April 19, 2019

Kurt Schlichter: The answer is “more guns”

Kurt SchlichterHost of Take That

And the question is “How can citizens best protect themselves from criminals and aspiring tyrants?”

Some wacky nut with a Columbine fetish went to a gun store and had her background checked and bought a pump action shotgun - not some scary pseudo-assault rifle but a run-of-the-mill scattergun. Luckily people saw her scary social media posts and realized she might be a threat; she never got to a school.

She wasn't a criminal and she was not on a mental health list, and she was background checked. But that did not stop the disarmament detachment from going into their usual freak out mode. What this situation does is show the truth - they aren't really out for "common sense gun laws" - they are out for your guns. After all, school gun violence is way down, but that doesn't matter to them. Their goal is you going from free, armed citizen to obedient, disarmed serfs.

Hell no.

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commented 2019-04-22 20:18:56 -0400
Good work Kurt. I’m absolutely convinced now that those lefties only care about their own power not the safety of citizens. The lefties are a rotten bunch of bastards.
commented 2019-04-22 14:11:51 -0400
If the left thinks only the government should have guns, how do they feel about Trump having all that power?
commented 2019-04-22 07:41:53 -0400
There isn’t a gun law on the books or in the works that will prevent a violent criminal, Muzzie terrorist or certified nut-job from obtaining a gun. Guns are easier to purchase on the black market than beer. The leftist gun grabbers only want an unarmed population so they can continue their treasonous efforts unchecked.
commented 2019-04-20 13:23:45 -0400
ROBERT HEWGILL commented 13 hours ago
Gun confiscation is the first step to tyranny in government, and always ha been for tyrants.
Robert, here is a cheery little video to prove your point:

Innocents Betrayed:

commented 2019-04-20 12:10:19 -0400
When seconds count the police are only minutes away.
commented 2019-04-20 01:21:31 -0400
God, guts and guns made this country great. Let’s keep all three.
commented 2019-04-20 00:21:12 -0400
Gun confiscation is the first step to tyranny in government, and always ha been for tyrants.
commented 2019-04-19 21:24:34 -0400
I envy you Americans. We Canadians have no protections like the second and third amendments. And what little freedom we have to speak our minds is being steadily eroded by leftists and jihadists. We rural residents especially need weapons. Whether it’s a coyote or a crazed lunatic, we need help immediately. Power really does come from the barrel of a gun and we citizens need to KEEP that power.
commented 2019-04-19 15:32:58 -0400
Stephen E. commented 3 hours ago ….

commented 2019-04-19 12:07:42 -0400
One solution for violence would be to license butcher knives and meat cleavers. How many people have been killed by cooking utensils? Background checks must be enacted, and we know the Dems love enacting laws to control everyone and for ‘right think’.

While we are at it, force permits for baseball bats because, well, you know they can be used as a deadly weapon. Crowbars should also be on that list, along with Airsoft guns, BB guns, steel-toe boots, sling shots, hardballs/baseballs, axes, chainsaws (hey, they made movies about that!), screwdrivers, hammers, bow and arrow/cross bow, catapults, canes and walking sticks, ski pols, shovels, and the you-can-poke-an-eye-out paper airplane. Nerf balls are on the fence, but if we wrap everyone in Nerf, people would be safer.

Its just a matter of time before Zanax will be mandated for our water supply to insure everyone is calm and non-violent, along with saltpetre in our food – wouldn’t want anyone having an “urge”.

Exceptions to the law would be, of course, politicians, movie and music personalities (what qualifies as being or having a personality of note?) and the über wealthy. They require personal and even unlicensed firearms, and well armed person security teams sometimes with a propensity to bullying. After all, they are special!
commented 2019-04-19 11:50:57 -0400
The Liberals should keep their shithooks off of my smoke wagons…