October 15, 2018

Quiet protest EXPLODES: Toronto man “strikes a nerve” with message to career politician

David MenziesMission Specialist

As the song goes: “Signs, signs, everywhere a sign...” But one little sign in the Toronto election campaign has become a real tempest in a teapot.

Watch as I speak with Toronto resident Tony Dundas, about the unexpected attention he has received for his homemade lawn sign.

In the homestretch of this municipal election, the landscape is littered with campaign signs but Tony’s direct message to a career politician running in his ward, seems to have struck a nerve.

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commented 2018-10-16 12:20:48 -0400
Don’t you think that the nature of the left advertising on the massage parlour window corresponds to what the left are? We are losing whatever remains of the liberal (real liberal) freedoms and rights and if we keep quiet we’ll end up in the Orwellian 1984. I believe that Max Bernier’s party is the only chance today.
commented 2018-10-15 23:59:38 -0400
Henry Reardon: I agree.We desperately need,especially at the federal level,a conservative who is conservative by nature,not by political expediency.Andrew Scheer is not that man.Between now and next autumn he will start to appear to “grow a backbone”on some issues but his actions and statements will be based on how many political points he will score rather than on his convictions.He reminds me of Peter Keating………
commented 2018-10-15 23:50:51 -0400
Facebook, Google, YouTube and now lawn signs. Its a good thing that under the liberals and progressives free speech will soon be a thing of the past. Heck, we would’t want people thinking or expressing a differing opinion. It might lead to independent thought.

HENRY REARDON: the likely hood that Sheer grows a backbone (never mind balls) is quite unlikely at this stage of his life… or career.
commented 2018-10-15 23:29:05 -0400
Hey, isn’t that Rayale sign in Shelley’s window “third party advertising”?
commented 2018-10-15 22:42:22 -0400
It’s time for a real revolution. We all must stand up and, like in the movie, let our politicians that we’re mad as hell and we aren’t going to take it anymore. I’m glad we still can do that without being put in a police van like Tommy Robinson and wisked away to prison.
commented 2018-10-15 21:27:05 -0400
@Ron Joseph – I was reading a comment the other day on an American conservative blog that struck me as especially perceptive. Lots of Americans, including conservative ones, were quite skeptical when Trump ran for office but it seems as if a great many of them have been pleasantly surprised by Trump’s performance. I think one comment by a former skeptic really explained WHY so many conservatives have come around to seeing why Trump is better than they’d expected: he fights. Just like Tony Dundas, he fights for what he believes in and he gets things done, instead of kowtowing to the Left and their tactics of labeling all their enemies as racists, homophobes or whatever.

I truly wish the conservatives in this country had a leader that would actually FIGHT for conservative principles, just like Tony Dundas is fighting for his principles and not backing down. Andrew Scheer may eventually take that kind of approach but, honestly, I’m going to be very surprised if he does. He seems to be trying so hard to avoid those harsh labels that I just can’t see him standing up to the Left in this country. I truly hope to be proven wrong on that.
commented 2018-10-15 20:39:18 -0400
David….would be interested to know what happens in this story. Hope you do a follow-up after the election or if this man needs to pay a fine or not for expressing his opinion.
commented 2018-10-15 19:58:08 -0400
This is the type of guy that I wish Scheer was.
commented 2018-10-15 19:37:38 -0400
This guy deserves a medal.