September 22, 2017

Privy Council blocking The Rebel's “access to information” requests on Bombardier aid

Christopher WilsonRebel Commentator

Canadians repeatedly heard Trudeau claim that his Liberal government would be (and is) the most transparent and open government in our history but it seems the more something has to be repeated, the more we should know it isn’t true. 

At The Rebel, we see how untrue it is all the time when we file access to information requests and experience massive delays of up to 300 days!

But this week we received one of the most blatant cases of opaque obstruction by the Privy Council Office we’ve seen yet.

Watch as I show you what happened with a request to the government regarding their decision to fork over $372M corporate welfare tax dollars to Bombardier.

The response we received (seven months later) wasn’t even the typical delay. Not only won’t they tell us what they’re doing with taxpayer money, but they appear to be shrugging their shoulders and ignoring the rules.

We’ll be filing a complaint with the Information Commissioner, and I’m confident we’ll prevail, but it's particularly ironic this week after the Liberals announced that Canada has accepted a role to lead a global open government partnership!

But, the Liberals get away with this because they know they won’t get the media scrutiny they deserve.

When you buy off the CBC with a billion and a half a year, and once-conservative newspaper chains are formulating their news and opinion based on landing a bailout from Trudeau, this just enables obstruction and opaqueness from the Liberals while they get to proclaim their transparency.

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commented 2017-09-24 18:09:01 -0400
Given that our tax dollars are funding Bombardier’s Corporate Welfare scheme, I hereby give the Privy Council my permission to stop stalling and provide Christopher Wilson of Rebel Media with the information he requested, without delay!

Christopher I look forward to an update, and, it will be interesting to hear what kind of a response you get from the Information Commissioner. If this person is anything like the Ethics Commissioner, you might get a response in a year or two…or, the current Commissioner may wait until the next Commissioner has taken office; rinse and repeat!
commented 2017-09-23 16:31:28 -0400
I haven’t met a Lieberal Party member yet that I could trust. And I don’t see that trend ending any day soon.
commented 2017-09-23 14:27:11 -0400
This site as the link to the meeting
Canadian Citizens For Charter Rights And Freedoms (C3RF) is a group of Canadians who have come together to address Member of Parliament Iqra Khalid’s Motion M-103, a motion that stands to adversely impact the ability of Canadians to express themselves freely.
Heritage Committee – September 20 Meeting

The 72nd meeting of the Heritage Committee entertained witness testimony from Tarek Fatah, Michel Juneau Katsuya and several representatives from the Ontario Human Rights Commission. An audio recording of the proceedings can be found below.
The proceedings were truly remarkable as Mr. Fatah spared no horses in detailing just how the “wool is being pulled over the eyes” of the Committee and the Canadian government in general. He was emphatic that the acceptance of Islamophobia as a form of religious discrimination was akin to denying Canadian Muslims the right to defend themselves from the religious bigots (mullahs) that they came to Canada to escape. He went on to state that hundreds of Canadian mosques are under the influence of extremist, Muslim Brotherhood operatives and, at one point, was upbraided by the Chair of the Committee herself for improper etiquette – he was speaking directly to the questioner rather than through the Chair. Mr. Fatah did not relent in his message that Islamophobia, as currently understood in Canadian parlance, is not what the Committee thinks it is. He stated that Muslims against Sharia Law were not held in the same esteem as Muslims who worked for the establishment of such law in Canada.
Mr. Katsuya was equally remarkable as he stated the greatest potential source of Canadian hate crimes and terrorism resided in a rising tide of “alt-right” forces. He offered no evidence for such a claim save for the Quebec mosque attack of 29 January, 2017. In this particular case, he offered no substantiation of claims that the perpetrator was motivated by hate and not asked to explain the fact that no charges of hate or terror had yet been leveled in the case. Mr. Katsuya continued that alt-right forces were being fed by a feeling of insecurity and that this flame of insecurity was being fanned by “trash” radio that had gone too far. His solution was to clamp down on the free speech rights of such entities.
It is safe to say that M-103 deliberations have dropped any sense of being benign and of no consequence to the free speech rights of Canadians. This right is now squarely on the table and being djudicated by a Committee and a Chair who, as Mr. Fatah stated, scoff at those who oppose Sharia.
commented 2017-09-23 01:28:39 -0400
Billy Howard—If Ezra went over to this unstoppable provider, the MSN or anyone else won’t know what provider that The Rebel is using. Just like now, I don’t know which provider is being used, or how would anyone know if Storm Troopers is on the same provider.
I guess the point would be, its better to be listening to The Rebel no matter who the provider is, or who else is using that provider than for it to go the route of Sun News.
commented 2017-09-23 00:07:45 -0400
When a government won’t answer a question, they have already answered it and never in their favour.
commented 2017-09-22 23:14:53 -0400
Billy Howard….you’re right in your assessment of the Rebel viewers & posters. It’s so unjust & insulting to always be attacked by the left as being racist, etc if we criticize or do not agree with something, how does criticizing make us racist or extreme right. They also say things like oh, you watch Fox News, well I’d rather watch a channel who offers balance than the one sided, biased CBC any day. They never seem to have any facts to offer either, so they resort to the easiest way out & that’s calling us something we’re not. Over time I have concluded that many on the left have no clue about anything, their info is distorted & so they don’t know what they’re talking about most times. Of course they only hear what CBC or CTV tells them & they look at that as God’s truth, it’s really pitiful.
The left says they’re tolerant, yet they protest incessantly everything they don’t like & who commits violence in these protests, it’s always the left. They threaten people who dare offer a different opinion, they shut down free speech, but we’re the bad guys.
Trudeau has already broken at least 30 of the promises he made in his campaign & kept promoting himself all the while criticizing Stephen Harper, that by golly HE was going to have a transparent gov’t. Don’t give up Christopher, keep digging & demanding the transparency, if not take the legal options you have at your disposal, we’re with you.
commented 2017-09-22 22:27:35 -0400
Christopher, keep digging.
Trudeau’s promise for an open and transparent government is another fictitious policy.

“Liberals announced that Canada has accepted a role to lead a global open government partnership!”
Isn’t that interesting…no doubt Soros will be taking the lead role in this too, as Butts continues to function as the sociopath’s underling!
commented 2017-09-22 21:53:09 -0400
Ron Joseph: Unfortunately, MSM will pillory the Rebel for being on the same provider as Storm Troopers. But we’re counting on the intelligence of the citizenry to realize the Rebel is NOT racist or alt-right, but rather a conservative news and opinion source that occasionally provides politically incorrect reports which the MSM refuse to broadcast.
commented 2017-09-22 20:47:39 -0400
Billy Howard—" When M-103 becomes law, the Liberals will see to banning the Rebel."

Good news on this threat. I just heard from Mozilla Fire Fox that " Storm Troopers " the far right site that was banned by Google, you-tube, and the ass-holes at Facebook is back in business. A new company invited them in their private world of the Internet, not because they liked them, but because this company likes Free Speech and wants to stick it to Companies like Google. I don’t know the mathematics of it all, but Mozilla said that no one can touch Storm Troopers now.
This is something that Ezra is looking for.
commented 2017-09-22 19:34:59 -0400
Janice Kay commented – “Oh, Bombardier!! A useless outfit!!”

I can tell you for a fact US aerospace contractors consider them a joke and when they tried to obtain a presence in Florida as a US contractor they weren’t considered competition because their technology was so out dated because they were market-protected and subsidized by the Canadian government.
commented 2017-09-22 19:07:52 -0400
The LPC client Bombardier uses their government contracting as a shield to cover their collusive financial relationship with the government – of course you won’t get the revealing truth as to how entrenched they are a the public trough – you may as well go up against the war contractors to the US government – same relationship.

The Liberals are a government access brokerage party – that is obvious and provable they are just making it hard for the little guy to prove it – the MSM is well aware of this public trough feeding pecking order because they are art of it, so they have a black-out on all such links.
commented 2017-09-22 19:07:31 -0400
This gov’t is composed of corrupt liars, cheaters, deceivers and thieves. TruDope is their arrogant shitface. And the no-brain left loves them.
commented 2017-09-22 19:04:26 -0400
Oh, Bombardier!! A useless outfit!!
My husband is in a field where they have production units in both Ontario and Quebec. There’s a huge output difference between the two provinces. In Quebec, they seem to waste a great deal of time, standing around talking!! It must be a cultural thing, but you know, all provinces like all cultures are equal. Right??
commented 2017-09-22 18:41:42 -0400
I wonder when the mainstream media will start complaining about this?

Imagine if Harper had done this……………………
commented 2017-09-22 18:36:30 -0400
Not unlike Hitler, Xia, Kim Jung Un, etc., Trudeau knows he can spew lies, pass anti-charter laws, and hide any documents you put in a FOI request without scrutiny from the press. He OWNS the MSM and knows most people don’t tune in to the Rebel for the truth. In a few months when M103 becomes reality, he will see to banning the Rebel as well.
It’s 1984, dontcha know.
commented 2017-09-22 18:28:23 -0400
Well done Mr. Wilson. Keep at ’em.

You are correct, when platitudes keep getting repeated they mean nothing. Particularly from arrogant bullies such as Baby Doc is.
commented 2017-09-22 18:27:32 -0400
Way to go REBEL….they can delay and they can obstruct…but they CANNOT prevent the truth from becoming manifest before the next election