August 03, 2017

Radical Gender Theory: Don't Go Talking Down To Australian Women

Mark LathamRebel Host

There's a lot crapola in modern politics, but the craziest stuff comes from the left feminists.

A recruitment agency in Australia, Seek, has produced a list of "masculine" words that should not be used in job advertisements that seek to attract female candidates.

These words include "independent," "competitive," "assertive," "determined" and "analytical".'

These fruitcake feminists have got a corresponding list of words that are thought to be feminine, such as "responsible," "connect," "dedicated," "support," "sociable" and "conscientious".

How crazy is this? I know the women in my life are brimming with assertiveness and confidence and determination.

Australian women do not need to be talked down to by feminists in this way. 


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commented 2017-08-04 23:13:28 -0400
Just a quick word to you Bravo Zulu. Thank you for you service, your wife’s sacrifice. I owe you a debt I cannot repay. You are the people that make Canada great.
commented 2017-08-04 10:07:42 -0400
Bravo Zulu; Sounds like the hardware store could use your wife’s expertise. She’s a keeper Bravo.
commented 2017-08-04 05:56:00 -0400
Too funny. If you do not want to read my scribings please at least read the first couple and then the last three.

I left my wife for a total of about 52 months of military tours in the various places – deserts mostly but also some jungle.

She raised a couple of kids.

She ran a large working farm.

She planted crops.

She harvested crops.

She ran the finances -not huge but in the three to four hundred thousand mark.

She kept the machinery up and running.

She doctored birthed, raised and shipped animals by the hundreds.

She sat on two agriculture boards and one volunteer hospital board.

She won about six awards for photography.

She is a well known community speaker for agriculture.

In a moment of weakness (her words not mine) she thought about selling the farm one time but no one would hire her as she did not finish high school and was told by an HR lady that she did not have the required skills to manage a team of three in a hardware store. While she was insulted about that, she is since glad it happened as we still own a multi-million dollar farm.

And when I came home from my longest tour away from home – 25 months straight – the entire place was up and running and looking very, very nice.

There are a pile of women out there that can do this stuff and do it well.

Just because a man talks like he talks does not mean he does not love and respect women.

So just continue to love your spouse and tell the FEMINAZIS to fuck right off! Because I watched it happen yesterday in town when my wife did just that. Awesome!

My best to all – it is now 0550 and I am off to make bacon and eggs for the old girl as we are going to cut hay today.

commented 2017-08-04 02:23:21 -0400
I would never apply for a job asking for a supportive (ie. support to men), sociable (ie. be nice and shut up), responsible (ie. it’s a clerk position), connect (ie. be always docile and follow the crowd) dedicated (ie. do as we tell you) and conscientious (again a clerk). That’s how intelligent women think and succeed.
commented 2017-08-03 23:15:31 -0400
Well when you go looking for stupidity in your job candidates , then don’t complain when you get idiots sending in resumes.