March 13, 2015

Quebec Imam: "Beating [women] in Islam is a type of education"

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

Jonathan Halevi shares shocking video clips of Canadian Muslim leaders whose messages about women and equality conflict with Canadian values.

For example, video clips show two Calgary, Alberta Muslim leaders -- Imam Abdi Hersi and Mizz Haibibi  -- instructing women to embrace patriarchy.

Hersi adds that wives must provide sex on demand to their husbands. 

Halevi also presents a book called Women In Islam, that was available at Islam Awareness Week at York University and is handed out by street preachers at Toronto's Dundas Square.

Halevi says this book reflects conventional Muslim teachings as conveyed in Canada. It includes an approval of wife beating up to the point of "breaking a bone.

Then there's Imam Hussein Amer, who tells his audience -- twice -- that, "beating [women] in Islam is a type of education."

Remember: These aren't vicious slanders being spread by "Islamophobes."

He and I are simply presenting Canadian Muslim leaders in their own words.

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commented 2015-03-25 09:13:19 -0400
If these Imam’s believe so fervently that physical attack is educational, how would they react if somebody took it upon themselves to “educate” them? I’ll be betting that they start preaching a different tune. And the most tragic piece of information I’ve come to learn, is that women converts go in KNOWING this is probably going to happen.
commented 2015-03-16 15:35:36 -0400
Is Imam’s, sucking on young boys tongue’s (amongst other things) part of an education also?
commented 2015-03-15 05:26:45 -0400
Canadians have dropped the ball. These horrifying teachings reverse the court ruling that women became persons in 1929 and removes all Canadian values from women. York University allows this teaching to be promoted on campus! Are they crazy? The left turns a blind eye. If this ideology is permitted to spread, women will again become non-persons in Canada…and will be required to remain as children all their lives. Yet the left says nothing and, in fact, proposes wearing niqabs as a religious right. A niqab is as much a “right” as shackles, handcuffs and straight jackets. How can this tolerance for evil be explained? It is as if Canadians are hallucinating, in that they seem to be sleep-walking into bondage. I am glad I am older and haven’t much time left to see the tragic end of liberty in Canada. This is a nightmare to me. I am thankful that Harper has stood up for liberty in the citizenship ceremony but that is only a first step.Those who find Harper’s move offensive don’t really care about religious freedom. They, although inadvertently, seek to establish female subjection. We need to eradicate all vestiges of these anti-women teachings from our country. (and we need to seriously promote equality for men and women…we must have no use for abuse of men or women)

Any one who teaches that beatings are an education for women should be ejected from Canada, NOW. Such teachings are a danger to the women of this land and are, in fact, a potent threat to all women. I feel very threatened to know that such teaching is being promoted in my country as a viable “religious” alternative.