June 10, 2015

Question of the Day: What do recent scandals reveal about the Canadian media?

Emily PrattRebel Correspondent

Evan Solomon isn’t the first mainstream media member to find himself in conflict of interest controversy. Former Global anchor Leslie Roberts and former Bell Media President Kevin Crull are just a few who have recently made headlines themselves.

I hit the streets to see what you think this says about the media.

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commented 2015-06-14 13:29:24 -0400

How many times liberals have been invited to what exactly? I used to watch Chrystia Freeland debate Michael Coren all the time on CTS – before he moved to SNN.

The bottom line is that Ezra Levant doesn’t want any kind of liberal voice here.
commented 2015-06-13 21:08:44 -0400
Jimmy brilliant idea. I would love to get Chrystia Freeland on here, and all of Canada’s socialist nouveau riche foreign funded politicians, I have a long list. Now do you think Chrystia would agree? How many times have liberals been invited and don’t show. I would sure welcome it, but you might want to blame the left for being too chicken to show.
commented 2015-06-11 16:26:51 -0400
Why not give Chrystia Freeland or Kim Campbell a voice here – both have been on Real Time With Bill Maher providing their views.



Of course George Stroumboulopoulos and I hear Evan Soloman may be looking for a job.

Ultimately, people should be only coming to the The Rebel for their conservative viewpoint – because that is all The Rebel provides. They are the right wing version of CTV, Global, CBC, etc. Just without the same budget. People should still be watching/reading ALL news sources and like you said – make up your mind then. But anyone who thinks The Rebel is the REAL NEWS is just simply a moron.
commented 2015-06-11 14:36:50 -0400
Jimmy. Any referrals in mind? I would be more than happy to pass these along to The Rebel Administration. I do like getting the alternate viewpoints as well which is why I frequent other news sites as well as The Rebel. Then I can make up my own mind where the truth lies.
commented 2015-06-11 14:22:27 -0400

I am quite sure that they can find a few liberals to join the Rebel team if they put the word out that they were actually looking for a fair and balanced view. Obviously they are not.

Let’s be real here – The Rebel exists to serve the conservative/right wing view – nothing more. They don’t want a staff member on here to debate Ezra for example on his points. They are not in business to be fair and balanced. At least Fox News makes the attempt by having liberals on the payroll.
commented 2015-06-11 13:50:09 -0400
Jimmy. “If The Rebel want to be different – they would hire liberals to give BOTH sides of the story.” Interesting point. However, perhaps The Rebel can’t afford “Liberals”. Y’know, entitled to their entitlements…. That said, they do bring in other individuals from time to time, Tarak Fatah, an NDP’er and Warren Kinsella, a staunch Liberal. We never see the MSM do this, unless it to attack some Conservative personality at a personal level. B.T.W. I agree choosing different locations across T.O. from time to time might be a good strategy.
commented 2015-06-11 13:44:55 -0400
If all Media sources were forced to give equal coverage to all Political POV, it would be fair but also boring and possibly scary. It would mean that we would have to listen to the Islam Party’s views. Listening to the Lib’s and NDP is scary enough.
commented 2015-06-11 12:51:52 -0400
You make a great point Maurice. If Emily is simply hanging out in an area of Toronto that is known to be conservative or liberal for that matter, then quite simply The Rebel is fishing for the answers that they want. She needs to do these Questions Of The Day all over Toronto for a proper and fair view of ALL Torontonians.

Look I realize that the CBC and the MSM are the devil on The Rebel, but clearly The Rebel is only telling their side of things as well. It’s not remotely fair and balanced here – thus The Rebel isn’t the solution to the MSM. It’s just the conservative view as opposed to the liberal view. The Rebel is guilty of the same thing that they complain about regarding the MSM. It’s just the other way around.

If The Rebel want to be different – they would hire liberals to give BOTH sides of the story. If they don’t, then The Rebel is just a conservative version of the MSM that they so hate.
commented 2015-06-11 12:21:02 -0400
It was so refreshing to hear that there are people out there who question the “truth” of the mainstream media! Maybe there is hope for our country as these people, for the most part, do not swallow the “biased reporting” they hear “hook, line, and sinker”! Question! Question! Question! Research! Research! Research! Get as many viewpoints and perspectives as possible! Carefully weigh the information that you receive! Only then is one able to make an informed decision.
commented 2015-06-10 21:45:50 -0400
I am certain that TheRebel.Media could do more with $1 Billion than the CBC does. They would not have the waste of the CBC and their sense of entitlement.
commented 2015-06-10 21:36:35 -0400
Maurice. Just a thought. It may be very relevant. The Rebel is based in the lefty capital of Canada, Toronto, so the opinions could be very well interpreted. Interesting question nonetheless. If the Rebel got a billion dollars plus from the taxpayer (like the CBC) I’m confident they could expand their locations and do much better. For such a small startup, their internet rankings are impressive. Hopefully, the future will hold greater promise.
commented 2015-06-10 20:31:14 -0400
Yes Maurice, that is interesting. And maybe Rebel will comment. To me it is the message and not the backdrop that important (IMO). It is not always the medium that is the message -Marshall McLuhan?
commented 2015-06-10 19:51:32 -0400
Just on a side note, I noticed that every time Emily “hits the streets” to see what the public thinks about a specific issue, it’s exactly the same background scenery. Obviously, unless she just happens to catch someone who’s just passing through, all interviewees are from one geographic location. I realize TheRebel doesn’t have a bottomless pit budget like CBC, but it would be interesting to find out if a true cross-section of Canadians, from coast to coast to coast, were sampled, would the typical response would be the same? This isn’t criticism, I realize logistically Emily is limited. I just thought it was an interesting question.
commented 2015-06-10 19:26:40 -0400
Just try to respond to a cbc, ctv, toronto star news article. Be sure your response goes against the pack. You will be censored and if you persist you will be banned. Even if your response is well written, factual and polite – you are toast.

The main stream media is not to be trusted.

commented 2015-06-10 18:34:59 -0400
The last young lady said it best “protecting their own self interest over presenting the truth” glad to see that not all young people have the wool pulled over there eyes when it comes to main stream media.