June 08, 2015

Pride Toronto in new dispute over men's rights group

Rebel Staff

The non-profit organization that oversees Toronto's "gay pride" parade is embroiled in a "dispute resolution process" after a men's rights group called the Canadian Association for Equality applied to participate in the march.

According to the Toronto Star:

Michael Laxer, an activist who opposes men’s rights groups, said he has been encouraging people to fight CAFE’s inclusion at the parade because “they don’t reflect the values of Pride.”

“The men’s rights movement is a vocal opponent of feminism. The whole premise is asinine,” he said, accusing the group of having ties to anti-feminist websites like A Voice for Men. “When you allow men’s rights groups to march, you legitimize them and mainstream misogyny.”

CAFE executive director Justin Trottier told the Star that his group is not anti-feminist.

“The values of Pride are inclusion and diversity, and those are our values. What I think is happening now is that people who are not familiar with our motives and not taking the time to find out what we are about, are reacting to an ideological point of view.”

CAFE's permit to march in the Pride Toronto parade last year was revoked days before the event "amid concerns about  'the activities and purpose of CAFE and whether they actually match the intent they express.''"

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commented 2015-06-08 09:44:10 -0400
ahhh…so the double standard rears it head…they chose what fits for them…we must change to reflect this groups standard…hmmm
commented 2015-06-08 09:39:18 -0400
Inclusion is what I was told gay pride parade was all about, so include them. You, like every heterosexual, don’t have to agree full heartily with their opinion, that’s not the point, remember, it’s about love, respect and including them!
You gays want to be included in groups that don’t want you around, like our St.Patty’s Parade, so I think tables need turned and you need to be forced to except this men’s group!
Finally, the pendulum is starting to swing the other way!