July 08, 2016

Press Progress launches “Kenneywatch”: Day three of “epic, cry baby, left wing, freakout in Alberta”

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show

Today marks day three since Jason Kenney announced his intention to run for leader of the PC Party. Day three since Kenney announced his intention to unite the warring factions of the conservative movement. And day three of the epic, cry baby, left wing, freakout in Alberta.

So far, we've seen the sad sack Redfordian Tories attacking Kenney because he’s actually conservative. We’ve seen NDP MLA Marie Renaud use her own abortion to level a bigoted attack against Kenney.

And now I’ve seen my favourite left wing, cry baby pants wetting, freak out yet: Kenney Watch.

“Kenneywatch” is brought to you by big thinkers at the Toronto based socialist Broadbent Institute, and their pet project blog, Press Progress. Kenney Watch is a project devoted to monitoring everything and anything Jason Kenney says and does and who he does it with.

It’s the weirdest, most desperate thing I've seen in a long time. It's crazy ex-boyfriend territory.

Comically, the Redfordian elites, bitterly clutching to shreds of relevancy, are pushing out Kenny Watch articles. Remember, the Broadbent Institute has trained anti fracking activists and drummed up anti pipeline sentiment. The PC Establishment is so threatened, they've thrown their lot in with downtown Toronto socialists.

I'm not endorsing Jason Kenney. I'm not “not” endorsing Jason Kenney. I'm not there yet.

But I am wholeheartedly endorsing the trauma he is inflicting on the psyche of progressives all across this great province!

By October, when the PC leadership race officially starts, they’re going to have to start medicating the water supply in Edmonton to get these progressives under control.

They're losing it.

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commented 2016-07-12 00:24:31 -0400
Good report Sheila, have to confess I was loving the thought of the ndp squirming. Better hope that trudope legalizes marijuana before next fall, they’re gonna need all the help they can get.
commented 2016-07-11 12:06:27 -0400
Thanks for the great endorsement for Jason Kenney and conservatism Press Progress and fellow travelers. You’ve clearly shown what kind of threat Mr. Kenney and the true right does present to you, the fleeting power you are so desperately clutching, and your treasonous Marxist doctrine.
I predict it is going to be extremely satisfying to see you and your comrades departing the province on the toe of the boot of ‘collective’ Alberta, and other interested parties…I can’t wait!
Keep up the good work.
commented 2016-07-10 19:39:44 -0400
I think a justinwatch web site would be a hell of a lot funnier! Could you imagine the left if a website showed our PM as the vacuous moron he is on a minute by minute basis? Oh the humanity!
commented 2016-07-10 17:04:54 -0400
This move by Kenney scares hell out of me! A lot of us remember too well the last unite the right movement! We have a true conservative party in Wild Rose with a proven leader; the PCs are old and corrupt and would love to get back to the trough! These are the ones who mismanaged the province so bad that we ended up with the NDP! The move by Kenny is a power grab; the old corrupt insiders will all fall in behind him to get back power. A united party under Kenny would simply be a watered down version of the Wild Rose. I can’t support this!
commented 2016-07-09 20:02:14 -0400

I predict not only a crushing defeat for the NDP come the next election. (Notley will have flown the coop before then.) but I can see a strong movement to decertify the NDP as a political party. A complete investigation of the NDP’s activities will reveal more than enough shenanigans to wipe the party from the face of the Earth. With criminal charges against its MLAs, the NDP will be finished forever.
commented 2016-07-09 17:22:55 -0400
It is nice to see the Liberal heads exploding they are totally terrified if we Conservatives unite. The Progressive Conservative party was in power for 44 years because up until Ed Stelmach it was the only Conservative party in Alberta they were the only game in town but they lost their way became entitled and we booted them out. I can see a scenario where we united as one for a very long time I can see the Conservative party of Alberta being in power for much longer then that. I would love to see Conservatives in power for 84 years that would be my dream to see happen being a leader of a united Conservative party of Alberta.
commented 2016-07-09 14:41:42 -0400
I wonder who the blind person was who did the “Dead” with Renaud,.. Must have been a turkey baster..Good riddance with the aborted ndpee’r
commented 2016-07-09 13:42:31 -0400
Kenney is a happy warrior indeed.

The problem with uniting the Right in Alberta is that there is only one party of the Right. The other party of the Right claims to be so, but it’s a lie. What Kenney is offering is something that Brian Jean cannot offer: an articulate message of a vision of conservatism. And for that vision to be accepted, it must be of true conservatism; not the pandering, pretend, CINO idiocy that Ambrose and Rempel are selling.

Kenney’s social-conservative cred is strong, and he is not afraid of shouting down Notley’s robo-medicated insanity.

I predict that Notley will announce that she is seeking the leadership of the federal NDP before long. She has already been spending a lot of time in Ontario and federal and provincial fundraisers, building up her profile and selling her lies about endless success in Alberta. Once Notley announces she’s moving on, the Alberta NDP will have a heart attack and die right then and there.
commented 2016-07-09 12:34:08 -0400
Hey guys, stop picking on Andrew Stephenson. He’s a scientists… I mean scientist:


And like all lefties, he has a deep and abiding love and respect for the working man:

“but that’s why I’m a scientists and you are a bag boy at the grocery store.”

Oh what wondrous love!
commented 2016-07-09 12:19:08 -0400
" so you can sell it to the chattering classes for eight dollars a moth. "

Man Andrew, they just don’t make alleged PhD candidates like they used to.
commented 2016-07-09 11:16:16 -0400
the lefy is scard shitless and it is to be expected. Only the beginning for them look to them to get more and more desperate with every passing day. Kenny is no fool he knows all about the left how they work, how they attack. All a bunch of Toronto elites will accomplish is to make his support rock solid. They will be destroyed by him next election and they know it.
commented 2016-07-09 11:15:59 -0400
The Wildrose party was a reaction to the infiltration of liberals into the PC party.
commented 2016-07-09 04:05:00 -0400
The left is just upset because they know once Kenney cleans up Alberta they will see how well we do, and it will further expose their own incompetence
commented 2016-07-09 04:03:37 -0400
I notice people like Andrew are fine with Justin using tax money to get a personal award, yet they had a cow when Bev Oda had an orange juice. SAD!
commented 2016-07-09 04:02:43 -0400
Andrew they are not seeking it out, your peers persecute all the time because they hate reality and are scared of the truth. LMAO! AND YOU DAMN WELL KNOW IT! I predicted long ago that fools like you would start getting upset when we were proven right, and it comes to pass, you shoot the messenger and try to silence the message.
commented 2016-07-09 03:19:01 -0400
Andrew Stephenson… Don’t know about “eight dollars a moth” but I wouldn’t mind stomping on a few “fruit fly doctors”…
commented 2016-07-09 02:32:59 -0400
Andrew Stephenson commented 2 hours ago
Rebel is running scared, instead of praising Kenney they instead have to play up the perpetual victim card, since that’s how they roll.

commented 2016-07-09 02:09:58 -0400
I really don’t care who leads the charge. Although I think Kenny has the capability for sure.
Apart from Saskatchewan, Alberta is the other mere glimor of hope in Canada. Another term of Nutley and Alberta will take years to become a prosperous Province in our lifetime.
I lived the NDP days in Saskatchewan. It was pathetic. We felt like losers.Our Province self image was in the toilet.
Who ever it is, all they have to say is they will revoke Bill 6 and end the Carbon tax and the election is theirs.
commented 2016-07-09 02:07:00 -0400
Please Andrew. Stop scaring us and stealing all our joy.
commented 2016-07-09 01:48:13 -0400
Hey Andrew, aren’t you late for your “swamper” job at the Ottawa bath house?
commented 2016-07-09 00:15:01 -0400
Rebel is running scared, instead of praising Kenney they instead have to play up the perpetual victim card, since that’s how they roll. It must be terrible deliberately seeking out persecution, so you can sell it to the chattering classes for eight dollars a moth.

Considering my previous comment saying exactly that, was deleted, it seems to me that it struck close to home. Someone apparently needs a safe space.
commented 2016-07-08 23:09:07 -0400
One thing i do have to say for progressives, they are entertaining, their hatred and bigotry, the lies they create, their tantrums when they do not get their way, their labeling of those who dare disagree with them, they way they think they know all about the world because they saw a movie about something.
commented 2016-07-08 22:58:58 -0400
I thought that was the CBC when Justin was elected.
commented 2016-07-08 21:28:11 -0400
Peter Babich said, “That gives you great joy. Lol. Me too but I’m saving my ecstasy for the big celebration in 2-1/2 years”

Yup, and I have the perfect video clip that expresses that celebration of a similar regime.

commented 2016-07-08 21:19:02 -0400
So, I guess my 110% support is fully behind Brad Wall. Even living in his riding.
commented 2016-07-08 21:18:15 -0400
The very fact that the progressives are running scared is perfect indication that Kenny is the right person for the job. The progressives obviously know that Kenny can unite the right and kick their collective butts to the curb next election.

If I was still living in Alberta, my support would be 110% behind Jason Kenny!
commented 2016-07-08 20:47:16 -0400
I am so glad that Jason Kenny did not waste his political acumen by going Federal. You guys have your Wynne’s and your Notelys . and your JUSTIN. I wonder what the PEOPLE will have?
commented 2016-07-08 20:15:47 -0400
That gives you great joy. Lol. Me too but I’m saving my ecstasy for the big celebration in 2-1/2 years
commented 2016-07-08 19:56:00 -0400
Jason Kenney is a career Politician from the old Gaurd, we need someone who is new. And who we can be sure hasn’t been comprimised by the New World Order. It looks like they somehow managed to comprimise the Wildrose party as well, things aren’t going well.
commented 2016-07-08 19:49:27 -0400
Ok so Rebel launches Proggy watch – check and mate commies.