December 01, 2015

Rabid feminazi Clementine Ford brags about getting a man fired from his job on Facebook

StaffRebel Columnist

Ultra feminist writer Clementine Ford bragged on Facebook after getting a man fired from his job at Meriton Apartments in Australia.

She posted an email she received from the man's employer:


"Dear Clementine Ford,


Meriton Group have now investigated the matter relating to the complaint made about Michael Nolan using inappropriate language on Facebook.


Meriton Group does not condone this type of behaviour. Michael Nolan was removed from the Meriton site on Saturday 28th November pending an investigation, and as of 2:30pm today 30th November 2015, he no longer works for the Meriton Group."

She then goes on to say how, “Perhaps Michael will think twice next time before using his social media account to call a woman 'slut' when she speaks out against online misogyny. These men have rarely ever faced consequences for their actions, but that's starting to change.”

So, what exactly did Nolan do to deserve being fired? Ford included several screenshots which include him sharing “racist jokes” which anyone who receives 'fwds' from family members has probably already seen.

In addition, a screenshot of Nolan allegedly saying “slut”. There was no context in the screenshot, but according to Ford it “was a comment left on the thread of a screenshot of a man publicly saying I would jibber less with a cock in my mouth.”

Ford's collection of articles she writes includes hits such as: #ShoutYourAbortion - If you've had an abortion, you have nothing to apologise for, A guide to feminist sex positions, and What happens when women accept compliments online.

Honestly, if the most personal thing this man did to her was allegedly call her a 'slut' then she has some serious issues to deal with in her life.

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commented 2015-12-08 18:41:40 -0500
she put it out there, she baited and caught one, I feel sorry for this guy who will hire him ?
commented 2015-12-04 01:47:50 -0500
This magazine is hilarious. Must be satire. “Rebel”…. lol. If fighting to maintain pure status quo mediocrity is rebellious, well, congratulations. If it means A Bunch of Butt-Hurt Whiner Babies, which describes the timbre of everything written on this gut-splittingly stupid website, well, again, congratulations. “Feminazi”? Typical straw-man cliché. Really poor. As if this little hypocritical loser of a human, and incompetent writer, read the words that I would use to describe my own “rebellious” ideas on what should be physically done to this piece of trash, and the detail I would use to describe people like this who are hell-bent in returning public discourse to the bronze-age, I can ensure you that he would be immediately seeking out my employer. So, instead of writing, “this Michael Nolan must be as dumb-as-shit idiot,” he actually defends him. Figures. This writer is the same little crybaby who thinks, no “feels”, that he should have special rights on what he chooses his tax dollars and student fees to go towards. It must be very frustrating seeing your little, pathetic world actually evolving without you.
commented 2015-12-02 10:22:02 -0500
So show me a page or even a paragraph of her writings (or any of her collegues for that matter) that has anything good to say about men. Such writings would not even be deemed to be feminist…nor would she. The very word feminist denotes a relationship to men that is one of adversarial animosity.

I tried to find if she has any lobbying connection to the Australian government but I can’t find any hits on “Status of Sheilas”….:-)
commented 2015-12-02 02:54:15 -0500
And she wonders why no man will sleep with her. I bet she will end up with some abusive slob.
commented 2015-12-02 02:04:31 -0500
Keith – Greg Elliott case.
The real issue there is not the feminazi, but the prosecution and the judicial system! That they’re running with it, and will appeal all the way to the top if he’s found innocent, says something dreadful about where our country is at. The judicial system is run by the senior civil servants at the Attorney Gen’s office and the Law Society. Those CS’s are hardline feminists too, who’ve had judges removed for not doing their bidding. They’re the reason the judge is actually taking this seriously, rather than throwing it out, and directing the officer to charge her with Public Mischief for filing a false complaint, and charge her with criminal harassment of the young lad in Sault Ste Marie. This is really about women taking over society. Because it will only apply to men. So all men will be silenced, leaving women in charge of the entire internet and society. Get it now??
commented 2015-12-02 01:18:33 -0500
But the dumb cunt will participate in Slutwalk – won’t she?!?!?!
commented 2015-12-02 00:46:09 -0500
I can tell by just a brief scan of some of Clementine Ford’s writings is that she’s a real laugh and must be a popular date. A date with her at the local steakhouse must be hilarious. It’s midst of Ford’s verbal masturbation, one would have to fight the urge to not take their steak knife and slash their own wrists.
commented 2015-12-01 20:28:39 -0500
“Kill all men” Is clementine ford a killer? Reminds me of karla homolka. One must wonder if they may have DNA connections or is she steeped with the idea of Law Prof. Elizabeth Sheehy who thinks laws should enable women to kill men in their sleep.

So this is the feminazi woman who says, “Kill all men” and causes a male to lose his job because he called her a slut on FaceBook? Vile people like clementine ford have no place among human beings in society who prize honour and virtue above the external advantages of rank or fortune. In this case, she thinks being female is her fortune granting limitless powers including immunity from the law. The laws of humanity that is, which she clearly does not understand or value when she says, “Kill all men.” What normal people speak like that? They don’t.
commented 2015-12-01 20:25:56 -0500
To spend your time finding the motivation to hate the opposite sex with such depravity sounds like one more mental disorder.
commented 2015-12-01 19:47:29 -0500
My pet theory is that SJW activism is the result of Lesbian Feminists wanting to extract wealth from men without the distasteful bother of marrying them.
commented 2015-12-01 19:09:48 -0500
It is ok for Feminists to label all men as pigs, rapists and other nasty stuff, and they are never made accountable, which any male would be if making similar hateful, sexist generalizations about women
commented 2015-12-01 19:03:23 -0500
Come on Guy, any port in a storm!
commented 2015-12-01 18:54:30 -0500
Slut should be considered a compliment as that implies a man would want to have sex with a feminist or UFOs (unF————- Objects) for no matter how beautiful they may be on the outside, they are so ugly on the inside, it is absolutely repulsive for any man to want to have sex with a Feminist.

Given the men that do, there a bunch such self-loathing women’s slave males or miggers, as that is the only type of disgrace of a man that would have sex with a Feminist
commented 2015-12-01 16:22:39 -0500
She is definitely narcissistic, and you men had better brush up on the traits of this twisted personality disorder. Women narcissists can be extremely mean and deceptive. I know this because one of my four sisters is a full blown narc. They are dangerous, and never turn your back to them. If they target you, you better cover all of your bases, because they will not stop until they ruin you, and even then, they love to rub salt in your wounds. Check out the house of mirrors blog, and you will see what these creatures are capable of. It is best to avoid them if you can.
commented 2015-12-01 14:37:55 -0500
The Editor of our local Newspaper labels (in print) everyone who criticizes any objectionable action of someone who is non-white, and especially Muslim nowadays, as a Racist. Of course, who would ever question that ! No free speech or the concept of Wrongful Dismissal in Australia I guess, especially if you work for the Meriton Group.
commented 2015-12-01 14:13:56 -0500
The power of these “social warriors” who find it so pleasing to destroy a person’s life simply because they cannot take an insult is disgusting. They truly think that calling someone a slut deserves forcing that person into the unemployment line where in this economy in the USA he may not get a job for a long time. It is equivalent to if you poked someone with your finger, they turn around and club you in the head with a baseball bat and say “You deserved that!”. Disproportionate retaliation.
commented 2015-12-01 14:07:11 -0500
Careful who you piss off in this world. You may get a visitor at 2am and it may not turn out well for you after that.
commented 2015-12-01 14:06:11 -0500
Sticks and Stones you little SLUT. There. Try and get me fired asshole.
commented 2015-12-01 14:04:25 -0500
Just one more blond air head.
commented 2015-12-01 13:54:23 -0500
Far worse has been said to much nicer folks on the internet – I suspect her name had more than a little to do with her success in this endeavor.

I wonder when she will step up to help Islamic women throw off the yoke of hardship?

Likely never – no fame or fortune in it – and potential personal harm from those she might seek to help?