June 04, 2015

Question of the Day: Do Canada's new biometric screening procedures make you feel safer?

Emily PrattRebel Correspondent

Today, Prime Minister Harper unveiled new biometric security measures for those entering Canada.

I hit the streets to ask if these changes make you feel safer.

Tell us what you think in the comments!


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commented 2015-06-05 23:03:01 -0400
Travis, Canadians are not being tested by these means…it is a test for people on VISA’S ENTERING Canada. It is not US giving up liberty…it is visitors being tested to see if they are sincere visitors or deceiving destroyers…I see your point but I don’t think being fingerprinted, for them, is giving up liberty UNLESS THEY CHOOSE TO USE THEIR FINGERS TO COMMIT A CRIME or assume some one else’s identity. As Harper said it is a FILTER for immigration…to filter out suspicious people who are not who they seem, even before the enter our country.
commented 2015-06-05 12:41:05 -0400
Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety – Benjamin Franklin.
If you can trust that biometric collection will stop at just those entering Canada, then maybe its a good thing, but I think it’s slippery slope. Be careful what you wish for.
commented 2015-06-05 11:29:24 -0400
I’m very happy the PM and the CPC are doing something pro-active about the Islamic terrorist problem in Canada.
Someone else here said if the Liberals/NDP are so up in arms about it, it must be the right thing to do – I tend to agree with that, but not spitefully so, I like my nose where it is.
It seems inevitable our future will see us all RFID implanted, this is a process of small steps, taken regularly and is proceeding – much like the way Fabian Socialism works, has worked. The voluntary collection of bio metrics inevitably leads to the mandatory collection as does the voluntary implanting of RFIDs, which will morph into the mandatory implantation of RFIDS – there will always be a ‘good reason’ why…the number of the Beast!
It’s not so much the CPC I worry about misusing this legislation and/or the info collected, I voted Conservative, as the lessor of evils, it’s if the – God forbid – Liberal/NDP/Greeny parties get into power that I worry about this info and established precedent being used against us! Like all socialist/fascist governments have done in the past and continue to do…
Talk about being between a rock and a hard place!
commented 2015-06-05 10:18:56 -0400
Biometrics is to catch CHEATS. If you think we should be NICE TO CHEATS then explain yourself! Harper didn’t say ANYTHING to scare people…he just said people who are defrauding our immigrant department have no right to waltz into our country free and easy…APPARENTLY the opposition to Harper’s move has no problem with cheats, liars and deceivers entering our country…they may call it scare-mongering…I call it preventative medicine. We have to keep them out…what country needs MORE problems, like switching people en route? KNOWLEDGE IS POWERIGNORANCE IS BLISS? 26 other countries say yet to biometrics…so much for the blathering idiots who say this is an election ploy…well then why are the other parties cutting their own throats?
commented 2015-06-05 00:44:27 -0400
Is think that if we can catch a terrorist at the border..it would be better than having to look for him or her later after the evil deed is done….its a good idea….do it.
commented 2015-06-04 20:44:52 -0400
The Biometric information is not necessarily to stop someone from getting in but to also allows confirmation of identity if the person commits a crime in Canada.
commented 2015-06-04 19:55:35 -0400
Just the fact that the Liberals don’t like it makes me think it’s a great idea. In fact after reading George Drummond’s comment, I like it even better. After all, he’s had the experience and it sounds, sound.
commented 2015-06-04 18:16:06 -0400
Biometrics to STOP someone from getting into the country? That’s like Alan Rock’s gun registry… there are always ways around it. And those intent on subverting our country won’t hesitate to use those methods. So, in answer to the Question of the Day, “No, because it doesn’t affect my feelings one way or the other.” My security is my God, and then me. The Government has jack-squat to do with it…
commented 2015-06-04 17:50:44 -0400
Since I wasn’t looking for safety, I guess I will abstain.
commented 2015-06-04 17:36:45 -0400
Ron Zager – any downsides? Well, for the paranoid or politically unpopular, I guess it is worth noting fingerprints can be planted at a crime scene …
commented 2015-06-04 17:26:13 -0400
Works for me. In fact it did work well for me at London’s Heathrow airport, changing planes after a trans-Atlantic flight I wanted to slip outside for a smoke. I quick scan of my eyeball just to validate that I would be the same guy who would come back in afterwards, easy-peasy. What took us so long?

I’d like it even better if the scanned image could somehow be linked to all passports when they are issued. Mm, maybe mine’s now is. Wow!
commented 2015-06-04 17:11:00 -0400
Peter the left are the first ones to throw out all rights when they want something. Biometrics sounds like a good idea. Are there any downsides other than all data will be in one big giant bulk data base?
commented 2015-06-04 17:00:59 -0400
I think a generous dose of racial profiling to go along with it would be a very positive measure. Peter….the Progs screaming bloody murder over this is clearly an affirmation that the Govt. is doing the right thing.
commented 2015-06-04 16:56:43 -0400
It is an excellent idea to take their biometric data. Even if it will not stop somebody from doing an unlawful act, it will help the RCMP track and identify the criminals.

But since it is something that the Conservatives introduced, the left will scream bloody murder over it, claiming “police state” and “dictatorship”, and other such crap. That is something we can be sure of.
commented 2015-06-04 16:50:27 -0400
Absolutely, I like the biometrics technology, and I think it will help immensely