April 14, 2015

Quebec's language laws prevent father from buying English-speaking 'unilingual' plush toy for his daughter

Rebel Staff

A Montreal father was told he wasn't allowed to purchase a 'Daniel Tiger' plush toy because it only 'spoke' English.

According to Huffington Post, Nick Messina tried buying the toy as a local store, but they were sold out. He then called another Toys R Us  which informed him two of the toys were in stock.

A clerk then told Messina that he couldn't buy a Daniel Tiger because the toy is unilingual.

The clerk allegedly thanked Messina for letting him know that the toy only spoke English and it would be shipped to Ontario.

In Quebec, language laws  make it illegal to sell a unilingual toy unless it has a French version as well.

Toys R Us told the state broadcaster in a statement that the toy should never have been on store shelves.

“Toys 'R' Us shipped in error the English-speaking product to one of our Quebec stores and a customer tried to purchase it. Our store did not sell the product to the customer and we apologized for the inconvenience that this caused our customer. We immediately communicated to our store that this product cannot be sold,” it said.   

Messina was able to buy the toy of Amazon for $50 more than what Toys R Us was selling it for.

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commented 2015-04-15 23:45:21 -0400
Okay so Queerbec Language laws" won’t allow English-only stuff to be sold in stores, eh? Is there a law in the rest of Canada that says that french only stuff can’t be sold in stores in the rest of Canada too? I really wanna know. Someone please answer.
commented 2015-04-15 11:12:07 -0400
Peter Netterville;
If I may;
Person: “What do you think about the CBC being defunded, should it be privatized and all employees fired, should it be made to compete fairly without it’s $ 1 Billion + per year taxpayer funded subsidy, should all the thieves, liars, degenerates crooks and scoundrels employed by the CBC all be jailed?”
Cowboy: “Yup.”
Person: “What do you think about the Kathleen Wynn scandals in Ontario, do you think she should be allowed to govern, do you think she should avoid any criminal charges because she’s a politician, do you think the sex-ed curricula is a good thing, would you vote for her or the Liberal party?”
Cowboy: “Nope.”
Person: “Do you think we ought to round up all Muslims, Communists, and degenerates and deport them, kill them, jail them, should politicians caught breaking the law be censured, jailed or executed, are you voting Conservative again?”
Cowboy: “Mebee.”
Person: “You don’t seem to have too much to say cowboy.”
Cowboy: “…”
commented 2015-04-15 09:36:55 -0400
Mike – "Alberta will be english and Cowboy . . . "

What is “Cowboy” language? :)
commented 2015-04-15 09:35:18 -0400
Maurice – “Why are the one in charge always nincompoops?”

You pose a very good question. Probably because most of the ones in politics are already rich before they achieve their position, but not the first generation rich as they were the ones working hard to earn the money. It is usually 2nd and 3rd generation rich who typically are spoiled little brats. That might be some of the explanation.
commented 2015-04-15 09:31:59 -0400
If Quebec’s purpose is to push out all English speaking people from Quebec, this would be one way to go about it. I know I wouldn’t live there even if it was the only place on the planet to live.
commented 2015-04-14 22:08:52 -0400
Just wait until they start manufacturing and selling omar khadr action figure dolls…
Speaking only in Arabic (is alu-ahkbar bilingual?) and makes a slashing motion over the neck…
commented 2015-04-14 22:01:32 -0400
Mike, the Leafs are a Toronto (Ontario) team. The Montreal Canadiennes, or the Habs (Habitants), are Montreal (Quebec).
commented 2015-04-14 19:09:47 -0400
The people of Quebec have spoken (french only), that no english is permitted in that province.
This is to be expected as they have been raving about that subject for a very long time. Their province, their business. They are and always have been firm on this.
Meanwhile the rest of Canada should think of that as a push for language status by province. On the BC coast it should be English and Chinese. Alberta will be english and Cowboy Manitoba and Saskatchewan will be English and Ukrainian. After that I will leave to the rest to decide But I suggest Irish and Scottish be remembered for the the east coast.
Lets show the people of Quebec we can be just as silly aka Canadian. Besides we have much to thank the French for and a list follows. Poutine and maple syrup and pea soup and The Maple Leafs and Snowmobiles and that’s about it.
commented 2015-04-14 19:06:37 -0400
Why are the one in charge always nincompoops?
commented 2015-04-14 18:22:48 -0400
So, if he had bought it in Ontario, and then brought it back with him…? Or if he’d purchased it online? How would the language police have known about it then?
commented 2015-04-14 17:43:50 -0400
Let freedom ring!!!!!!!!!!
commented 2015-04-14 17:27:31 -0400
who cares – kewbek is becoming the east coast of Canada – rotting and dying, soon to be dead