April 09, 2019

What the mainstream media isn’t telling you about Quebec’s proposed anti-niqab law

Rebel Staff

It’s unanimous: Quebec’s new anti-burqa law, called Bill 21, is racist! Not just racist — it’s “ethnic cleansing.”

Here’s a Montreal-area mayor named Bill Steinberg, at a press conference with other political leaders. Steinberg said:

"This is ethnic cleansing, not with a gun but with a law. It is racist.”

If you look at that little press conference, something immediately stands out. Bill Steinberg, the mayor of Hampstead. Mitchell Brownstein, the mayor of a small municipality called Cote St. Luc. Liberal MP Anthony Housefather. A staffer from a provincial MNA named David Birnbaum.

They’re all left-wing Jews, from Montreal's Anglophone enclave, living in their little ethnic bubble.

In the rest of Montreal, outside the gated communities in Hampstead and Cote St Luc, Islam is now the second-largest religion, at over 10 per cent of the population. Arabic is the third-most spoken language in Montreal.

This Jewish Anglo enclave says they’re going to stand up for the rights of women to wear burqas and niqabs in the public service, and hold a "freedom rally" to protest Bill 21.

Yeah, except there are no women wearing niqabs in Cote St Luc civil service anyhow. I checked Statistics Canada. After English and French, do you know what the next most common languages are in that little Jewish town? Russian, Hebrew and Yiddish. How is that even possible in 2019 in Montreal?

Now, if I ever lived in Montreal, I’d want to live in Hampstead or Cote St Luc (if I could afford it.) My kind of people: Speak English, go to synagogue, Jewish schools, probably some great Montreal bagels and smoked meat.

But that’s not Quebec, folks. And when they’re rushing to defend burqas and niqabs in the public service, they're just virtue signalling. They want other Quebeckers to have burqas and niqabs in their neighbourhoods.

And as for those other Quebeckers? Well, Bill 21, the burqa ban, is the most popular law to be introduced in Quebec in a generation.

How can Anglo Jews — who teach their children Hebrew or Yiddish; who send their kids to Jewish schools and Jewish synagogues and Jewish summer camps — how can they condemn Quebecois for wanting to do the same — to preserve their ways?

It’s gross to me. I’m Jewish and I want to preserve Judaism. Why can’t Quebecois preserve certain aspects of their society? Including having a separation of mosque and state? How’s that ethnic cleansing?

It’s got to do with Muslim extremism. Which the old fossils in Cote St. Luc live far away from. I hope the gates in their gated community are really tall...

TONIGHT, I'm going I’m going to read the Bill 21 to you. (I don’t know if these virtue-signallers in Anglo Jewish Montreal have read the whole thing.)

And not only will I think you will support the bill for Quebec, you might actually want it for your own province, too...

NEXT: It's a shameful statistic. According to Stewart Bell at Global News, "Canadians [are] responsible for hundreds of terrorism deaths and injuries overseas."

Joining me tonight to make sense of this shocking report is security expert Lee Humphrey.

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