July 08, 2016

Pro-Northern Gateway aboriginal group struggles to have THEIR voices heard by Liberals and media - why?

Holly NicholasRebel Commentator

Plans for the Northern Gateway pipeline have been in development for over a decade and not surprisingly, the majority of media coverage associated with the proposed infrastructure project is negative.

The project would run from Bruderheim, AB to Kitimat, BC, and include twin pipelines - one carrying bitumen to the west for export by tanker and the other carrying condensate east.

There are obstacles to overcome and the chances of constructing the pipeline look slim despite approval by the National Energy Board (NEB) with 209 conditions. The main issues involve consultations with First Nations and Metis groups, opposition from the federal government and their attempt to impose a tanker ban along with opposition from the provincial government and environmental groups.

I noted that the majority of the mainstream media coverage focus is negative and mostly centres around First Nations groups that oppose the project, but is this true?

Watch as I show you what I discovered when I decided to do some fact checking on the issue.

I’ll tell you about a group that supports Northern Gateway called Aboriginal Equity Partners who find the misconceptions about the pipeline alarming and will also show you that for all of the complaints about the Harper government’s lack of consultation with First Nations, the Liberals are currently failing to consult First Nations and Metis groups on a tanker ban.

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. So much for sunny ways, inclusion and transparency.

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commented 2016-07-11 11:43:10 -0400
This is out and out treachery at a minimum, if all the truth was known, it would be surprising if a great deal of wealth wasn’t being transferred to connected people. More than likely, this goes beyond simple treachery to include treason. Where the whole country is being handed over to criminal organizations, or groups operating as criminals and/or were being so weakened as to be unable to resist take over by an outside entity.
commented 2016-07-11 11:25:26 -0400
A fine example of your criminals in action, another example of why we pay taxes, I might add in ever increasing amounts.
commented 2016-07-10 13:36:05 -0400
Want answers to all these questions? Check out “UNITED NATIONS” Climate change agenda, Agenda 21, Agenda 2030 , Strong Cities Network (SCN), International Council for Local Environmental Issues (ICLEI), Sustainable Development, Global De-Population, Lucis Trust, Environmental Biospheres, CARBON TAXES, etc. etc.. First Nations is just a pawn in their Global takeover plan.
When you start to put ALL OF THE DOTS together, you start to see a BIG PICTURE.
Globalization is not just about Trading Relationships, it is altogether “EVIL” with the U.N. as the ultimate Authority with the political PUPPETS/minions of the state as representatives.
Don’t want to know? That is OK, don’t worry. There is only so many seats on the lifeboat and they are filling up fast, when it launches it will be too late.
commented 2016-07-09 04:10:00 -0400
Aaron yeah you do that, the rest of us have to live in the real world.
commented 2016-07-09 02:38:32 -0400
Aaron, you are very incorrect. BC (for example) has ~97% of electricity derived from renewable sources.. and I can assure you, even at the world’s highest levels of renewables, petroleum derived products are everywhere… and this is if you are considering hydro-electric as renewable. In the case of high fashion renewable, it’s absolute fantasy. No non-petroleum based material can provide the required tensile strength, flexural modulus and fatigue properties needed to produce commercial wind turbines. As well coatings.. even wood / metal / concrete items require industrial coatings to prevent weathering and corrosion, typically epoxy (which FYI is a reaction of epichlorohydrin and bisphenol A or F)… oil.
Reducing energy requirements (such as cars or airplanes) requires a reduced mass.. this means higher strength to weight ratios, and typically this can only be achieved through the use of petroleum derived composite materials such as carbon fiber (made from Polyacrylonitrile), unsaturated polyester resins, vinlyester, etc… all made from oil.
You need to be careful of believing hypotheses such as CO2 threatening and hurting our children. The proposed ‘cure’ is more dangerous than the perceived problem.
commented 2016-07-08 23:58:59 -0400
Canada, perhaps is it time to build the Solutions Project where we transition towards 100% renewables. Dr. Mark Jacobson of Stanford has already crunched all the economic numbers for Canada and all 50 states and 164 other countries. This transition will eliminate industrial carbon and air pollution which threat and hurt our children, lower energy prices, stabilize energy prices, and provide a net increase in industrial employment. Why are we half throttled when we have so much to build?
commented 2016-07-08 23:24:51 -0400
Personally i have worked with many natives on the pipeline , many are hard working and want to make a life for themselves and enjoy self determination. These are the natives the left hates.
commented 2016-07-08 23:22:18 -0400
Well if these natives worked and made decent money , they could come out from under the control of some corrupt chief and not have to depend on the libs welfare state and control their own lives, the left and the corrupt native leaders could not have that spreading around other native communities.
commented 2016-07-08 22:13:17 -0400
Lloyd, thanks, and yes, it really is. For example, of the KM Trans Mountain proposal, I’m not sure how many FN are along the route, I suppose no more than 50.. but, KM has negotiated and signed MBA’s (mutual benefit agreements) with at least 34 FN’s and still others are in the negotiating stages. I’m not privy to the details, but you can be assured 34 BENEFIT agreements have substantial benefits to FN, much more meaningful vis-a-vis monthly handouts. .. but most importantly jobs… their is something about a sense of contributing to society that does wonders for one’s health and well-being… a sense of pride and belonging, hope, and a reason to get up in the morning.
commented 2016-07-08 21:13:25 -0400
BILL SMITH , thanks for revealing those facts about a p t n
I wish more fn people’s would come on here and vent , the great opportunities are slipping away
commented 2016-07-08 21:01:23 -0400
HOLLY , very good report , i did not know of majority of native groups that are interested
14 of the 45 perhaps being paid off ???
commented 2016-07-08 18:06:27 -0400
I talked with a reporter from Aboriginal Peoples Television Network (APTN), and asked why their network exclusively depicts FN’s as anti-development. She didn’t know why, but admitted that it’s the most common complaint they receive from Chiefs, FN business people and FN people in general.
Now, the Liberal gov claims to want to take FN issues seriously and spend untold billions on FN’s…. however, it’s highly evident that FN’s are being used strictly as a political football and it causes a back-lash. Unfair depictions of FN’s indeed harms FN people. CBC does not allow comments on any article mentioning FN’s because their are too many ‘hateful’ comments.. it’s a matter of policy. As a matter of coincidence, yesterday I looked at the National Post.. of 5 articles, 3 had open comment sections; however, the only two articles that centred on FN’s had no comment section.
If one looks at Burnaby BC’s Mayor NDP Corrigan… he is an anti-pipeline radical who is the first to invoke claims of FN opposition as a basis for his radicalism.. yet, last week he lamented that FN have more ‘power’ than he does as a mayor. Imagine that.. he himself puts FN at the top of the totem pole and complains that he is in the middle.
Resource extraction is the largest employer of FN’s people… when lefty politicians and MSM depict us as anti-development, it only serves to neuter our means of supporting our families in a meaningful way. This is in addition to an unwarranted backlash and negative sentiments caused by unfairly claiming FN opposition to development.
In summary, lefty politicians and the complicit MSM love us FN to death…. literally. If it will help any self loathing progressives out there, I forgive you. And I know the progressive aversion to facts and logic, but never the less, please watch: https://youtu.be/WNHKDJzgqJg
commented 2016-07-08 18:03:52 -0400
Trudeau is an asshole, was born an asshole to two assholes, and will always remain an asshole.
His claim to be a feminist is an attempt to then make people believe that he makes good decisions, and is never wrong. After all he is a male (supposedly) but claims to identify with all females by calling himself a feminist – so how could a person with so much touchy feely understanding do anything wrong?
Asshole – your just being is wrong.