August 20, 2017

Purge of Canada’s British history continues: Coat of Arms latest target of “diversity” warriors

David MenziesMission Specialist

After “re-branding” the Red Ensign, Dominion Day and O’ Canada, what part of our history is in the gun sites of progressives championing political correctness? Canada’s Coat of Arms, of course.

In an Ottawa Citizen piece entitled “Canada’s Coat of Arms needs an overhaul now”, Philip Stern argues that the symbols that embody the Canadian Coat of Arms must be “re-imagined”, as they say in the comic-book business.

The current version, almost a century old, is apparently not inclusive enough.

And hey, if you don’t ascribe to that new-age “diversity is our strength” chestnut, then you’re obviously a white supremacist or racist or an imperialist or a colonialist or something really bad.

Stern laments all that garish British-ness in our coat of arms, and we can’t have that because, it’s 2017!

Watch as I point out the problem areas (according to Stern) and offer what I think are some reasonable compromises, free of charge.

As you’ll see, I’ve either created a masterpiece, or a cultural appropriation Frankenstein.

Let the whining begin...

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commented 2017-08-26 10:00:10 -0400
I am starting to see why older people that I know were so upset that the union jack was replaced by a liberal colored flag with a leaf that does not grow in western Canada. Maybe I will start flying the union jack again.
commented 2017-08-22 18:30:34 -0400
Well said Edward Jobin and Jan Rogers. Don’t mess with our Coat of Arms or our history! The French were soundly defeated by the British on the Plains of Abraham. They were allowed to live in peace here with no restrictions. Much like antifa, the separatists threatened violence and insurrection at the Plains if any more memorials are held there to celebrate “OUR” history. Junior is from Quebec,his pal Soros is smiling all the way to the bank,he has 11? Muslim ministers in “OUR” federal cabinet, his father was a traitor to “OUR” country,his mother spent enough time as “OUR” 1st (lady)?,she just really liked the Rolling Stones and their hotel room,junior looks more like Fidel than Fidel himself, the leftards are again messing with our history much the same as that puke Pierre did when he took office. If there are any racists,bigots,nazis, they only have to look in their own back yard to the left wing trolls. I hate the ultra far right as much as I hate the leftards. Stop the bullshit that is going on at our borders using “OUR” Mounties as bellhops to these illegals. Safe cities is not the answer! Enforce our laws the way they were meant to be enforced. I have no problem with immigrants who come here legally and adapt to “OUR” ways(say a BIG NO to these people who were raised under sharia law with FGM as a (natural)? upbringing? Shut down these mosques who preach hatred(I guess that means most of them). A message to Ezra, please bring back Faith! She is a gem like most of the Rebel Staff. There are a lot of true Canadian Patriots out there waiting to bounce this kid out on his ass forever with a Conservative majority. Enough of these “special interest groups” ruining “OUR” country. What is going on???? all the honorable vets must be asking themselves. Lets get a new government in that is Military friendly, and lets start meeting “OURNATO commitment finally. The 1st thing justins bin trudope did after getting elected was to withdraw our Air Force from pounding the hell out of the hated ISIS.Nobody has to guess which side the pukes on but be sure of one thing……"s not “OUR SIDE”.
commented 2017-08-22 14:17:52 -0400
It’s what communists do. Erase any history or culture of the existing nation state in preparation for the fascist one……run by the communist elites of course!
commented 2017-08-22 09:56:07 -0400
The new coat of arms should include 2 crossed dildoes, one white and one black to represent multiculturalism. It should have an ass rampant with Justin Trudeau’s face to show that our political leaders tend to be asses and a goat in a submissive position to show that Canada can offer more than reasonable accommodation to certain cultures with an affinity for goats. The field of the coat of arms should be rainbow coloured to show that Canada embraces the alphabet of sexual deviants as opposed to embracing only gays/lesbians and straight people.
In the centre, a sandled foot (representing middle eastern cultures) should be shown stamping on maples leaves (representing Canadians) while a pool of red collects at the bottom of the field.
commented 2017-08-21 14:17:19 -0400
When will Junior be called upon to denounce his bro George Soros?
commented 2017-08-21 10:37:12 -0400
To me the Crown represents parliamentary democracy, free speech and equality under the law. God save the Queen.
commented 2017-08-21 07:53:07 -0400
Steven the Menzoid is bringing up the sixties Canadian flag flap to show a pattern of conduct on the part of the Liberals. To the fascist socialist left, the Crown is the ultimate symbol of “white supremacy” and must be destroyed.
commented 2017-08-20 22:13:56 -0400
Freedom Rebel, I hope You were not including Trudeau when you stated, “It is especially hard to digest when you see most of the destruction, physically and financially, is being done by white leftists!”. Trudeau is not White,

Right now, The Rebel is under attack from the above mentioned Cucks. You Tube is full of anti Rebel and anti Ezra BS. You can bet your bottom dollar that the Trud has his working finger in this Pie, right up to his elbow.

We need to keep Faith to keep going, right Ezra?
commented 2017-08-20 21:39:37 -0400
I can’t believe anyone is still griping about the fact that we have changed our flag to the Maple Leaf, and Dominion Day to Canada Day. Starting his argument like this really makes the rest of what Menzies has to say more than a little ridiculous.
commented 2017-08-20 20:29:51 -0400
Hundreds of good people from around the world are rejected daily at our consulates and embassies because they are short of funds or their sponsors can’t meet rigorous requirements and commitments for long periods of time.
Is it not mean and racist to reject these people that want to come here legally and by the book?
I’d love to tell that arrogant pompous fool trudeau not to lecture me on what’s right or wrong.
commented 2017-08-20 19:54:49 -0400
The Socialist pogrom continues – but as much as I dislike royals or maonarchy, the seal and coat of arms is safe – that will take a referendum to change and a rewrite of the constitution to remove us as a democratic monarchy with a British queen as head of state – ain’t gonna happen.
commented 2017-08-20 18:22:37 -0400
I saw on CP24 today some woman has requested the Prime Minister ban hate groups from coming into Canada. to which the Prime Minister replied it’s not our place to check for Canadian values. Ok the last part was my add on.
commented 2017-08-20 18:16:30 -0400
The worst part of this that is being misrepresented in the media and the most important part of the conversation is the importance of protecting free speech. Some say hate speech isn’t free speech. What they don’t get is do you really want to give any government that much power to ban some forms of speech? And what if the next government comes to power and decides their free speech is now hate speech. They will have already surrendered the law to be the battering ram to silence anyone criticism they don’t like whether it is legitimate or not by simply declaring it unilaterally hate speech. This is the word that totalitarian regimes live in where think skinned dictators wield their power against political foes and the people cower in silence and suspicion of who and where they express any real opinions.
commented 2017-08-20 17:23:10 -0400
Actually they ruined our coat of arms 60 years ago when they changed the colour of the three maple leaves from the traditional green to red. Also they erased the “boobs” from the Irish harp and in some early versions they even changed the double border around the Scottish crest to single. The old folks were really howling about that one, and no wonder.
commented 2017-08-20 17:06:22 -0400
Billy Howard commented 2 hours ago, “Trudeau says I’m a racist for wanting “migrants” to NOT walk across the border without proper government permission and documents.”

Today, Trudeau called La Meute, a group in Quebec who protested radical Islam and our loose immigration laws “an angry frustrated group of racists who don’t get to define us as Canadians”.
La Meute says it doesn’t discriminate based on race, but is opposed to illegal border crossings and radical Islam.

Trudeau also,said “I am proud to be Canadian, I am proud to be a Quebecer and I am proud to stand with millions of Canadians who reject the hateful, harmful, heinous ideologies that we’ve seen in dark corners of both the Internet and our communities from time to time.”

So, unless you’re over the moon about open borders and radical Islam, you’re hateful and from the dark side.
commented 2017-08-20 15:08:47 -0400
Apparently, leftist fascists defaced a statue of St. Junipero Serro in Mission Hills California by painting a swastika on it, so what is a coat of arms more or less?
commented 2017-08-20 15:03:11 -0400
The government and lefty media have been able to pull one over the public by deliberately confusing the terms legal immigrant unlawful migrant, asylum seeker and refugee. There is a huge difference and I would agree the vast majority of Canadian appreciate that we are open to legal immigrants and in special circumstances we open the door to refugees. But without having a clear understanding what the difference is these terms can be used like a chameleon and change colors to try ad make those who oppose mass migration as anti immigrant. This is just typical of the gutter politics the liberal have been using to smear anyone who challenges them and since they own the vat majority of media there are few places you can try and educate the people as to what the difference is. Why should illegal migrants get to jump the cue before legal ones who have been waiting patiently and legally in line for some time. What kind of message is the government sending about following the law? At what point does our system buckle under the pressure of limited resources at the expense of those who have diligently worked and saved for their retirement for decades? To have a government smear such people with realistic concerns as bigots is the grossest form of betrayal but don’t worry folks he has enough money to take care of himself.
commented 2017-08-20 14:42:42 -0400
Trudeau says I’m a racist for wanting “migrants” to NOT walk across the border without proper government permission and documents.
Some of my closest friends were/are non-white. I’ve dated girls whose origins were Chinese, Vietnamese, FN, Indian and European. My wife is Asian.
But I’m a racist says my prime minister.
commented 2017-08-20 14:38:45 -0400
Jr. is sure there is a white, supremacist, racist nazi behind every tree.
commented 2017-08-20 14:18:47 -0400
Here’s a new motto for Canada: If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.
commented 2017-08-20 13:52:14 -0400
I am with you, i’m getting sick and tired of all this leftist crap, why is it they get to decide what happens and no one else gets a say.
In the US. they are in process of wiping out the US. history , of course no one can speak out against for fear of being called a racist and white nationalist.
It funny how all the rats scattered to distance themselves from anything remotely linking them to being racist or a white nationalist. All this righteous indignation about what Trump said
That uproar over what Trump said the first time is insane he was right ,both sides were to blame , did everyone forget how antifa burned and smashed Berkley and the other destruction by them ,how they are paid protesters paid by George Soros too create civil unrest but the MSM gave them a pass , thereby endorsing such anarchy .
Such is the MSM hate of anything Trump.
Now they are at it in this country, who gives them the right to decide, things that affect the country should be decided by all and not leftist.
We have to return sanity in this country and boot the little boy movie star , jet setter, idiot out next election.
I must say though when i have seen stories on yahoo regarding our little boy PM , it is rare to see a positive comment about him, so many do not like him, i just hope this translate to a liberal defeat .
Trouble is right now i don’t see any viable opposition , the conservatives better pull the rag out