March 31, 2015

Prepare yourself: McDonald's breakfasts all day long

Rebel Staff

McDonald's is testing out serving breakfast 24/7 in select locations next month. If it's a success, you could be getting a Big Mac with your Big Breakfast.

According to CNBC, the company will start 24/7 breakfasts in San Diego next month.

Spokeswoman Terri Hickey wrote in an email, “We look forward to learning from this test, and it's premature to speculate on any outcomes. We're excited to serve our customers in this area some of McDonald's great-tasting breakfast sandwiches, hash browns and other favorites all day long.”

Normally, McDonald's restaurants stop serving breakfast at 10:30AM during the week.

Will limited grill space hinder the all-day breakfast experience? Only time will tell.

Would you eat McDonald's breakfast for supper or lunch?

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commented 2015-04-01 00:56:21 -0400
Their breakfast is a tradition at least one day of the weekday – this would mean I don’t have to wake up before 10 am on weekends – Yay!!!
commented 2015-03-31 18:57:07 -0400
More choice for the consumer. Capitalism. Good Call.
commented 2015-03-31 18:53:53 -0400
The only meal I ever eat at McDonald’s is breakfast. I do not like their burgers, but I love their breakfast sandwiches. There is no McDonald’s in my small town, which is probably a good thing. So when I travel to the closest larger town, I try to time my arrival to coincide with breakfast. I’m not a particular early riser, so breakfast 24/7 would be great. By the way, what ever happened to their western omelet bagel? I thought that was best breakfast sandwich that they ever had. Maybe I was the only one.
commented 2015-03-31 18:20:48 -0400
I work shift work and sometimes I awake for the day in the late afternoons… It would be a welcome change for me. I try not to eat their too often but love thier food.
commented 2015-03-31 17:35:34 -0400
I also love sausage and egg Mcmuffin. Had 2 today.
commented 2015-03-31 17:22:36 -0400
I love the sausage n egg McMuffin so yes Id like if I can get one any time of day. I can never seem to get there before breakfast is closed. Yay for all day breakfasts!!! JD
commented 2015-03-31 16:07:14 -0400
Yes. In general, I like a restaurant that serves a breakfast menu all day. Hardly ever eat at McDonalds but would like the option when I do.
commented 2015-03-31 16:01:57 -0400
Sounds good to me. Not that I want to die fat and diabetic, but the breakfast slop really hits the spot once and awhile.