February 28, 2019

(WATCH) Project Veritas: “Facebook Insider Leaks Docs; Explains ‘Deboosting,’ ‘Troll Report’ & Political Targeting”

Rebel Staff

In a new expose by Project Veritas: A former Facebook responsible for content review was recorded saying that the social media company plans to “demote bad content” and would secretly deboost” pages owned by conservatives.

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commented 2019-03-01 18:37:54 -0500
Some very ugly and scary stuff, Rebel Staff…but not at all surprising.

Veritas…thank you!

Lady in the shadows…thank you.

Facebook, Google, et al…Feck you too you $ilicon Valley wannabe fascist A$$holes! Pffft.

…I’m now on my 5th, 30 Day Facebook Suspension in 6 months – for what Zuckerbuggerer/Facebook says is HATE SPEECH – not to mention how many others on my FB News Feed make an Out-Of-Facebook-Jail statement (when I even have access to it anymore) – and I can’t find all kinds of ‘certain’ information on Google, anymore…or I get completely-unrelated-to-my-search nonsense or other gibberish…but there’s definitely a dearth of information, even when I do get useable information from a Google search.
It’s noticeable you cultural Marxist hacks!

Given what Facebook, in its inner workings, considers a Troll, and what most people here consider a Troll, and given my above mentioned suspensions, does Facebook and it’s algorithms and/or three-toed-nebbish-censors consider me a Troll…on THEREBEL?

Whew! I sure am glad I’m not a lefty.
commented 2019-03-01 02:36:58 -0500
Andrew Stephenson AOC has been caught lying and been caught being an idiot.
commented 2019-03-01 02:31:55 -0500
Andrew Stephenson the left has gone much farther askew than the right and you know it.
commented 2019-03-01 02:31:13 -0500
Andrew Stephenson who caught them? LMAO! Whiny progressives who do not like reality?
commented 2019-02-28 22:47:48 -0500
AL PETERSON commented 10 hours ago
Who are the alt-right?

ANDREW STEPHENSON commented 8 hours ago
Ask Ben Shapiro.

Wow. That was quite a connotative definition. I was thinking of a denotative one. So I take it you don’t actually have an answer?
commented 2019-02-28 22:44:25 -0500
“One of the principe lessons of our tragic century which has seen so many millions of innocent lives sacrificed in schemes to improve the lot of humanity is, “beware intellectual”. Not merely should they be kept well away from the levers of power, they should also be objects of particular suspicion when they seek to offer collective advice.

Beware committees, conferences and leagues of intellectuals. Distrust public statements issued from their serried ranks. Discount their verdicts on political leaders and important events. For intellectuals, far fro being highly individualistic and non-conformist people, follow certain patterns of behaviour. Taken as a group they are often ultra-conformist within the circle spawned by those whose approval they seek and value. That is what makes them a mass so dangerous. For it enables them to create climates of opinion and prevailing orthodoxy which themselves often generate irrational and destructive courses of action.

Above all, at all times, we must remember what intellectuals habitually forget; that people matter more than concepts and must come first. The worst of all despotisms is the heartless tyranny of ideas."


Paul Johnson
commented 2019-02-28 18:35:39 -0500
Andrew said, “I don’t think anybody outside the alt-right really buys what Veritas is selling.”

I don’t think anybody outside your small clique of trolls really buys the crap you post here.
commented 2019-02-28 14:58:36 -0500
Ask Ben Shapiro.
commented 2019-02-28 12:39:39 -0500
Who are the alt-right?
commented 2019-02-28 12:01:33 -0500
I don’t think anybody outside the alt-right really buys what Veritas is selling. They’ve been caught creatively editing out-of-context quotes far too many times.
commented 2019-02-28 10:59:18 -0500
Imagine my shock!