December 08, 2017

Rachel Notley's using a carbon tax to boost NDP spending power

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

On last night's show, Colin Craig, interim Alberta Director for the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, joined me to discuss Alberta's looming carbon tax.

Despite Notley's green virtue signalling, this carbon tax will do nothing to save the environment. The real purpose of Notley's cash grab is to increase the NDP's spending power.

The Alberta NDP is an accidental government widely expected to lose the next election to Jason Kenney's United Conservative Party, money collected through a carbon tax will enable them to offer more giveaways during the campaign.

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commented 2017-12-10 21:07:57 -0500
Awww cummon, this carbon tax fraud is getting really state – to the point no one really believes shaking us down for a few more hard come by shekels will do a damn thing to the climate – it’s raw naked greed!

Any poli still conning us with this scam should be impaled on the nearest hokey stick chart..
commented 2017-12-09 12:43:41 -0500
Alberta for separation
commented 2017-12-09 00:09:09 -0500
Jason Kenney is doing an awesome job of debunking the fear mongering and other assorted garbage and lies being spewed by Notley. Kenney is providing very good information summaries with statistical data on various issues and the effects on the economy. This facebook page is excellent as a quick reference and updated frequently with videos and/or written statements.
commented 2017-12-08 21:20:17 -0500
Can not stand to look at the witch of the west or east .Then there is the climate Barbie . Like sleeping beauty . Makes blonds look bad .
Can you imagine sitting across the negotiating table from Trudumb Climate Barbie Elmer Fud and god know who else . The Chinese probably had a hard time keeping a straight face with some of Canada’s demands for a trade deal . They are still most likely laughing . Trudeau would have been better to have ordered take out and stayed home . Would have save tax payers big time . Plus that big carbon foot print . Canada is a world joke .
commented 2017-12-08 19:59:13 -0500
I’m sure Alberta can hardly wait to declare, “Ding dong, the witch is dead!”
Notley’s days are numbered!
commented 2017-12-08 11:42:26 -0500
Socialist scum days are numbered and count down is on .
commented 2017-12-08 11:03:37 -0500
No!!! Say it ain’t so. I never would have thought it of them.