January 24, 2019

“Fighting White People” TA won't rule out violence against “oppressors”

Rob ShimshockRebel Contributor

A few days ago we brought you the story of University of Georgia teaching assistant Irami Osei-Frimpong, who stated that "some white people may have to die for black communities to be made whole." Turns out Osei-Frimpong was only planning on doubling down:

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commented 2019-01-25 19:57:16 -0500
I’m so fed up with blacks who have it so good still hating white folks. Too bad somebody doesn’t sue this bum for racial hate speech.
commented 2019-01-25 12:41:36 -0500
How would you feel with this yahoo as your TA? Would you feel that you would be graded fairly? Would you worry that he might show up with a gun and start killing whites? Would you say that the police should be watching him, put him on a national watch list, and take away any weapons he might have along with being forbidden to own a firearm?

Now, if he was white and said professed the same against blacks, he would have the police, FBI, the school, the NAACP, and whatever up his butt.

The only thing one must do is say that they are a canary with a bisexual morphing non-transgender hermaphrodite with blue tipped wings and not white, Then this racist can shut up and f-off.

I’ve read that blacks in Japan have been complaining about Japanese privilege. I don’t believe anyone would dare complain about Chinese privilege in China.

Even in Africa, where whites are a minority (and no one demands diversity), blacks complain about whites and yes, do them harm for being white, So yes, blacks can be racist, but we are’t allowed to say it out loud,
commented 2019-01-24 20:31:12 -0500
It will not only be Whites dying halfwit.
commented 2019-01-24 18:47:40 -0500
Oh, for sure. If it was a white TA making racist comments against black people, all hell would break loose. The white TA would be lucky to survive the comment.
commented 2019-01-24 15:38:54 -0500
Bring it on dark boy I guess quite a few blacks will have to die until they realize the mistake they are about to make!! Lot more gun toting good ole boys in Georgia that would be happy shoot at you than target practice!! Funny how stupid leftist BS is color blind!
commented 2019-01-24 14:01:37 -0500
Where is the Clan when you need them ? This is like White Genocide in S. Africa, only here Whites are the majority and are still putting up with it.

A Black President for 8 years and his Race Baiting wife sure made the problem worse.