April 10, 2019

Professor lectures on Christ-like nature of communist mass murderer Che Guevara

Rob ShimshockRebel Contributor

Professor David Kunzle of the University of California was filmed giving a presentation which compares the murderous commie Che Guevara of t-shirt fame to Jesus Christ.

"As God created light... [God] is light... Che is radiance."


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commented 2019-04-11 14:35:10 -0400
Prof Kunzel is an abject moron and likely a dedicated Marxist !

Humberto Fontova wrote in his book that Che . . . . killed more Cubans per capita than did Stalin ! Che was a coward who when captured by the Bolivian army with a full magazine in his weapon . . . offered to change sides . . . they shot the worthless b**tard at dawn the next day !
commented 2019-04-11 11:16:15 -0400
Ha !
The lefts’ beloved Che Gueverra had children shot, because they took a cookie , without permission.
commented 2019-04-11 11:15:47 -0400
This alleged professor is seeking publicity for some unknown reason, perhaps he’s considering running for Office of some kind and needed a million bucks worth of publicity without paying for it. When you think about it, the Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) is a lot closer to Che than Christ, but that comparison wouldn’t fit well with the Left these days and someone,somewhere, just might kill him for it.
commented 2019-04-11 10:49:31 -0400
Yeah, the good Doctor, Che’s favorite way of dispatching his enemies – people who didn’t go along with the Commie BS – was to personally beat them to death with a baseball bat!
Worship that you f**king pinko retards!
commented 2019-04-11 03:51:56 -0400
“Professor” Kunzle is obviously a deranged nutbar… In Fontova’s well documented book about Guevera – (14 pages of footnotes!) – on page 67, in the chapter entitled Castro’s Favourite Executioner – is Guevara surprising a reluctant death squad, led by Castro’s bodyguard Universo Sanchez, by “suddenly” stepping forward to kill a peasant guerilla named Eutimio Guerra…. At that time Guevara was still a lowly medic/soldier, who had volunteered to accompany the death squad, but not a commandante… From there on killing people indeed made Guevera into being Castro’s “favourite executioner”…
commented 2019-04-11 03:12:13 -0400
Suffer the little children to come unto me… In Che’s case, it was a 13 year old boy in the prison Che ran who didn’t grovel enough to Che, so he was executed.

Che also liked signing warrants for the educated, educators, doctors, writers, and poets, many dying in his prison. 800 were executed essentially for being smarter than him. This “professor” wouldn’t have to worry about being murdered for being smart.
commented 2019-04-11 01:57:32 -0400
Che was a filthy communist , racist , murderous terrorist you halfwit. He was the total opposite of Jesus. Just like this Progressor is the opposite of smart.
commented 2019-04-11 00:38:56 -0400
At no time did Jehoshua ben Josasaph ever execute anybody who spoke out against involuntary tribute to support him and his disciples.

The man who shot Che Guevera was made to watch the execution of his uncle who objected to the shakedown.
commented 2019-04-11 00:34:24 -0400
Maurice Potvin commented
“… Universities make you stupid.”

That is an understatement. It is insane what that they are trying to pass off as education in the last few decades. Nothing but indoctrination of the naive with their extreme cultural Marxist garbage and it just keeps getting more deplorable.
commented 2019-04-11 00:03:43 -0400
You know listening to this nut reminds me of listening to Justin for some reason. Perhaps it is the string of non-sequiturs that are intended to make nonsense sound profound. “DIveristy is our strength”. “Che is a quasi-divine cosmic force of nature and (I am not making this up) landscape”.

All Mojums are Bojums and all Bojums are Skeeziks. Therefore all Mojums are Skeeziks.

“Professing to be wise they became fools.”
commented 2019-04-10 23:55:19 -0400
Leftists will overlook no end of evil so long as the practioner holds to the party line. Che wasn’t a murderer. He was just not a complete socialist yet.
commented 2019-04-10 21:09:44 -0400
Alberta’s soon to be ex-Premier Rachel Notley famously is the owner of a watch with the likeness of Che Guevara on its face. Six days from now we will be sending her government on a one-way trip to Davey Jones’ Locker and I sincerely hope that she has a chance to put that watch on before she hits the water.
commented 2019-04-10 20:26:00 -0400
So, once again, all I can recommend is that any “intelligent” person who wants to learn the truth about the murderous bastard Che, should read Humberto Fontova’s 2007 book “Exposing The Real Che Guevara”…
commented 2019-04-10 20:13:23 -0400
The truth is certainly not in this lunatic.
commented 2019-04-10 19:40:59 -0400
That ‘ Professor ‘ and I use the term loosely – is absolutely Looney Tunes 🙄 he doesn’t have any clue about what he’s talking about 😂
commented 2019-04-10 18:20:30 -0400
My previous posts about Universities is proving once again to hold true. Universities make you stupid.