April 17, 2019

A Quebec politician jokes about burning down a church. Why didn’t you hear about that?

Rebel Staff

This week, a Muslim politician in Quebec, Eve Torres — who wears a hijab, ran for the left-wing Quebec Solidaire Party, and is a public affairs spokesman for the Islamist National Council of Canadian Muslims — made a threat.

Or a joke. That's what she said it was.

This story first appeared in French, in Le Press, the paper of record in Montreal. To date, not a single media outlet in English Canada has reported on it.

Here's part of the report (in Google translation):

Fire of Notre-Dame: Manon Masse distances herself from Eve Torres.

The reference to the Notre Dame fire is obvious. Manon Masse is the leader of the Quebec Solidaire Party, for whom Eve Torres was a candidate.

In a confused message posted and removed from her Facebook page, Torres (...) suggests that the fire in Paris Monday would be the result of a divine intervention related to the prohibition of religious symbols in France.

According to Ms. Torres, banning religious signs can stoke the wrath of "the imaginary friend." And then "Here is the result!" according to her.

"If I would be (Prime Minister François) Legault, I would sleep firefighters at the basilica of Notre-Dame Street" in Montreal, she continues.”

So Torres said that the fire was punishment to France, for banning the burqa.

(And which Francois Legault, the Quebec premier, is proposing to do in Bill 21. The bill doesn’t actually mention Islam or Muslims or any religion, but it bans face-covering from certain jobs, and religious symbols from others.)

By "the basilica," Torres means the famous Notre Dame basilica in Montreal, perhaps the finest church in North America. There has been a church on that spot since 1657. The current church was built in 1824 — it took five years.

It is almost as important a church in Quebec as Notre Dame was in France.

This story has had a fair bit of media coverage in Quebec, in French.

But if you type "Eve Torres" into the CBC search engine, you can see her complaining about the burqa ban, or that someone was mean to her political lawn sign. You can see her complaining a lot.

But not a word about her “joke” or “threat” claiming that if Quebec doesn’t watch it, its churches will be torched, too.

Eve Torres is a bigot — who complains about bigotry, and "hate speech." She’s a thug — who claims she was bullied.

Even the hard-left Quebec Solidaire party knows she went too far.

But the CBC — and the rest of the media party? Silence.

If a Christian activist, or even just a guy wearing a Donald Trump MAGA hat, made a threat against a mosque, do you think it would get a bit of media attention...?

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commented 2019-04-17 20:50:48 -0400
Thank God! Congratulations Albertan’s!
commented 2019-04-17 20:43:15 -0400
The CBC is positive the Notre Dame fire was caused by the restoration crew and has produced video of the crew at work to support their position.
commented 2019-04-17 20:39:13 -0400
- To put it simply – Satan hates Christians & Jews & his followers act accordingly. So this woman will attack Christians & the media party will cover for her. Other far leftists will pretend nothing happened. In the meantime we have the Trudeau Liberals bringing back ISIS terrorists to insure that Canada will enjoy the same as France. Satan’s followers come in many forms.

- Watched The Rebel coverage of the Alberta election – flipped over to the CBC from time to time to watch the tears. Kenney will improve things to some degree in the short term. Getting rid of the Trudeau Liberals will bring prosperity to the province & the country.
commented 2019-04-17 20:11:58 -0400
Glad you picked up on this one Ezra.. Good catch.