April 04, 2019

Transgender critical professor suing university after demotion

Rob ShimshockRebel Contributor

Professor Allan Josephson is suing his school the University of Louisville, Kentucky, claiming that their demotion and refusal to renew his contract is essentially firing him for his remarks on a panel about gender dysphoria.

Dr. Josephson is a psychiatrist who was recently hosted by the conservative Heritage Foundation, prompting outraged colleagues to demand that the University take action.

The lawsuit is being filed with the help of the Alliance Defending freedom, which has been painted an “anti-LGBT hate group” by the disgraced Southern Poverty Law Center.

WATCH to hear what remarks kicked off this lawsuit.

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commented 2019-04-05 19:29:11 -0400
I hope Professor Allan Josephson gets the absolute best outcome from this lawsuit. I am heartened to see people stand up to those who would discriminate against normal heterosexual behavior and development. Pushing back against those who would punish anyone who disagrees with their flawed gender theory.

Personally I think the only hope for Universities is to keep more professors like Allan Josephson.
commented 2019-04-05 19:11:18 -0400
See how easy it is to recognise truth and common sense? Come on, all you confused, lost and misguided, give your heads a shake to start up some synapses. Don’t accept nonsense.

To those doing the misleading, I would like to say that as adults you are free to do as you please to your mind and body, but leave those kids alone. Don’t expect everyone to fall in line for this flawed theory.

..And to parents especially, keep your kids as far away from this toxic fad, as you possibly can. You are obliged to protect your offspring. Keep it out of public schools and keep it out of libraries.
commented 2019-04-05 02:06:23 -0400
I beg to disagree Maurice Potvin…. At this stage of the “politically correct” game people have to fight back and kick a few “in the nuts”… Otherwise your “objective nature” will be taken advantage of each and every day and hour and minute… Given the historic importance of universities in Western Culture for hundreds of years, it cannot be otherwise…
commented 2019-04-04 20:51:09 -0400
It’s twisted thinking to be sure. But I think he’s better off out of the University system anyway,…. maybe not financially, but ethically and morally. Like I said in a previous post, Universities make you stupid.
commented 2019-04-04 17:32:07 -0400
Deborah, I wish they would all get sued, every one of those idiot activists needs to get sued into oblivion. Interestingly enough, MANY trans people have come out to say that they don’t agree with what these activist idiots are doing.
commented 2019-04-04 17:03:08 -0400
Finally a Professor who knows what he’s talking about and who had the courage to say it. I’m so glad that he’s suing the real crooks who are trying to brainwash society.