oh, and Premier Brad Wall, I think you need a faster Internet connection at your office.
commented 2015-11-17 13:12:04 -0500
Brian, I do believe the Federal Conservatives need to take a page out of Brad Wall’s book, he is one smart individual.