March 15, 2016

Rachel Notley cancels pre-planned photo-op — scared away by protestors

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show

Did you hear about the time Notley no showed on a ground breaking event in Red Deer? Of course you didn’t.

The media didn’t report it. But I will.

Friday afternoon there was supposed to be a ground breaking ceremony with Rachel Notley on the campus of Red Deer college. The event was planned to commemorate the start of the construction for the new Gary W. Harris Centre for Health, Wellness, and Sport. The Centre itself is touted as a centrepiece of the 2019 Canada Winter games being hosted by Red Deer.

Some regular Albertans found out and went there to peacefully protest the Premier from a parking lot across the street. So Rachel Notley cancelled the groundbreaking ceremony.

The protesters weren’t violent. They weren’t threatening. But they were obviously too much for Rachel Notley and she cancelled the photo-op. And that's serious because politicians love a good photo-op.

This is the value of a peaceful protest. They make our NDP overlords flinch.

The NDP are going to do a lot to this province over the next 3 years, and regular people should make it as uncomfortable and difficult for the NDP as they can.


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commented 2016-03-17 02:07:47 -0400
Sam (Moanah) Young, who cares that you have a hate on for Sheila and a love on for Holly. Nobody gives a flying hockey puck. You don’t have to share that stuff every time Sheila or Holly produces a vid. Keep it to yourself, complain to admin, or send Sheila and Holly an email if you must express yourself every blessed time regarding your feelings for one or the other of them. We don’t care.
commented 2016-03-16 22:56:19 -0400
Gawd, look at that lot in the picture! They look as though they are standing around the open plot at a funeral service.
commented 2016-03-16 22:53:20 -0400
What’s the evidence that it was the mob of 7 middle-aged quiet-spoken people who where the cause of the schedule change? I don’t see a connection.

commented 2016-03-16 22:52:05 -0400
Usually it’s the left protesting against the right because many of them would rather take than make. They don’t want to work for a living so they have greater flexibility in their schedules to attend protests – especially if they are paid to do so as is often the case.
Conversely, it is odd to see the right protesting the left on a Friday afternoon since most would usually be at work. Then again, Nutley’s policies have killed so many private sector jobs that quite a few with time on their hands are now angry enough to go and make themselves heard.
commented 2016-03-16 13:17:05 -0400
William commented, “Sam Young. You are always whining or bitching about something. If you do not like this site why don’t you simply fuck off.”

Thought it worth reposting since it is such a good comment.
commented 2016-03-16 13:09:06 -0400
Questionable Impact said, “Here we go again, the radical right wing shutting down free speech.”

Here we go again, another radical socialist proving he/she/it is a liar … or just plain stupid as a doorknob. No offense meant to doorknobs.
commented 2016-03-16 12:48:01 -0400
Well she probably should stay out of Red Deer . I will say Red Deer is a beautiful city with a large amount of the cost for making it that way having been put up by the energy sector. It is also the central Alberta area where a large portion of the field personal of the energy sector live. Few communities have been hit harder than Red Deer & the surrounding towns . Blackfalds & Penhold both towns just outside of Red Deer have large amounts of homes for sale , they are the homes of many a young family struggling to figure out what their next move will be . It`s very ugly and the NDP do nothing to help .
commented 2016-03-16 10:58:04 -0400
Imagine being a socialist groupie and being elected over an industry that you despise. And in order to remain the groupie, you have to surround yourself with others who are more than half your age, and mentally challenged, when it comes to reality. What the hell were people thinking?
commented 2016-03-16 08:34:13 -0400
I think that part of why the NDP fears protests is that they know that when they raise a mob it cannot be controlled, and violence is an implicit and constant threat against those being protested. They don’t understand that conservatives are just not like them.

Similarly, an “occupy” garbage dump is different than a “tea party” park – the latter is spotless while the former is an open latrine. We who are law abiding take others into consideration, and will treat them the way we want to be treated. If leftists were treated the same way they treat others then we would be facing multiple riots each week. Notley isn’t willing to risk her skin running into someone who thinks the way that she did when she was on the other side of the cordon.
commented 2016-03-16 01:23:49 -0400
She will not have peace until she quits or be thrown out of Alberta with her goons!
commented 2016-03-15 22:05:29 -0400
Wait until the unemployment rate arches up over 250,000 to 400,000 in a few months. Notley may as well never return to Alberta again.

I predict that, over the next two to three years, NDP MLAs will be announcing their premature retirements from public life. Of course, the subsequent byelections will result in heavy losses in NDP held ridings. Those in rural areas will be the first to leave. Then those in urban ridings in southern Alberta. As the NDP caucus is whittled away, the volume of retirements will ramp up, including that of Premier Notley. It will be the NDP government’s slow death spiral into oblivion.

Of course, none of the above can happen if the PC continue to exist. Albertans must ensure that the PCs are forever wiped out.
commented 2016-03-15 21:44:22 -0400
I was at the legislature rally on 8 March. They had the red carpet laid out on the stairs. Notley the little coward snuck in the back door.

Rachel Notley, you are an ugly little douche bag coward.
commented 2016-03-15 21:40:48 -0400
Sam Young commented 2 hours ago
Sheila, do you have to resort to using a terminology such as “overlords?” You sound like a child when you use language like this. This is yet another reason I do not take you seriously.

It is because of unprofessionalism like this, that I do not give any money to the rebel.

Sam Young. You are always whining or bitching about something. If you do not like this site why don’t you simply fuck off.
commented 2016-03-15 19:49:54 -0400
Sheila, do you have to resort to using a terminology such as “overlords?” You sound like a child when you use language like this. This is yet another reason I do not take you seriously.

It is because of unprofessionalism like this, that I do not give any money to the rebel.
commented 2016-03-15 18:57:48 -0400
John Sciliano no one blocked Notley from showing up idiot, and Trump is not taking taxes form those people is he.
commented 2016-03-15 18:54:12 -0400
Richard Man, Now don’t be insulting big bovines by comparing them to NDP women politicians. Could a truck stop scale handle that combined weight?
commented 2016-03-15 17:26:15 -0400
Alberta is now a three ring circus mismanaged by a witless ring master
commented 2016-03-15 16:28:50 -0400
My goodness, I would love to put all these big cows on a scale at a truckstop to see the combined weight of them all. Problem is, they’d all run inside and load up on cheeseburgers before we could corral them all on the scale.
commented 2016-03-15 16:14:57 -0400
Vlad johnson is a coward.
commented 2016-03-15 15:47:00 -0400
She must be fearful of the Free-speech Tweets and other social media “alerts”?
Nutley – just bit of dirt-farmer advice – you may be to stop the tweets, etc – but that doesn’t change the “thoughts” your lunacy has PROVOKED!!
commented 2016-03-15 15:04:30 -0400
Let’s just join Sask. and we can all vote for the Saskatchewan Party of Alberta.
commented 2016-03-15 14:57:35 -0400
The destroyers……second year !

Keep exposing to sunlight.
commented 2016-03-15 14:56:14 -0400
Time to turn up the heat on them.
commented 2016-03-15 14:56:04 -0400
“The NDP are going to do a lot to this province over the next 3 years, and regular people should make it as uncomfortable and difficult for the NDP as they can.”

Besides protests, this includes writing your Non-Democrat Party M.L.A., if you are unfortunate enough like me to have one, on every issue. You will receive some junior staffer’s talking points as a response, but then you can respond critiquing those talking points. It is particularly fun if you have a cabinet minister as your MLA, who has to really spread the manure of talking points.

Also forward your letter to the opposition party of your choice: mine is W/R but yours may be P/C, Liberal or Alberta Party…I guarantee you will get a faster response, and it may end up a question in the Legislature. I also forward to media like The Rebel, Gunter, etc for their information.

Back when I used to walk to work uphill both ways in the face of a raging July blizzard, one letter counted as 200-300 voters. I don’t know about now-a-days with social media. However, a well thought out communication and critique of the response is usually taken seriously by politicians. Although, the Non-Democratic Party is like no other government regarding engagement with the public like Sheila’s video shows; and they probably really do not give a care.
commented 2016-03-15 14:29:32 -0400
Sheila – you need an orange t-shirt that says “Run Rachel Run!”
commented 2016-03-15 14:26:58 -0400
Rachel is just the puppet, not the puppeteer! We don’t have an elected leader, all we have this wrinkled bag of bones, while those who hate our province have been brought in by the plane loads, to destroy capitalism and wealth in the private sector. I wonder what they thought of Sheila’s summary of their work experience in economic destruction? The rest of us thought she did an outstanding job of showing Rachel’s lack of intelligence, and her envy of those who actually work for a living.
commented 2016-03-15 14:19:16 -0400
The most hated woman in Alberta and she knows it. Imagine if one morning Notley and her socialist goons woke up and decided to fight for Alberta and preserve everything that made this province one of the greatest in Canada. Imagine her phoning Trudeau and letting him know that unless the pipelines are approved as soon as possible, there would be no more equalization payments. Ya I know….this is a fantasy and what we do have to look forward to is the complete destruction of Alberta by both the NDP and the federal Liberals.
commented 2016-03-15 14:14:01 -0400
there you go, see!! she cant hack it in office and nether can the rest of them. these ivory tower douche bags are easy to over throw for fuck sakes. there is no way in hell that they will last the rest of their term. we have a grand opportunity to make a stand and kick these pablum puking authoritarian psychopaths out and put this province in the hands of adults that will run this province like professionals. lobotomized kindergarten kids with downs syndrome that are having epileptic seizures could come up with better policies than the NDP ever will.
commented 2016-03-15 14:09:48 -0400
she wouldnt meet the 1500 protesters last tuesday at the legislature. 160 000 signatures on a petition and she is to scard to come out.
commented 2016-03-15 14:05:50 -0400
Keep it up! Notley should be met by protesters at EVERY opportunity.