March 19, 2016

Progressives seek right woman for bank note: Does this anti-conservative Islamist fit the bill?

David MenziesMission Specialist

Canada will be getting a banknote with a woman on it, other than the Queen that is. She’s been there forever and though she is female, she’s terribly Eurocentric and a monarch so she doesn’t count. 

I guess the masses are clamouring for a gal that has actually lived in Canada. It’s all about gender equality and who knows more about gender equality than Justin Trudeau?

Recently, he assured Canadians that the new issue of paper money in 2018 will definitely feature a Canadian woman. Here’s what his Finance Minister, Bill Morneau said about it:

“One of the very first things I had the honour of doing as new finance minister was asking the Governor of the Bank of Canada ... whether it is in fact possible to put a woman on a bank note.”

These ladies, er, gents, have their priorities straight! Never mind that the Loonie is in free-fall, there’s turmoil in the oil sands and the manufacturing sector continues to shrink. One of the “very first things” our Finance Minister did was to make sure we’ll be getting a redesigned, gender-correct banknote in a couple of years.

Dreaming up ways to please progressives is easy. The hard part is actually doing it, so now they have to find Mrs. Goodbar and you just know this is going to get sticky!

Watch my report to hear some of the names that have been floated so far, hear my view of them — through a “social justice” lens of course, and to hear my bulletproof suggestion.

Hint: My candidate is a visible minority, an immigrant and someone championed by the progressives. She’s not shy about speaking her mind; in fact, she wants Canada to change to suit her preferences, not vice-versa. She definitely has chutzpah!

And she’s even more perfect if you’re a Liberal because she’s an anti-conservative Islamist.

Anyone got change for a fifty? I need to buy some Advil.

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commented 2016-03-21 22:38:58 -0400
The Canadian women that was a brave and tough leader in the French underground
commented 2016-03-21 22:36:29 -0400
Too funny—-Mary all walshed up
commented 2016-03-20 14:46:28 -0400
Therese Casgrain comes to mind as someone who served the country generously and with poise.
commented 2016-03-20 14:00:57 -0400
The first thing our dimwit did was to remove our Queen’s picture, and then he insulted her in person! Soon the 40-something year old kid will begin losing his looks, and he’ll have nothing to fall on back on. His only friends are just like him, rich, shallow and immature. And when Islam comes for them, and you can bet it will, there won’t be anyone to save them.
commented 2016-03-20 12:14:56 -0400
Just more steps along the way to making Canada an islamist state!
commented 2016-03-20 08:25:51 -0400
Bravo Zulu – as a Canadian woman, born and raised, I can certainly laugh along with this! And I’ve always loved nicknames, and this one, given that this a liberal dig at us, is perfect! I can assure you that the feminazis will not feel the same way, because they no longer even pretend to understand the Canadian woman, but push an agenda, like all on the left seem to do. I can’t help picturing Margaret Atwood being labeled “the beaver!” That will keep me in stitches for days!
commented 2016-03-19 23:31:56 -0400
At what point do we stop talking about it……and thereby stop putting ourselves in legal harms way…by simply ceasing to talking about that which is painfully obvious …..yet by even so much as mentioning…. makes us vulnerable to the wrath of our own legal system… just shut the fuck up…..and stand ready to act.
commented 2016-03-19 23:16:29 -0400
@ Deborah Graupner commented 2 hours ago

Be careful Ron, you might be hauled up before the liberal legal system for making a joke!

Well – he will be in good company because there are still a lot of us around who would immediately call it that.

In fact I think we should start that one already – cannot arrest the entire country. ;-)

Hugs to you
commented 2016-03-19 21:46:32 -0400
RON MAXIMENKO commented 2 hours ago
Who ever it is we will call it “The Beaver”

Be careful Ron, you might be hauled up before the liberal legal system for making a joke!
commented 2016-03-19 21:42:47 -0400
Drew Wakariuk – Mary Walsh, now their is good example of a liberal worthy of gracing our currency! She epitomizes liberal.
commented 2016-03-19 20:43:53 -0400
I would think they would pick Mary Walsh , but then i realized that is just a dude in a dress.
commented 2016-03-19 20:32:39 -0400
Ethan if the left is so great then why has conservative ALberta had to support them for so long?
commented 2016-03-19 20:31:58 -0400
Ethan if you hate the truth then go elsewhere. All media shares moron, and Rebel does not waste 1 billion a year lying like the CBC does.
commented 2016-03-19 20:27:47 -0400
Ron Maximenko LMAO, you called it first. A great name and it will upset the progressives,does not get much better than that.
commented 2016-03-19 20:11:32 -0400
Who ever it is we will call it “The Beaver”
commented 2016-03-19 19:00:12 -0400
Yes, and even better, some islamic whore who wears her drapes on her head and over her face.

Perfect – let’s keep this Canadian shit show rolling. Keep wrecking Canada there Bernie Trudeau you disgusting filth.
commented 2016-03-19 18:58:08 -0400
Ethan……I can guess from what triggered your outcry you are probably younger than me….theREBEL does give value added in collection, consolidation, and re-distribution.

Not everybody is motivated (sometimes) nor knowledgeable (more often than not) to know the ropes of getting this newsfeed.

It wasn’t actually my first job, it was my second…..I was the office goffer/apprentice at Canadian Press back in the days of teletype, wire helix telephoto, and send-the-office-goffer-with-an-envelope technology…..people of your generation take a lot for granted.
commented 2016-03-19 18:57:44 -0400
And when the economy is in the toilet, do what the liberal nazis do and create a side show.

Well Bernie Trudeau, how about Charlotte McKinney – she has fabulous boobs – but I guess you wouldn’t notice since you are a closet homosexual.
commented 2016-03-19 18:22:30 -0400
The woman will have to be non white, feminazis and islamist

Then and only then will she be allowed on the bill.

A joke

A typical Canadian lefty joke – not worth spit.
commented 2016-03-19 17:36:26 -0400
Ethan – stop acting like a lunatic!
commented 2016-03-19 17:18:43 -0400
I’m off topic I know but this is a Mercer rant. Canadian Mongrel you got that right! Who is this troll anyway? Can’t be the brightest bulb in the box if he does not know how to take his caps lock off…but that may be the point I guess screaming at us from mom’s basement. And he must have gone to school in Ontario because there’s a ‘your’ then there is a you’re. Sometimes a ‘your’ can be a possessive adjective. However your is never used as a contraction…a contraction meaning you are. Ethan, if you’re going to scream at me…get your grammar right. And, I was not educated in Ontario. Phew. Now I feel better.
commented 2016-03-19 15:44:57 -0400
Ethan Maccullough

Mixing your meds again are you?
commented 2016-03-19 15:35:31 -0400
David you suggested a few women who they may want and then rejected them for all being caucasian. Of those you named Pauline Johnson was one. Please correct me if I’m wrong but I think she is of Canadian Indian heritage or Metis.
commented 2016-03-19 15:27:04 -0400
Jeanne Sauve was quite a woman and our first female Governor General.
commented 2016-03-19 15:22:28 -0400
commented 2016-03-19 15:16:58 -0400
Daniel Olchowecki commented 1 hour ago
Laura Secord, hands down.

Shame on you Daniel!

First off, Secord was her married name. If she was to be selected for the bill, we need to be good feminists and not patriarchal losers. Start using the name Laura Ingersoll. That is who she was! Even if she would have identified herself as a Secord, happily, during her life, it does not matter. Laura was clearly a down trodden, abused woman by her husband to think she was happy as a Secord.

Second off, she is associated with being a hero of a war. How un-Socialist can you get? We cannot have a war monger on our bills. It is bad enough to have the Vimy Ridge Memorial on one. Next you will be wanting one of our woman commanders from the Afghan war commemorated. Just how islamophobic are you Daniel?

Third, just like the problem with Ol’ Judy, Laura was white. Automatic no go.


commented 2016-03-19 14:46:35 -0400
When Junior levels Canada with his budget, that is when the disaster on the horizon, will become crystal clear!
commented 2016-03-19 14:44:39 -0400
Judy LaMarsh. Was a good partisan Liberal. French sounding name. Held up to be an early feminist. A socialist hypocrite, (was fat but liked to tell others what to do about their health choices when health minister). A suspected lesbo.

Only thing missing is skin colour, but she sort of looked like Chief Spence, who in turn is pretty light skinned for an Indian. So I’m sure something can be faked; again, simply because Chief Spence and most other Chiefs are fakes.

Yep. Ol’ Judy fits the “bill” so to speak.
commented 2016-03-19 14:20:38 -0400
As Menzies and others here like to say, the Canadian dollar has been in free-fall. It is worth noting that that has been the case for the past 3 years, but it seems a recovery is on its way. For the past two months, the dollar has been gaining steadily. Today the dollar is higher than on October 19th, 2015 (election day), so it seems that Morneau must be doing something right.
commented 2016-03-19 14:17:34 -0400
NDP Sucks – It is to be a voluntary choice, so nobody will be fooled. And I believe since God knows the will of each soul, if this number is forced on a person, it will not be valid.