September 01, 2018

Questions around Kesha’s rape claim show need to pause for due process

Ben DaviesRebel Host | Rebel Reel Reviews

Entertainer, Kesha, made headlines in 2014 when she claimed that she and other women, including Katy Perry, had been raped by record producer, Dr. Luke, a man she had a contract with.

However, recently unsealed deposition excerpts show, among other things, that Katy Perry completely denies Kesha’s claim, and that there may be an ulterior motive.

Rape is a horrific crime deserving of harsh punishment. But that also means that accusations of rape can’t be made lightly or for unseen motives as has been the case at times recently.

Throwing around such an accusation so flippantly when it can actually take someone’s life away shows why it’s so important to pause and wait for due process to happen rather than listening to the mob.

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commented 2018-09-03 19:43:01 -0400
These stinking whores need to be prosecuted for filing false police reports. Felony charges must ensue.
commented 2018-09-02 11:50:49 -0400
Kesha needs to do some serious jail time over this. Interesting how the people creating a fake rape culture are the same ones that want us to import a real rape culture & then let those rapists off due to “cultural differences”.
commented 2018-09-02 00:28:33 -0400
The only way false rape claims will stop is when women are punished. In Iran they are hung the same day that it is proven that they lied, so the crime doesn’t happen often.
Ruining a man’s life should cost a woman some serious punishment.