November 16, 2016

PREVIEW: Marc Morano shreds Paris Climate Agreement at COP22!

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show

Marc Morano of is one of the only other skeptics here at the UN climate change conference in Marrakech. Today he decided to show the delegates that with Donald Trump headed to the White House, there's a new sheriff in climate town.

While wearing his unmistakable red "Trump" hat, Marc put the most recent climate change treaty, put together at the last conference in Paris, through a paper shredder, before being taken away by security!

Stay tuned for my follow up conversation with the man himself.

PS: Watch ALL my exclusive reports from this get together of globalist hypocrites by clicking here.

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commented 2016-11-16 18:37:29 -0500
“Hypocrites equal communists..”

Well Leviticus, I would mostly agree, but I have seen a couple (very few) hypocrite right wingers (you not being among them).

So, I would say, “Communists = hypocrites” would be more accurate.
commented 2016-11-16 15:00:50 -0500
Hypocrites equal communists..
commented 2016-11-16 13:50:19 -0500
Congrats Sheila/Rebel – your item was picked up by Drudge and AP.
commented 2016-11-16 12:48:03 -0500
He was agitating the globalists and they reacted as globalist tyrants do to people who dissent from their dogmas.

If he wanted to do something more constructive he would have put up a large chart showing the measured corrections to the hockey stick.