August 02, 2017

Rachel Notley's Millennial Problem

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show

A new Mainstreet Research poll shows that Rachel Notley has a Millennial problem.

A new poll released this week showed 57% of Albertans would vote for a United Conservative Party (UCP) as opposed to 29% who would vote for the NDP if an election were held today.

It’s fantastic news if you’re a right winger. NDP? Not so much.

We know for certain, now, that there’s an egg timer on Notley’s “one and done” government. But there was another set of numbers in that poll that should shake the NDP and other progressives to their core.

Young people don’t like them. In the 18-34 age demographic of decided voters province wide, Rachel Notley’s NDP gets only 22% percent of their votes.

67% of their votes go to the UCP - a party with no leader and no platform.

It looks like young people see their age group peers in Rachel Notley’s government they same way I do; as a bunch of underperforming snowflakes without a clue what they’re doing.

But it’s not just Alberta. Poll after poll, around the world, show that millennials and the younger Generation Z are more conservative, more pro-life, with stronger views on national and cyber security than their parents.

Of course they are. They’re the ones that have to deal with the consequences of my generation's slow creep toward progressivism and they don't like it. Young people are the ones living with the restrictions on their speech, the lack of jobs and the ballooning debt their parents voted for.

Young people see one way out: freedom, hard work, and responsibility.

Our kids might be fed up with us. The good thing is they're fed up with Rachel Notley, too.

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commented 2017-08-03 10:33:31 -0400
Short eyes=short vision eh Andrew…
commented 2017-08-03 04:18:34 -0400
Don’t blame the entire generation. Blame Danielle Smith for screwing up politics in Alberta.
commented 2017-08-03 02:04:37 -0400
The same studies say the Millennials are more conservative than Gen X and even the Boomers, so it’s worth taking with a grain of salt. Political beliefs tend to solidify at an age none of them have achieved yet.

Despite that, a straw poll of American high school students showed that they preferred Clinton to Trump (47-41, at 6% a popular vote lead nearly three times her actual vote lead in the election.)
commented 2017-08-02 22:27:55 -0400
Maurice: As you probably know, selling baby organs has been going on for years. EWTN has been talking about it since the 90’s.
commented 2017-08-02 22:26:38 -0400
Maurice: Yes. It certainly seems connected to the undercover videos made by David Daleidon about Planned Parenthood selling baby parts. I would not doubt Clinton’s involvement given the mega dollars donated to her campaign by Planned Parenthood.
commented 2017-08-02 19:09:40 -0400
In the preNutley years any person that was breathing and had a pulse could get a job in Alberta if he/she wanted one. If you didn’t like that job, you could quit and have another within an hour. Since then a person hung onto any job available with the hope that the bitch’s policies didn’t chase the whole business away.
commented 2017-08-02 18:50:45 -0400
I will love their whining and excuses when they are booted the hell out.
commented 2017-08-02 18:49:57 -0400
Maurice Potvin, lol
Jan G, I haven’t tuned it to that report yet. Truth Factory channel also has a report. I’m assuming it’s the Clinton Foundation and Haitii connection.
commented 2017-08-02 18:14:15 -0400
Liza/Tammie: Thanks for the Truth Factory, just great. Cats do have a 6th sense, so I don’t doubt how smart she is.
I also found this. Does everyone know about the US lawyer who has spilled the beans about Clinton and the possible organ trafficking, or have I slept through a few too many days lately?
commented 2017-08-02 17:59:18 -0400
Another factor regarding Alberta Millennials is that, before Notley, young people were pretty much guaranteed quality employment in Alberta, even during down turns. That evaporated within six months of Notley.

To add my broken record post: The bulk of Afghan vets are millennials as were the bulk of workers in dangerous jobs (when Alberta had an economy). It is only the coddled few that are snowflakes in university humanities courses.
commented 2017-08-02 17:40:11 -0400
Tammie, that was one articulate cat. Though I doubt her father would have actually been allowed to join the Boy Scouts….. except maybe as a mascot.
commented 2017-08-02 15:23:42 -0400
Andrew Stephson, trigger alert, go get a bowl of Ben & Jerry’s before listening to Sheila’s report.
commented 2017-08-02 15:23:01 -0400
Good one SHEILA
The young people, of voting age are not buying into little potatoe and little pancake anymore
commented 2017-08-02 15:09:49 -0400
Liza, I do like this YouTuber. She has a hilarious sarcastic side too!
commented 2017-08-02 15:00:53 -0400
That is encouraging Sheila. A ray of hope in a dismal world.

Tammie, don’t you love the Truth Factory. I get a kick out of the cat. Plus she is always on point.
commented 2017-08-02 14:52:12 -0400
The next generations will absolutely despise the previous one.
commented 2017-08-02 14:19:38 -0400
I’m sure our tax dollars will be spent on buying the Millennial votes. For certain the green guilt trippers will be unleashed, and their lies and deceptions will be non-stop well before the election. I can’t even listen to the radio now with all the socialist grooming going on. Can you imagine what it will be like during the campaign? Hopefully the voters won’t be bought and paid for so easily this time around. You can’t help but witness the damage Notley and her Marxist traitors have inflicted on AB and Canada! And I’m sure she will try to do as much damage as she can with the time left. Just looking at her makes my stomach churn!
commented 2017-08-02 14:17:53 -0400
“The Kids are All Right”
commented 2017-08-02 13:59:39 -0400
Great report Sheila. Millenials upset with the Socialist Crone leading Alberta, they should be. I would encourage them to tell her, and, campaign for her removal in the next election.

Generation Z will be a force to be reckoned with at the polls here in Canada and the US.

Boy Scouts Love Trump and it Infuriates CNN – Generation Z Will Vote Republican
commented 2017-08-02 13:28:53 -0400
Thanks Sheila, that was such a refreshing and hopeful video. The demographic shows some very interesting news that I needed to see. Pride for sensible kids who want something better for their future than the load on trash we voted for.