March 12, 2019

Rachel Notley wins gold for Alberta in Canada's unemployment Olympics

Keean BexteRebel Contributor

Rachel Notley has been claiming that Alberta is back on top. Clearly that doesn't include Calgary and Edmonton who took home gold and bronze respectively in Canada's unemployment Olympics.

The monthly numbers coming from statistics Canada are likely the last Rachel notley pre-writ Premiership. With the election on the horizon the news could not come at a worse time for Premier already struggling in the polls.

An unpublished poll done by Maple Leaf Stategies and given to The Rebel indicate the United Conservative Party hold support from majority of Albertans, with 54%.

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commented 2019-03-14 03:23:18 -0400
Charred Remains – check out Flush Notley’s B.C. years:- “In 1994, Notley moved to Vancouver, British Columbia, where she worked for the Health Sciences Association of BC as their occupational health and safety officer.19 During her time in BC, she worked for one year as a ministerial assistant to Attorney General Ujjal Dosanjh.14 In this role, she was part of the team that first expanded the application of BC’s family relations laws to same sex couples, several years before the Government of Canada took similar initiatives.”… She would be more than happy to get “active” again….
commented 2019-03-13 15:56:25 -0400
The plan to bring in 10k a year to Alberta is bat crap crazy. I talked to Travis about it (he’s running for MLA for the UCP, and was told these are people that are being pushed on us anyways from Ottawa. That needs to stop and separation is the only way.
commented 2019-03-13 08:46:27 -0400
Does anyone know where Fildebrandt candidate,s are running?
NDP at 34% not believable.
commented 2019-03-13 04:25:44 -0400
The reality, unfortunately, is that Notley is not going to stick around once she is “flushed” in Alberta… That means this Ditzy Miss is going to come back to British Columbia and wreak even more havoc under the aegis of the Horgan/Weaver Tango…
commented 2019-03-12 23:40:25 -0400
Charred Remains

If you want to live in a communist country – move!! GET OUT!!!
commented 2019-03-12 23:37:30 -0400
Notley is at 32%? How’s that even possible? Jason Kenney should be scared. He’s doing a pretty bad job I’d say!
commented 2019-03-12 23:37:23 -0400
Don’t forget the polls had Clinton at 93% 😂 and Trump 7% -these traitors work together to brainwash the mentally unstable who are unable to change their own diapers and do some critical thinking. I think it’s actually borderline taking advantage of the handicapped really.
commented 2019-03-12 22:51:47 -0400
The NDP have 34% of the vote?!
Who the **** is voting for these commie, criminal scum from Alberta, let alone 34%!
What’s the percentage of the populace of Alberta who got all those taxpayer funded, ‘government’ jobs that Notley ‘created’?
Time to put these commie demons down…from sea to shining sea to shining frozen sea, and especially along the southern border…let’s just get ’er done!
commented 2019-03-12 21:57:43 -0400
Geeezzz reading some of these already butt hurt Clintonites posts and it’s as if you’re cheering for the total destruction of our country or like the Ndp and Liberals are the best thing since Reagan. Good God people are you really that retarded. Clap and I’ll throw you a fish 😂
commented 2019-03-12 19:52:39 -0400
Alberta is leading the country straight into hell, thanks to pandering to foreign agenda. The rest of the country won’t stand up and take notice until the cupboards are bare and that day is coming.

Notley gleefully rendered the province defenceless and now Kenney wants to finish things off by bringing in North Africans and Syrians and who knows who else from where, to take what jobs Alberta is ‘allowed’ to float. Any jobs Notley made happen in Alberta were government jobs, which provide very little relief, for very few people. None of which is sustainable. I don’t know who that witch thinks she is kidding, but its not Albertan’s.

God save Alberta.
commented 2019-03-12 19:19:57 -0400
Good riddance Notley you were nothing but a cancer to this province,you should be ashamed of how you handled the oil and gas sectors!!!
commented 2019-03-12 17:42:55 -0400
Funny i thought Socialists were all about the PEOPLE?
commented 2019-03-12 17:42:35 -0400
Sadly she considers it a victory.