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Ezra LevantRebel Commander

Tommy Robinson is now out of prison. 

The Rebel visited Tommy four times during his incarceration, and in doing so we helped ensure that he was treated properly in prison.

Where we found problems — such as the prison’s refusal to deliver his mail to him — we made a public fuss about it, and the prison bureaucrats relented. I believe we helped protect him.

And by we, I mean all of us, our reporters and of course you too, our supporters.

Without your support, we simply wouldn’t have been able to make those four prison visits, and the latest visit for Tommy's release. Tommy wouldn’t have anyone watching out for him in the media — just the haters, like at the Daily Mirror.

You can watch all the videos from our trips on this page. 

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Unlike the BBC, we don’t get government money, and unlike the Daily Mirror, we’re not controlled by a major corporation whose shareholders and executives hate Tommy. We’re like him — a small, independent counterpoint to the establishment.


Tommy Robinson sits down with Ezra Levant: What happened in prison, what's next

September 14, 2019: On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, we filmed an exclusive interview with Tommy Robinson after his release from Belmarsh prison in the UK.

Tommy Robinson surprises his kids at home after release from prison

September 13, 2019: Tommy Robinson’s children thought he wasn’t getting out of prison until the weekend. He was waiting for them when they got home from school today.

BREAKING: Tommy Robinson has just been released from prison!

September 13, 2019: I’m delighted to report that Tommy Robinson has just been released from prison!

UPDATE: Tommy Robinson “in good spirits” despite upcoming “football ban” court date

August 29, 2019: I had a two-hour visit with Tommy Robinson in Belmarsh Prison today, and I'm happy to report that things seem to be going well. That said, there are double standards in place: Tommy is being treated a bit differently than many other, much more dangerous, prisoners here. WATCH as I explain.

The Rebel is heading back to Belmarsh to visit Tommy Robinson!

August 28, 2019: Has the world forgotten about Tommy Robinson?

We haven’t.

Today, as promised, The Rebel's Jessica Swietoniowski is flying back to the UK to visit him in HMP Belmarsh.

BREAKING: They WILL try to MOVE Tommy Robinson! 

August 16, 2019: On her way back to the airport after visiting Tommy today, Jessica delivered some truly shocking news.

UPDATE: Tommy Robinson's prison visit cancelled, confirmed? | Jessica Swietoniowski

August 15, 2019: As you know, we have been checking up on Tommy Robinson’s treatment in prison, to make sure he’s safe and well-treated, unlike last time. 

Jessica wasn’t allowed in to visit Tommy today — but she’ll tell you what the prison authorities told her.

She will also be doing a YouTube Livestream about it at 2 p.m. UK time (9 a.m. Eastern Time) — click here to watch it directly on YouTube, and feel free to ask her any questions.

UPDATE: Tommy Robinson's prison rights under threat: Ezra Levant, Jessica Swietoniowski

August 14, 2019: Tommy is in a form of solitary confinement — he has no interaction whatsoever with other prisoners. Between his mail and his visits, that’s all he has. And the prison is cutting both of them off. I’m worried.

I want to go back to London to see how he’s doing, but my obligations in Canada require that I be here this week. So, I’ve decided to send the only other person I trust to find the truth: our young reporter, Jessica Swietoniowski, who did such a good job covering Tommy’s campaign for the European Parliament this spring. She was the only trustworthy reporter who covered Tommy’s campaign, and she’s the only person who I would trust other than myself to visit him in prison.

I conferred with Tommy’s wife to make sure it’s OK to send Jessica to visit Tommy, and we’re going to have two other family friends with her too. I’m relying on Jessica to answer questions like: Is he getting his mail yet? Is he still being treated properly? Is he still safe?

UPDATE: I just visited Tommy Robinson in prison — here’s what he told me.

August 8, 2019: I literally just walked out of HMP Belmarsh, the prison where Tommy Robinson is serving his sentence. 

I’m in a rush to get back to the airport to catch my afternoon flight home to Canada, but I managed to do a YouTube Livestream from the car en route to Paddington Station.

UPDATE: “Why I will keep visiting Tommy Robinson in prison until he's free”

August 7, 2019: Ezra spoke with Tommy’s wife yesterday, and they agreed that he’d continue to visit Tommy until he gets out:

To make sure Tommy's fine, and to give him some company. To inspect his treatment in prison — as I told you last time, the guards tried to change the conditions of that visit at the last minute. I made such a fuss I thought they were going to throw me out of the prison, but instead, they backed down.

The Rebel is visiting Tommy Robinson in prison until he's free

July 26, 2019: We'll be visiting Tommy in HMP Belmarsh until he's free to make sure the whole world knows if he's being mistreated. Our first trip was a success, and this video quickly shows that journey from start to finish.

Is Tommy Robinson being mistreated in prison? Here's what I learned today

July 23, 2019: I’m pleased to say that Tommy's treatment is better this time.

But even in today's visit, the prison guards tried to pull a fast one— at the last minute, they said I would have to visit with Tommy separated by a window, and we’d have to talk with each other on phones. I told them that was unreasonable, that it was a change in policy, and it was an ambush — and a very bad sign, and that I would tell the whole world about it if the prison didn’t immediately back down.

Why I'm visiting Tommy Robinson in prison

July 23, 2019: Here is my second report from my visit to see Tommy Robinson in Belmarsh prison in London.

I've landed in the UK to visit Tommy Robinson

July 23, 2019: Today, I flew to the UK to visit Tommy Robinson in Belmarsh Prison, a high-security facility normally reserved for terrorists and other violent offenders. This is my first report, and it's a quick update; I'll have a more detailed video later today.

Tommy Robinson is in Belmarsh prison

July 19, 2019: Ezra Levant is going to visit Tommy Robinson in Belmarsh prison. Ezra want to visit him as a friend, to cheer him up — because he is in isolation, and he needs human interaction. But more specifically, to make sure he's not being mistreated.

The fact that he’s in Belmarsh is outrageous. It’s one of the most brutal prisons in the UK. It’s where terrorists and mass murderers are held. And yet Tommy Robinson was not convicted of a crime — it was a civil conviction for contempt.

It’s outrageous that he’s convicted at all, given the facts, and it’s outrageous that he's in jail at all, given the law — as you know, it’s been almost a century since a journalist served any jail time for contempt of court.

Ezra thinks it’s deliberate — because the prisons are packed with Muslim terrorists who would kill Tommy if they could. The prison warden “has to” put Tommy in isolation... “For his own good”.

Checking in on Tommy's treatment in prison:

We want to ask Tommy a lot of questions about his treatment at the hands of the prison authorities because Ezra believe that the way Tommy was treated at Her Majesty’s Prison in Onley meets the definition of torture.

As you know, they literally starved him there and refused to let him buy more food, so he lived on a can of tuna and a piece of fruit a day, losing 40 pounds (three stone as they say in the UK) in just a few months. They were keeping him in a small box, no human contact, not even a TV, for 23 and a half hours a day. 

When Ezra spoke to Tommy, minutes before he was sent to prison, he told me that most of his affairs were in order — unlike when he was sent to prison in a matter of hours last year. So he didn’t ask Ezra to crowdfund for him like last time. He’s got things under control and he has some staff in place who are trustworthy.

Tommy's one request:

The one request he made of me was that I visit him in prisonAnd Ezra spoke with Tommy’s wife and she wanted me to visit him too. He only has a limited number of visits, so obviously, the family gets first dibs. But that’s for the family to reunite with their dad.

We're going in for a different purpose — to ask him for every detail about his treatment — stuff Tommy likely wouldn’t say in front of his kids, and might not even want to tell his wife for fear of upsetting her.

And The Rebel will keep going back as many times as I need to, to ensure that he is not abused again.

How you can help:

If you can help cover the cost of my flight, Ezra would be immensely grateful. It’s an insane trip to do there and back — in less than 24 hours for the round trip. But The Rebel journalists will do it every week if we have to, to make sure they’re not mistreating him. 

If you think we need to check up on him in prison, please help me. And, of course, we'll give you a detailed report every time. Click here to donate now

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commented 2019-08-17 04:12:27 -0400
have been praying for tommy every day ,and believing for a million Tommy Robinson’s to stand up ,make britain great again !. I believe he is actually doing God’s work , jeshua,that is ,is all about justice and people looking out for people [any ‘priest ’ that doesn’t get that is in severe danger ,as in if you are teaching it you had better be doing it ]. The battle against islam can only be really won spiritually ,even Bin laden understood that .Until the west wakes up to this and gets back into obedience to the hebrew christian creator /saviour ,they just won’t get how to defeat the ‘our god is greater ’ crowd , and stop allowing the rape of defenseless girls !, in the name of ’PC’ .[ how bold are these invaders that they sneakily molest school girls !! Yiesh .].
commented 2019-08-16 15:05:06 -0400
Just heard about the ‘Christian church goers’ How unforgiving, and disgraceful! The vicar should have admonished the congregation.
commented 2019-08-16 14:59:44 -0400
Jessica, thanks for your report. The video quality is very good. Better than the one the other day!
I am wondering if the guards search women in burqas? Is that infringing on their ‘Human Rights’?
I am surprised that Tommy is not sick of tuna by now (lol) Let’s all hope they don’t move him. Why is he not in an open prison. He is not going to hurt anyone, is he?
commented 2019-08-15 07:50:42 -0400
Jessica, send Tommy our love. A small donation will be on it’s way soon, just I have made on several occasions previously. Keep that spotlight shining bright. Shame on those guards as they have children too. You would think they would be on Tommy’s side even if the dickheads in charge are not.
commented 2019-08-14 17:10:44 -0400
Good luck Jessica, we will all be waiting for your report. Stand strong, stand firm. Tell Tommy we are all still standing with him, 100%.
commented 2019-08-14 11:23:09 -0400
Make sure these visits are continued on a regular and as frequent as possible basis.
The prison may be setting Tommy up for an unsupervised ‘suicide’ attempt. Like Epstein.
It’s imperative someone is visiting him to testify he is NOT suicidal or even considering it.

commented 2019-08-10 11:15:26 -0400
Hi Ezra you Canadian media mogul editor of far-right publication Rebel Media you:~),
I’ve just recovered from ROTFLMFAO at the " accurate, unbiased " reporting contained in this pathetic excuse for an article on something as serious as a gross miscarriage of justice,
I thought I’d include the link so that other readers, and indeed, you yourself Ezra can enjoy reading the same crap I just did. About the only things the stupid work experience Chimp got right are: the name of the prison and Tommy and Ezras names!
I’ve just tried posting this comment, but I’m not holding my breath waiting to see if they publish it. Here it is.
" This " article " is so badly written ( scraped from The Spectator US ) as to be beneath contempt. About the only things correct are Tommy and Ezras names, and that he’s banged up in Belmarsh. The bit about him being on the Tucker Carlson Tonight in the US on Thursday is complete bo££0Çk$. This is from their Facetwat page on August 2nd LAST YEAR Tucker Carlson Tonight 2 August 2018 ·
EXCLUSIVE FIRST TV INTERVIEW. Tommy Robinson is out of prison and will be talking to us TONIGHT ( 2nd August 2018 ). The joke " journo " aka Sophie Law, also wrote, " He was released from HMP Onley in Rugby last week “! Oh really? How about checking the DMs archives then, he was released on 1st August 2018, that was LAST YEAR you numbnut.The DM is fast becoming as bad as the BBC which it seems to be trying very hard to emulate in its obvious bias against TR. There’s not been the slightest attempt at factual reporting at all. There’s no mention of him not allowed his mail either.”
I wish I was in a position to help out with the costs you’re incurring Ezra in this unfortunate, but very neccessary campaign for the truth, but until I am I can only send you and Tommy my, and my wifes heartfelt best wishes.
commented 2019-07-25 06:44:40 -0400
Why have they put him in belmarsh even putting him in prison at all, he’s been set up fitted up it’s just a joke because Tommy Robinson is a journalist and he was reporting on them peados why put him in prison for that it’s not helping anyone or anything putting him in prison it’s just stupid. Tommys a good guy he should not be in prison they should be ashamed of themselves.
Hope he gets through this.
commented 2019-07-24 09:27:32 -0400
Great report from Ezra. I don’t know how you remember it all, as it seems unscripted.
Is Tommy not allowed some way of keeping a diary? As was granted to Jeffery Archer, when he was in Belmarsh for perjury and made money from publishing his prison diaries?
If Tommy can survive in this place, until the end of his sentence, how does it go with an appeal? If the lawyers are considering an appeal, how come they didn’t use all their arguments at the trial at The Old Bailey? From what I can gather-even these 2 so called ‘highest judges in the land’, appear to have been far from impartial in their decision and wanting to make an example of Tommy. Horrendous abuse of power!
He’s a modern day Wat Tyler (from 1381) but hope he lives to a ripe old age.
commented 2019-07-24 00:48:26 -0400
MARK DARRAGH commented 2 hours ago
Be very careful with the medical and psychological exams…
I was thinking the same thing Mark.
commented 2019-07-23 22:20:07 -0400
Be very careful with the medical and psychological exams as he can be evaluated as a risk to the general public on stitched up reasons too,,,,also for every day he misses a visit his stay or term needs to be reduced,,, a day for a day!!! This whole set-up could be just that,,,a set-up,,,,just wait!!! Mr Andrew Stephenson,,,,,you do realize what the rapists did right???
commented 2019-07-23 20:58:53 -0400
ANDREW STEPHENSON commented 7 hours ago
Yeah, solitary is brutal. If you don’t want to do the time, don’t do the crime.

Oh, and if they’re nice enough to let you out on a suspended sentence, don’t violate the conditions of your release.

ANDREW, that was so mean and petty and “kick him when he’s down”…that I sincerely hope the MADD men get you for DUI and teach you a lesson in humility.
commented 2019-07-23 18:40:23 -0400
Hi Mr. Thompson,

Before I opened the You Tube link you provided, I knew the scene you were referencing, when Sir Thomas admonished William Roper (the Younger) about cutting down every law in England to go after the Devil. That is a correct conclusion to draw from the Robinson-related judgements. I would also add this scene towards the end of the play: “It is not for refusing to take the oath (for the Act of Supremacy) that you have sought my blood — it is because I would not bend to the marriage.” In my opinion, it is not for “contempt or court” that the British judiciary, establishment and media are after Mr. Robinson’ s “blood.” It is because they are so terrified of the imported Muslim population becoming incited, that they will do anything rather than deal with them head on. This is the same kind of response, had it not been for Churchill and people from what others call “the other part of the UK,” that would have resulted in the Nazi flag flying over Westminster in 1940.
commented 2019-07-23 17:09:18 -0400
Great work Mr Levant!

I think I will have to prise my wallet open. Let me just say that I don’t support Tommy Robinson, but the finding of contempt that he ‘incited harassment of defendants’was reached on the basis of such manifest bad faith the entire judgement should be deemed unsafe because of it.

Which takes me to the question, what’s happened to the appeal?

He’s still got an appeal fund page up on even though there’s no target amount or tally of how much has been reached, which doesn’t inspire confidence.

I think Tommy Robinson is a fascist, but, as Robert Bolt gave Sir Thomas More to say in ‘A Man for All Seasons’:-
commented 2019-07-23 14:06:53 -0400
Yeah, solitary is brutal. If you don’t want to do the time, don’t do the crime.

Oh, and if they’re nice enough to let you out on a suspended sentence, don’t violate the conditions of your release.
commented 2019-07-23 13:16:32 -0400
I have been emailing Tommy daily. Saddened to hear he is not receiving them. Perhaps they want us to give up and stop but I will stand for Tommy and continue emailing him!