Help fund our lawsuit against the hotel manager who assaulted David Menzies

UPDATE: Radisson Toronto East rejects settlement offer for assault on Rebel reporters. We’re heading to court.

March 11, 2019 - We reached out to the Radisson to give them an opportunity to settle out of court, something we thought would be in everyone’s best interests. Watch as I update you on how that went, and show you why it seems we’re going to court.


In February of 2019, David Menzies and our cameraman Efron, were attacked by a manager at the Radisson Toronto East. 

David and Efron were lawfully on that property; that Radisson manager then asked them to leave. But as Menzies started to say he was leaving, that manager just punched David and Efron, and punched our gear.


We filed a lawsuit in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, against the Radisson Toronto East hotel, and their manager David Strong, on behalf of our employees, David and Efron.

We’re not suing for millions. We know that they weren’t wounded for life. The money isn’t even the point — we’re suing for just $10,000 each, a total of $20,000. We’ll pay far more than that in legal fees. We’re suing to make a point — you can’t hit people. Even if you disagree with them. You can’t do that, whether you're a single person or a multi-billion dollar corporation like Radisson.

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