April 17, 2019

A Quebec politician jokes about burning down a church. Why didn’t you hear about that?

Rebel Staff

This week, a Muslim politician in Quebec, Eve Torres — who wears a hijab, ran for the left-wing Quebec Solidaire Party, and is a public affairs spokesman for the Islamist National Council of Canadian Muslims — made a threat.

Or a joke. That's what she said it was.

This story first appeared in French, in Le Press, the paper of record in Montreal. To date, not a single media outlet in English Canada has reported on it.

Here's part of the report (in Google translation):

Fire of Notre-Dame: Manon Masse distances herself from Eve Torres.

The reference to the Notre Dame fire is obvious. Manon Masse is the leader of the Quebec Solidaire Party, for whom Eve Torres was a candidate.

In a confused message posted and removed from her Facebook page, Torres (...) suggests that the fire in Paris Monday would be the result of a divine intervention related to the prohibition of religious symbols in France.

According to Ms. Torres, banning religious signs can stoke the wrath of "the imaginary friend." And then "Here is the result!" according to her.

"If I would be (Prime Minister François) Legault, I would sleep firefighters at the basilica of Notre-Dame Street" in Montreal, she continues.”

So Torres said that the fire was punishment to France, for banning the burqa.

(And which Francois Legault, the Quebec premier, is proposing to do in Bill 21. The bill doesn’t actually mention Islam or Muslims or any religion, but it bans face-covering from certain jobs, and religious symbols from others.)

By "the basilica," Torres means the famous Notre Dame basilica in Montreal, perhaps the finest church in North America. There has been a church on that spot since 1657. The current church was built in 1824 — it took five years.

It is almost as important a church in Quebec as Notre Dame was in France.

This story has had a fair bit of media coverage in Quebec, in French.

But if you type "Eve Torres" into the CBC search engine, you can see her complaining about the burqa ban, or that someone was mean to her political lawn sign. You can see her complaining a lot.

But not a word about her “joke” or “threat” claiming that if Quebec doesn’t watch it, its churches will be torched, too.

Eve Torres is a bigot — who complains about bigotry, and "hate speech." She’s a thug — who claims she was bullied.

Even the hard-left Quebec Solidaire party knows she went too far.

But the CBC — and the rest of the media party? Silence.

If a Christian activist, or even just a guy wearing a Donald Trump MAGA hat, made a threat against a mosque, do you think it would get a bit of media attention...?

NEXT: Last night, Keean Bexte, Sheila Gunn Reid and I covered the Alberta election results in a live stream. I hope you enjoyed it — thousands of people watched, and we've received great positive feedback about the show.

Tonight, Prem Singh of Alberta Can't Wait joins me for some day-after analysis of Jason Kenney's historic victory, and what it means for Alberta in the near future.

FINALLY: Your messages to me!

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commented 2019-04-20 00:54:46 -0400
satan is not who we think he is and the problem is he has hard-wired himself incorrigible and cannot stop until God learns to repair himself due to the head injuries He received by satan tricking Lucifer to rebel. Allah is just a derange entity or soul who is angry due to the child abuse he went through, but he is very weak compared to the other gods, but he found a way to become like a god and gets very jealous and angry if you don’t worship him which strengthens him more to increase his powers. We must make friends with him instead to calm him down.
commented 2019-04-20 00:45:36 -0400
Please read this report I gave to police below. I realized these are not Muslims or criminals from the Arabian middle east countries but they are trying to make us believe they are. They have not been doing this for centuries but at least a millennia. Muslims and Christians and all atheists from Europe down to the Middle East countries all come from Abraham, Sarah and Hagar(?). Therefore we are all half-brothers/sisters and they are turning us all against each other so we fight each other to dwindle are numbers, then they will take over these real enemies trying to trick us in various nefarious ways including chemtrails, poisoning us, sterilizing our women and their plots to pick on our children. We must forgive our children from Abraham and stop this. If you know any Muslims forward this to them and they can contact me for more details so we can fight the real enemy out there. See what the enemy made me write below angering me at Muslims. Those were not Muslim-like people from Saudi Arabia! He almost ran over my foot drawing me in through the passenger front window to hand him the money and take the last ring, then speeds off hoping to harm me to anger me for life at Muslims. We must wake up everybody and stop fighting each other due to misinterpretations causing arguments due to all our different personalities. We are here to make ourselves perfect before we can remove a sliver from someone else’s eye, we must remove the beam from our own eye and practice the purpose of our SOUL which is an acronym for Share Our Unconditional Love. Report – It is 2:30 am so this may be brief. I gave some of this info to Vas who works in the Communications Department for the RCMP. On Friday about 3:45 pm in parking lot at Dad’s Organic Store after I do some business across the street at Knight Archer Insurance, some people from Saudi Arabia (I think) in a car called my attention. I thought they just wanted directions. A woman with a muslim-like veil over back of head began trying to sell me some fake gold ring and necklace which I knew was fake since they sold these to me before last summer right in front of my house on 15th Avenue and I lost $80 that day and I suspected they were fake, but said I could use them anyway. They said they needed to go to Thunder Bay bad and needed money for gas, so I thought I would help them. First they wanted $200, but I only had $100 on me and I got them down to $80 which the man accepted and then as soon as I had him the cash he sped off almost running over my toes, so the vehicle was in drive with his foot on the brake. Maybe he was hoping to or didn’t care if he injured my toes or foot. I got two rings and the necklace but the one ring got a little moisture on it and started to decay with spots all over and it is not soft like gold. At Dad’s Organic Store, they didn’t even recognize me and tried to sell me one ring and a necklace, but I told them I had no cash. The woman felt I was lying and asked for only $20 but I only had a ten dollar bill and some change. I said no and she got angry as I turned away and I knew for sure they weren’t solid gold for only $20. Then they sped off again because they knew they were doing something wrong trying to steal our money to make them richer and maybe help them take over the world, can you believe it the mentalities and trouble out there? Or maybe they weren’t muslims but just criminals, but I think they were muslims in disguise since they took off their turbans and shaved their beards, there were two men in the front seats this time. As they sped off I memorized their license plate and was lucky I had a pen on me to write it down. The plate number is CHRV 871 and seemed to not be a Saskatchewan plate, but I wasn’t paying attention to that since I focused on retaining the memory of the plate number, but I have a feeling it had some blue around the perimeter of the plate. I then went into Dad’s Organic Store and told a woman employee there what happened. The car was quite new so they were not living in poverty, they just have an ulterior motive to make them all richer to buy more land and weapons for Take Over Time. I can get this jewelry appraised, my necklace I bought and the one she had had 18K engraved on it. If your services can figure who they are, let me know. I don’t appreciate them doing this because if they knew I had $200 on me and I refused to buy, they could have put a bullet in my chest and took my wallet easily.
commented 2019-04-19 03:58:06 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 37,058 Attacks, 239,254 Killed, 318,350 Injured that we know of
commented 2019-04-19 01:55:32 -0400
Indeed Jaroslav Ovtsyn… “Minimal Impact On Earth’s Resources” Dr. Fruit Fly still has four properties in B.C. including sharing the “mystical” Nelson Island, to which there have been “nada” reports of him canoeing there rather than taking a seaplane…
commented 2019-04-18 13:48:33 -0400
I’m quite impressed with Kenny’s blunt message to the Church of Global Warming and its foreign backers. I think a lot of credit goes to Ezra for breaking tabus! Showing contempt for the environmental lunatics was unthinkable just a few years ago – it was like making fun of Mother Teresa. But not anymore. Saint Suzuki and his ilk have lost immunity from public scrutiny! Thanks Ezra!
commented 2019-04-18 09:15:47 -0400
I have worked a lot of construction sites and have a few questions about the church fire.
Most sites have cameras to live stream the construction or rebuild progress.
The more important the site the better the security.
Modern site,s have 24/7 fire watch.
Thousands of dollars have been given to mosks in Canada for security cameras.
How much has gone to churches?
24/7 security is the norm on construction sites. Where was it in this case?
Where is the cctv footage of the area?
Most of the church is stone, seems odd that the only flammable area, wooden beams of the roof would catch fire.
I highly doubt that a professional crew would store,leave anything flammable just laying around. Fire extinguishers are always near by just in case.
commented 2019-04-18 08:52:57 -0400
I’m sure Notre Dame Basilica has plenty of security. They charge $8.00 for those in the long line-ups to go inside for ‘tours.’ The doors aren’t open all the time, only at certain times and again, you have to line up and pay to get in.

What concerns me more is Marie Reine du Monde, St. James, and particularly Christ Church which is in my opinion the most beautiful church in Montreal. There are many others of course where you don’t have to pay to go in, that are open and don’t have security.

I’m sick of these…people getting away with their veiled threats.
commented 2019-04-18 03:24:30 -0400
I’m still curious about the fact that no mention has been made of the fact that CTV News cut off Kenney’s victory speech in mid-stride!… Can you imagine what the uproar would have been had that been done to Notley just minutes before??? It stinks, stinks, stinks…
commented 2019-04-18 02:19:13 -0400
Ryan Janke commented 2 hours ago
Ryan, I watched CTV for a while, I thought I was watching a funeral, they were saying crazy things like “only a nice gentle woman like Notley could have accomplished all the things that improved Alberta.” She just had bad luck with Oil prices and pipelines. CBC wasn’t quite as bad. If the MSM got too unbearable, I had Ezra’s team going on the computer.
commented 2019-04-18 00:26:07 -0400
Your election coverage was more up beat than ctv’s. Some on ctv’s panel seemed a bit disappointed that Kenney won a majority and were hoping that he would only get a minority government. David Swann seemed the most disappointed. The Liberals lost their lone seat in the riding he used to represent.
commented 2019-04-18 00:06:18 -0400
As for the Kenny victory, we do have a hard battle ahead with Trudeau and Horgan. I hope Kenny plays tough like President Trump and threatens to turn off the gas supply to BC. Let them buy gasoline from America at the full price.
commented 2019-04-18 00:04:27 -0400
Eve Torres and other jihadists get a pass becausethey’re the favoured ones of the media and leftist politicians. I’m sure you’re right, Ezra, that somebody joked about having firemen sleeping at a mosque, that person would be arrested for hate speech.
commented 2019-04-17 23:57:07 -0400
The Notre Dame Cathedral is owned by the French government, not the Catholic Church. No wonder why it’s in disrepair.
commented 2019-04-17 23:30:47 -0400
You went so long last night with Albert Election coverage I wasn’t sure if you would have time to do a show today. You did. Thanks for working so hard and not forgetting us in the west. Sheila and the commie hunter Bexte did a great job last night. Sheila even did a show after the election coverage that aired today. You guys are crazy!
commented 2019-04-17 22:16:49 -0400
“What I find most irritating about this “joke” is that if someone were to say the same thing concerning a mosque….a visit from the RCMP would be assured….so don’t whine to me about your disadvantaged position.”

No kidding Glenn. Interesting story about the 1978 fire. I should remember hearing of it but I don’t, my inlaws were serious French Catholics.
commented 2019-04-17 22:12:07 -0400
James Hall commented 37 mins ago
Imagine what the CBC/ MSM would do if a white conservative joked about burning down a mosque ???………you would literally NEVER hear the end of it on all of the fake news MSM

James Hall.. you err… It’s only a joke when the goofball Liberalist Globalist get caught or get called out.. It’s never even considered a mis spoke or joke when it’s a Conservative… period.
They will freak out in a… hyena’s in heat.. freak out rampage to demonize good.. Law abiding Citizen’s.
commented 2019-04-17 22:08:39 -0400
“The province is very engaged and the province has high expectations.”

Very important words from Prem. I hope Kenney understands and respects that sentiment.

We love Prem Singh. She is one heck of an Albertan. Amazing, her calling out the global influence to shut down Canadian oil. I am so grateful. Its time to say it out load and push back.
I hope Kenney means what he says, I worry about his immigration policy and his agreeableness with those who are trying to take him down, but his speech was epic, like a long cool drink after a drought. I hope he meant what he said..
commented 2019-04-17 22:01:27 -0400
Notre Dame Cathedral in Montreal did burn….December 7th 1978…I lived in the building across the street…the one where the Nuit Magique night club was located on the ground floor…I was in a studio apartment on the seventh floor…I still have the photos.

A veritable army of fire fighters arived to save the cathedral….the hoses in the streets and alleys looked like spaghetti.

At the time the cathedral offered a 24/7 confessional service….an arsonist who was terrorizing Montreal at the time set the confessional on fire with the priest in it.

The cathedral called Marie Reine du Monde (Mary Queen of the World) is a slightly scaled down copy of Saint Peter’s in Rome…Saint Joseph’s Oratory is second only to the Vatican in size. The city itself “Ville Marie” was founded by Roman Catholics looking for a place to reseed catholicism away from the corruption of the rivalry of two Italian elitist families.

What I find most irritating about this “joke” is that if someone were to say the same thing concerning a mosque….a visit from the RCMP would be assured….so don’t whine to me about your disadvantaged position.
commented 2019-04-17 21:42:39 -0400
Sky News reported that nobody was working on the Cathedral the day the fire broke out.
Macron is a New World Order Marxist, just like Trudeau and he is capable of setting the fire himself, or at least paying for the arsonist.
Shall we see the world crumble while good men do nothing, or are we going to get up off our butts and defend ourselves? The enemy within is a greater beast than the enemy that intends to kill us.
commented 2019-04-17 21:35:52 -0400
You never heard about it in the corrupt left wing cover up media, for the same reason you’ll never hear about the churches and synagogues attacked and burned down in Europe by Muzzies and radical atheists leftist commie’s. Or the Murdered Christians in Africa. Or the almost daily or weekly missile attacks on Israel by the so called Palestinians. Or corruption behind the left wing man made global warming scam. The corrupt left wing in north America have been in bed with the Islamic terrorists for years, and are part of the war on the Judaeo Christian religion, and capitalist free market system.
commented 2019-04-17 21:28:06 -0400
I’m glad someone is asking questions because the media is abhorrent. Nothing but agendas and narratives. We found someone who can identify the enemy and is holding them accountable
commented 2019-04-17 21:22:48 -0400
Imagine what the CBC/ MSM would do if a white conservative joked about burning down a mosque ???………you would literally NEVER hear the end of it on all of the fake news MSM
commented 2019-04-17 21:10:30 -0400
Yes Betty, the crew in question was very experienced having restored three other major cathedrals.
commented 2019-04-17 21:10:02 -0400
Can we get some extra security to protect that church in Montreal please?
Maybe communities should start doing guard duty at our churches and monuments.

Before we invited Islam, we didn’t have to worry about this sort of thing, and a lot of other things as well. If Ms. Eve Torres thinks Islam isn’t getting the respect it deserves in Canada, maybe its time she and it took a look inward. A chip on the shoulder always produces obnoxious demanding behaviour. Nobody appreciates obnoxious demanding behaviour… from anyone, especially those invited into our country to share and live as Canadians beside us. Islam is not us, and you are not making it easy to accept it.
That is what the left considers racist talk. Its not.
You cannot ‘ban’ feelings. Maybe she should try to be nicer, and less demanding. Maybe she should refrain from her threats on our culture, values and religious foundations.

So not surprisedthe cbc is silent. Real Canadians do not work there. Its not like they give a crap.
commented 2019-04-17 21:02:23 -0400
Yeah good work Ezra. And of course, congrats to Prem, we love her too!
commented 2019-04-17 20:57:29 -0400
The CBC and other main stream media are in “protect the predator” mode with this veiled threat from a Quebec Muslim politician. The Rebel needs to expose this coverup.
commented 2019-04-17 20:52:17 -0400
Robert McClelland, lol, that’s about the size of a video the CBC would use to back their claim. I was reading online that some people did think the fire started due to restoration work on the Cathedral, but what I read also said that Notre Dame Cathedral would only have hired top-notch professional people to do the work. These would be people who knew what they were doing and knew enough not to leave anything amiss. It wasn’t as though they hired novices on their first job placement or something.
commented 2019-04-17 20:52:08 -0400
That was definitely a veiled threat by Eve Torres! With all the riff raff that Trudeau is allowing to roam free in our country, it is only just a matter of time before our churches burn. She should be held to account for her comments.