August 12, 2016

If THIS happened, Quebec Liberals could no longer justify their carbon tax on Alberta

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

If Brazil can get them for what remains of the Amazon rain forest, why doesn’t Alberta get "carbon credits" for its boreal forest, 99 per cent of which is untouched by the allegedly "evil" oilsands?

Well, because if Alberta got credit for the trees it didn’t cut down, Quebec would have to penalized for the billion trees it DID cut down to build the massivve James Bay hydroelectric dam project.

And Quebec Liberals like Denis Coderre and Justin Trudeau couldn’t have that.

How could they justify their tax on Alberta then...?

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commented 2016-08-12 22:41:26 -0400
Yep time to go our own way, let the eastern bastards freeze in the dark and get beheaded.
commented 2016-08-12 15:46:04 -0400
One set of rules for the eastern elite and another for the west. Time to separate.
commented 2016-08-12 13:13:03 -0400
EILEEN MCRAE and VALERIE CLARK, you are both right of course. BUT, what do we do about it other than complain?
Maybe if we stood up and refused to pay the tax (called a tax revolt), and tell the greedy politicians to pound sand, we might get somewhere. The trouble is to get enough like minded people to act instead of just complaining.
The old saying that we Canadians are complacent is so very true. We – or a lot of us – are also ‘fat cats’, we have decent jobs that pay well and basically feel that rather than fight for our rights and for justice we might as well go along and pay the dastardly tax, after all Jim my neighbor pays it.
And so it goes on and on.
The government knows all about our attitudes and so does what it wants knowing fully well that other than a few complainers the sheeple will follow along.
It was Justin Mohaned bin Trudeau’s father the elder bin Trudeau that once publicly stated, and I paraphrase, that no matter what the government did and no matter how upset the public got it would not matter come election time because they the public have a short memory. In other words do what you want as a government and PM they the sheeple will only complain for a while.
commented 2016-08-12 12:40:50 -0400
Governments can tax carbon because people don’t protest against their doing it. They’d tax oxygen if people didn’t know that’s what we breath. Eileen McRae, you’re right – how can they tax something that is a basic building block of all life in the Universe? We are FOOLS to allow it!
commented 2016-08-12 11:40:45 -0400
Ahh, the overwhelming stench of liberal hypocrisy.
commented 2016-08-12 11:36:45 -0400
No carbon tax is ever justified! Carbon is one of the basic building blocks of ALL life on earth! That is every single living organism on earth is built using carbon in its structure! And, we are suppose to justify a carbon tax?? Justify our very existence with a tax???? There are numerous web-sites to consult if you are not too lazy to do the research, all you pseudo-environmentalists!