August 26, 2019

Even pro-LGBTQ think Jessica Yaniv's going too far

David MenziesMission Specialist

Vancouver is home to some of the most left-wing voter blocs in the country, but even progressives can see through Jessica Yaniv's thinly-veiled abuse of Canadian Human Rights laws.

Jessica Yaniv, born Jonathan Yaniv has been suing female estheticians (mostly immigrant women working out of their own homes) for refusing to provide Brazilian bikini waxing services.

WATCH to find out what Vancouverites think of Yaniv's exploitation of a transgender identity.

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commented 2019-09-12 12:49:25 -0400
David, please! How can you call him a conman!? A conMAN!? Dude, really?

He’s a conPERSON!

You could have avoided all this misdirection and unpleasantness by referring to him as a Predator or Paedophile. Dear Lord, what do they teach at journalism school these days!
commented 2019-09-01 20:15:31 -0400
And charges for false police reports.
commented 2019-08-27 10:37:57 -0400
Insurance companies recognize that proud owners of an xx pair tend to require more health care and longer retirement years than proud owners of an xy pair. Does Canadian transgender laws limit the insurances’ ability to base premiums based on gender?
commented 2019-08-26 20:24:34 -0400
Nice, Jan. Now it will going after the Bakers.. Not your fault, as I’m sure it is on Johnny’s list of “things to do”… Mama Yaniv will likely want a Black Forest Cake. While Johnny will demand something in Pink, with flowers.. Oh, and a Scooter on top..
commented 2019-08-26 18:58:47 -0400
Johnny can do whatever he wants to do with his things; he just doesn’t have the right to sue people who don’t want to do those things.
He would have been better off asking for a chocolate cake to be baked for him.
commented 2019-08-26 18:38:31 -0400
The Freaks in Canada, and all Western Countries are making fools of your good/caring nature. Had enough yet? As the Clown Show continues to grow, apparently not…
commented 2019-08-26 18:24:49 -0400
Why is the Yaniv freak not in Trudeau’s cabinet already !
commented 2019-08-26 16:03:02 -0400
Keith Barnes good point , i could be more specific about the reasons.
commented 2019-08-26 15:08:29 -0400
I wonder if all the major corporations that jumped on the Gay Pride Movement in the nineties as advertisers and sponsors are starting to regret their commitments now that the movement has morphed into the political and cultural monstrosity that it has become.
Just in terms of tax dollar support , I reject my dollars being spent on Gay Pride events that are fully devoted to a political socialist left agenda.
And then there is Yaniv who is destroying what little remains of credibility in these Human Rights Tribunals.
If LGB people were smart , they’d get rid of some letters .Their alphabet soup is overcooked and overpopulated with alphabet crackers.
commented 2019-08-26 15:03:07 -0400
ALBERTA MAGA commented 2 mins ago.
As i have said before i am thankful for Yaniv……………

I could not be thankful for a Child Molester but I understand what You are saying.
People like this should be cured by castration and the removal of their arms, lest they become psychopathic.
commented 2019-08-26 14:52:19 -0400
I am so tired of the progressives lumping Lesbians and Gays and Bi’s in with trans so that they can act like criticizing scum like Yaniv is an attack on all these groups. THAT IS WRONG!
commented 2019-08-26 14:48:37 -0400
As i have said before i am thankful for Yaniv , he has shown us to be right. The left wants him ignored now because he is living proof of the lunacy they promote.