May 21, 2015

Question of the Day: Should Canada Post keep providing home delivery?

Emily PrattRebel Correspondent

The NDP is promising to resume Canada Post door-to-door mail delivery if elected in the fall.

So we hit the streets to see if you think mail carriers should continue to drop letters off at home.

What do you think? Talk about it in the comments!


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commented 2015-05-25 02:00:19 -0400
Yes, it is just too expensive to have letter carriers bringing most unimportant advertising to you home every day. Cancel home delivery. I will not miss it.
commented 2015-05-23 15:09:38 -0400
David said: “How come other countries manage to provide this service?” Short Answer? Canada has much more geography than other nations, which short of Urban Centres, that territory being relatively sparsely populated. Courier companies do not provide service (for the most part) to the Northern Territories or remote areas of most provinces. Canada Post, under its mandated Federal Charter, must. As an example, the Northern Territories are served by Canada Post with a “Food Mailing Program” subsidized by the Feds I believe. The cost of shipping food stuffs otherwise would be prohibitive. Aside from that, they pay the same letter rates etc. as everyone else regardless of the remoteness. On the West Coast, few if any Courier Companies provide delivery to the Gulf Islands just north of Victoria on Vancouver Island. It is not uncommon to observe a parade of Courier Trucks dropping parcels at the Victoria distribution centre for Canada Post employees to deliver to the Islands. It is hard to understand for most people just how big this country is, unless one has experienced it. I got a good feel for that back in 1987 – 1988 when I was working on the Caravan helping bring the Olympic Torch Relay across this nation to Calgary for the Winter Olympics. Cold and vast distances summed up that perception of this country.
commented 2015-05-23 13:14:25 -0400
Randy, actually the boxes do get broken into, but the numbers are small. The remedy is, don’t let your mail pile up in the box, pick it up daily if possible. Going on holiday, get the post office to hold it until you return.
commented 2015-05-23 12:09:06 -0400
Prior to 1981 Canada’s Postal service was a government department. The government then made it a Crown Corporation of which the Canadian taxpayer is the main shareholder. Although the Postal service doesn’t receive “subsidies”, it can receive loans, which are supposed to be paid back to the government. Canada Post has lost much of its equity value. That’s our loss. CPC plunged from being worth $1.5 billion in 2008 to having a negative net worth of minus $2.6 billion at the end of 2012. As of the end of 2014 they weren’t able to cover operating costs without cuts. The corporation’s taxpayer guaranteed pension fund is currently underfunded by $6 billion.
commented 2015-05-23 08:09:06 -0400
David the cost of mail delivery is not profitable. Canada Post through their company called Purolator makes their money though parcel and things of that nature profitable because of government regulations. You see the government has come up with a protective barrier the other parcel delivery companies have to charge what Canada Post charges. So companies like FedEx and UPS can’t charge any less the our national carrier. So as your see Canada Post and their letter carriers are not any where neat profitable. Same goes with the US Postal Service. They too are losing lots and lots of money and even the US government is considering stopping home delivery. I know this because I work in the US.
commented 2015-05-23 08:01:57 -0400
Beverly Byers…
I have to ask you Beverly, do you ever send a letter or parcel by mail? How do you do this? Do you just open your front door and drop it in your mail box, or do you have to go to one of those red post boxes? Or do you have to go to one of those post offices in your neighborhood? Tell me something Beverly, do you open your front door and pick up your groceries? Does your doctor make house calls? I hesitate to say that all and more of these things you do on a monthly basis, requires you to leave your home. So spare us the BS because we all know that when you leave your home you can also stop and pick up your mail at that time. We all make choices in our lives Beverly and having that right comes the responsibility of making that choice. You do not have the right of making the rest of us pay for your choice.
Oh and by the Beverly, if vandals wanted to steal or damage the mail boxes, why have they not done it already? I mean there is one of the red mail boxes down the street in my neighborhood but I’ve never seen it damaged or broken into.into . I have never seen any of these boxes anywhere I’ve traveled broken into. So spare us the fear mongering and move into the 21st century!
commented 2015-05-22 17:02:41 -0400
Why do people keep referring to the cost to taxpayers? No tax goes to the post office and they make a profit. Canada will be the only G12 country without door to door mail service. How come other countries manage to provide this service?
commented 2015-05-22 11:23:38 -0400
I’ve been using a community mailbox in 4 different communities since 1995 without any issues. Door to door delivery is not necessary. 25,000 children die everyday due to poverty related causes and this, this is what people are fighting for? Pathetic.
commented 2015-05-22 10:00:46 -0400
So much negative whining about door-to-door delivery! It seems that we have an elite class of city people who feel that they are entitled to being waited on hand and foot! I grew up on a farm in a rural area. We had a mail box at the end of our country road, one mile from our house. The children in the family walked to that box to pick up the mail; and, we did not feel that we were being imposed upon. Now, I live in a small city with community mailboxes about two blocks from my house. It is not an onerous task to retrieve my mail, and I am a senior. Perhaps in ten years time, it may become more difficult. But I always ascribe to the adage: “If there is a will; there is a way!” Mulcair is trying to win votes!
commented 2015-05-22 09:48:48 -0400
I recall the similar whining (mostly from the overpaid Posties), when the super boxes were introduced in Calgary. Turned out the mail boxes were virtually steps from the majority of the houses in our cul-de-sac and/or convenient enough to get your mail via a drive by on the way home from work or from shopping.
commented 2015-05-22 02:28:44 -0400
I thought we were suppose to move ahead in time !! Taking the home delivery is just like going back in the old days when we went to the post office to collect the mail > If you have a box up the street and not at home this is your doing because you bought in a newer neighborhood,> Not our fault > Do you really think this is fair to forbid Seniors / Handicap, ect persons their mail service ? While you get your when ever you want it > Many companies and business will loss in the end as if our bill s are not payed for lack of our bills in the mail I can not speak for every one but i still want my bills in the mail and paper form and not at my cost nor the use of my printer and ink > Why the hell should i pay / buy ink and paper for my bills to be printed on to me instead of at the cost of the company ? If i receive no bills i pay no bills and then winter time i freeze for lack of the gas bill / No telephone for emergency > ect ect < I have no idea what world you live in as the pension will be payed to the workers no matter what < unless your Loonie Liberals / NDP party does not steal it and pocket again . The NDP / Liberals are making promises again just for the votes and will not and cannot stop the wheels to this post issue > In the city many mail boxes get broke in to daily so how safe is that plus they will not clear the roads so what is the chances the mail boxes will be easy to get to for the handi-cap / seniors when possible > Now why would i ask my grand- children the job ( my Grand Children do not work for the postal service )that is our right to get mail from the postal service and if you think the mail will be cheaper / or you will get a kick back think again as the postal GEO, Union , ect will just pocket this money for Christmas bonus for them selves, Greedy people > I believe if the mail is taken away from the handi-cap/ Seniors/ ect there will be a large drop in the use of all mail services < Let face it it is the Older people / Handi- cap ect . that sends a large amount on postal service every year and all year around but that will change if this come into effect < >
commented 2015-05-22 02:15:34 -0400
Canada Post sucks. I often get mail returned to the sender claiming my address either doesn’t exist, or we weren’t home when we were. When I lived in an apartment the van driver would just put a notice in my mailbox stating there was no answer at my door without even entering the building.

So I really don’t care about home delivery anymore. Maybe I will actually get my mail now when it’s dropped off at the community boxes. Whoever is given that job may actually take the position more seriously.
commented 2015-05-22 02:10:43 -0400
Liza Rosie, I don’t agree that all the elderly and shut-ins have support people. I don’t! At 68, I don’t consider myself to be elderly yet, and I live in a northern rural community so I to drive to the Post Office to pick up my mail. So I’m not even speaking for myself. I really don’t know what I’ll do when I can’t drive anymore, because I can barely walk 100 feet. I’m computer literate enough that I can do a lot of my business online, but I’m speaking about the generation before me. Very few of them are computer literate, but they won’t be around much longer. Can’t we let them have it? I don’t know how many of them are in my position, but for me moving closer to family and friends would be completely unaffordable. I stay where I am because, with only OAS and CPP to live on, it’s the only place I can afford the rent.
commented 2015-05-22 01:33:21 -0400
No legs Dave? I don’t want to pay for your home delivery even once a week. I want to get rid of all the pensions paid out to carriers. It turns my stomach how much we pay for that inefficient service.
commented 2015-05-22 00:50:15 -0400
I fear that the NDP have a vote winner here. I’m certainly incensed at losing home delivery. I would prefer economies to be made by reducing deliveries to once a week.
commented 2015-05-22 00:34:55 -0400
Living in a prairie rural / small town everyone has to walk or drive to the nearest local post office to send or get the mail so we find it strange that so many are just glowing with anger over the fact that they may have to walk to the end of the block to pick up the mail. I guess that’s just another sign of the terminally spoiled.
As for having to pay higher postage so that some lazy urbanite only has to reach out their front door to get their mail (which is sure to happen under the Dippers plan) NO WAY!! And before that excuse about the elderly ….my mother is 89 and is qute prepared to walk the block and she uses the mail a lot.
commented 2015-05-22 00:17:07 -0400
Pick it up for your Grandma. No we do not need door to door. Even the infirm have support people, relatives, going to see them, check on them. They can go to the boxes for them. It is a huge cost to the tax payer, for a small pop. If you can’t get to your mail box, then you probably have outside help. If you don’t it might be a sign to get some. The Postal service is grasping , holding on by the fingernails. Next generation won’t even use them at all. The postal system is already a dinosaur. When I think of the pensions all those delivery people get it makes my skin crawl! Nope. Boxes at the end of the street will do just fine.
commented 2015-05-21 22:53:10 -0400
My concern would be for the elderly and the shut-ins who are not computer literate. Door to door mail delivery might be all they’ve ever known, and they may depend on it completely. Why not wait until that generation is gone before doing away with the services they need to hang on to their independence. That shouldn’t be too onerous on the rest of us, and it shouldn’t prevent Canada Post from implementing other streamlined innovations in the mean time.
commented 2015-05-21 21:13:31 -0400
We have had a “super box” for 27 years now,its just past my next door neighbor’s house
I don’t give home delivery any thought at all, just seems unnecessary
As for older folks who can’t get to the box i am sure they have a family member who could get the mail, . I imagine if someone is so disabled that they cant walk a few steps then they more than likely don’ t live alone.
We have an 80 odd year old lady across the street and she has no problem getting her mail every day.
I think the days of home delivery are gone
But with on-line shopping it s different story,they were even tossing around the idea of drones delivering something you purchased on line
commented 2015-05-21 20:21:16 -0400
For those that complain that it’s not good or save for the elderly to get their mail from a community mail box. Ask yourself this, how do the elderly send their letters? Ya that’s right, from a little red box somewhere in their neighborhood. Oh my God! That means going outside!!!!!! Oohhhhh the humanity of it all!!!!! Get a grip people! They also go out to get their groceries. Hell if they have a PSW helping them with their home chores and shopping and medical needs, why the hell can’t they pick up their mail also!!! There is always a solution to a problem if you just want to look for one.
commented 2015-05-21 19:17:01 -0400
Sure – home owners that want front door delivery should be able to get it.

The home owner can pry open their wallet and pay for it.

The rest of us are fine to walk to mailboxes.
commented 2015-05-21 19:03:19 -0400
Reality. Are Canadians prepared for their tax dollars to once again subsidize the Postal Service, that subsidy, by the way which ended in the mid 80’s? Somehow I doubt it. I will be losing my home delivery sometime in the fall. Not ideal, but I will adjust. Canada Post has already made public accomodtion plans for the elderly and infirmed. Other items such as parcels will still come to the door if they require delivery confirmation. Consider that every home in Canada used to get milk, bread, butter, cream deliveries to the door ages ago. It became uneconomic and thusly ended. Canada Post just needs to be held accountable that the savings being gained are actually re-invested back into the service, and not end up as “perks” to the Ottawa Head Office Management Group. No more sports venue tickets etc. for the handing out to gain favours.
commented 2015-05-21 19:02:50 -0400
My Wife and I receive exactly one piece of mail every month and the source of that mail is now changing to internet billing. Other than that, everything else comes electronically. So the only thing left is the 30 pounds of fliers we receive every month. And the problem with those is that, through Canada Post, we subsidize each and every one of them so that they can fill our rural mail box.
It is time to close Canada Post as the 19’th century anachronism it is. Canada can no longer afford this hugely expensive ‘make work programme’.
commented 2015-05-21 18:47:43 -0400
The two girls who said her grand mother it ? I guess it never crossed her mind that maybe she would get her grand mothers mail. Just gors to your how the me generation thinks.
commented 2015-05-21 18:25:18 -0400
I should have added to my post – Canada Post is like the CBC – shut them both down. We can’t afford either one of them. In the case of Canada Post, how many Canadians now rely much on their mail service to get letters, bills, parcels,etc.? Many of us use email, etc. to get our information. There are certainly other ways to have our parcels delivered. Most of my mail is junk mail even though I have recently called Canada Post about 4 times to have this stopped. They tell me they have left messages for my carrier but it makes no difference. I just put the junk mail back in the letter slot. I keep getting wet mail lately and have reported that three times – their answer is Canada Post puts a plastic liner in the bottom of my box. Twice now the liner has been removed!! They really are on the ball aren’t they!
commented 2015-05-21 18:20:21 -0400
I live in rural PEI…we had a BAAAAAD winter. Every year I have to replace my mail box …sometimes twice…the snow plough first plays “whack a mole” then follows up with “shoot the wounded” with my mail box. I remember when I lived in Nova Scotia that sort of thing only happened if you stuck an NDP campaign sign on your lawn….and I am a senior…I asked the local post office if I could pick up my mail there….it would have cost me dearly and required a very disruptive “change of address” procedure. Believe me it was a much greater inconvenience going out in all kinds of nasty weather to make a Rube Goldberg adaptation of my mail box than driving to a communal one in my Jeep could possibly be. When a parcel comes to me by Canada Post…they leave a retreival card that I must go to the post office to get. When UPS or Purolator delivers it…they come equipped with trucks that can navigate my drive way….the drivers are every bit as friendly and personable as the post office used to be….

I am personally acquainted with the Post Office employee who first suggested the super boxes…he lived in Armdale NS at a place once called “the Edmunds Grounds” now called “Regatta Point”…they had an old army issue communal box because the roads were bad…that gave him the idea….he made an “employee suggestion”….
commented 2015-05-21 18:19:10 -0400
Try asking this same question out in Rural areas
commented 2015-05-21 18:11:42 -0400
A good number of Canadians have been going to Super Mail Boxes for about 25 years now. I live in a subdivision which has numerous Seniors, including myself, and we have never had door to door delivery for the 19 years this subdivision has existed. I have never heard anyone carry on about how will the Seniors and Disabled get their mail until recently, since there has been talk about Canada Post stopping door to door delivery. There has been many times that it gets very icy around our mail boxes and/or the snow banks build up. I have seen perhaps 4 or 5 days in a row where it becomes dangerous for any of us (young or old) to safely pick up our mail.

This is just a bunch of BS coming from the Union and the NDP who are hoping to save jobs and buy votes. Where were these people the last 25 years? They don’t give a damn about the Canadian public.
commented 2015-05-21 17:57:57 -0400
If seniors or the disabled can’t get out for mail ….. how do they get out for food? This has nothing whatsoever to do with their concern for seniors or those living with disabilities ….. it has everything o do with compensation demands that are no longer sustainable. If they want to protect the jobs of their ‘brothers and sisters’ they should all accept that their compensation packages will have to be amended. Period.
commented 2015-05-21 17:14:04 -0400
Canada Post is a needles Bureaucracy.
It should be reduced as it is no longer needed as much now that we have computers and emails.
Marty Ball