May 06, 2017

Ranking the social conservative choices for Conservative Party leader

Faith GoldyArchive

In the run up to the Conservative Party's leadership convention, I invited Right Now's Alissa Golob on my show to talk about their ranking of various candidates in terms of "socon" issues:

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commented 2017-05-10 01:43:35 -0400
Andrew Stephenson—I lived in Regina for a few years and I could never understand why a Telephone Company would be a Gov’t Institution, or as you suggest why wouldn’t Brad Wall privatize it ?
commented 2017-05-09 12:42:03 -0400
“Two liberal parties” seems to be what works best in our electoral system. Canadians don’t seem to want the Opposition proposing disruptive policy changes … they want someone who will maintain status quo while being enough of an alternative that they can ’throw the bums out" once a decade or so, as the incumbents become lazy and prone to scandals. Taking an extreme political position has generally gone poorly for parties, either left or right, and social conservatism is a no-go in a country that generally values secularism and inclusion.

This is most evident in Ontario where “disruptive” conservatives have lost election after election after election, and the PCPO leader now is trying to be a mushy middler (he will win for it). It’s why Harper was careful to maintain at least a nominal centrist position, it’s why neither Brian Pallister nor Brad Wall have strayed too far right (note how Wall has left Sask’s core socialist institutions essentially intact).

Being Liberal-lite wins elections. The Tories and Liberals have historically been politically very similar. It’s also why the very right wing leadership candidates in the CPC don’t stand a chance in a general election – very popular among 20% of the population, but no centrist appeal to the swing voters.

Although I’m generally a left winger, I recognize the need for a strong opposition to hold the government accountable. Leitch or Trost may be extremely popular among their respective bases, but again … unelectable by the crucial centre. The most important part of this is that the Liberals know this and may be tempted to be a bit more lax with their ethics and politics if opposed by a lame duck party.
commented 2017-05-09 01:22:22 -0400
Andrew, I also gave him a1; only with a 3 behind it. If Chong wins, we would have two Liberal Parties.
commented 2017-05-08 16:46:17 -0400
AKA ranking the unelectables.

Chong’s the only one of the bunch that can conceivably win, that’s why I support him.
commented 2017-05-07 23:38:16 -0400
I think Alissa Golob has it right. Andrew Scheer would be in the best position among Conservatives to beat Trudeau. He will have the broad national appeal that the Conservatives desperately need. Plus (and this is a big plus) very few people have anything against him.

He also has, by far, the greatest possibility of growth in Quebec support.
commented 2017-05-07 23:36:05 -0400
Liza Rosie—You are correct about Pierre Lemieux, he was my strong fourth. I got to know him too late in the campaign.
I only cried once when Trudeau got elected.
commented 2017-05-07 23:04:55 -0400
I know I know, when I am in a rush which is most of the time I write very badly and don’t edit. At the best of times my writing is a night mare I admit.
I still want to see some restrictions on abortion.
I gather you didn’t consider Pierre then?
I have a sense of humour Ron, but but but you made me cry I have a very thin skin.
commented 2017-05-07 21:19:36 -0400
Liza Rosie—-Your computer believes in your values as it is procreating sentences and paragraphs that are already there.
Do not use your delete button as some people may take that as abortion.
Hope you have a sense of humor .
Who is Lemieux?
commented 2017-05-07 20:21:03 -0400
Jacques, that welfare addiction needs to be broken. It is a nanny state problem and needs to be addressed. I could not agree more that this baby mama with several baby daddy’s, thing has got to stop. The only way to do that is to stop the entitlements.

The other thing is that there are lots of young people in stable relationships who have just chosen not to have children. Many are brainwashed into thinking we are over populated and shouldn’t procreate. Only problem is, Islam didn’t get that memo. It is as simple and absolute as gravity. The other thing is that there are lots of young people in stable relationships who have just chosen not to have children. Many are brainwashed into thinking we are over populated and shouldn’t procreate. Only problem is, Islam didn’t get that memo. If Europeans don’t have babies they will as a people, disappear. Muslims breed like rabbits, in fact it is part of the population jihad taking place in western cultures where they have been allowed entry. If we don’t fill our country with some Canadian skilled labour our stupid short sighted politicians will use that lack as an excuse to fill it with Islam, and China. At least the Chinese don’t have litters, and they work. Most of the immigrants from Muslim countries that Trudeau is bringing in are illiterate and stay on welfare.

It is a problem which needs serious consideration or we will be absorbed.

I am rooting for either Trost or Lemieux. I voted for Trost.
commented 2017-05-07 19:48:15 -0400
Rick Plesnik—4 hours ago, going by the damage Trudeau has done in 1.5 years, it is possible for him to cancel all elections.
If he accomplished that , he would be like Turkey’s Erdogan who has arrested 55 thousand citizens and cannot buy life insurance. It is only a matter of months.
commented 2017-05-07 19:33:22 -0400
Leviticus 2013, Jacques Laundry—-Although we support three different candidates; with this years method of voting, I also supported your candidates as they were my second and third picks. Unless a candidate runs away with more than half the votes, (with 14 candidates that rarely happens ) your number 2 and 3 picks mean something.
I voted my # 1, but if few agree with me, my Trost vote gives him big points in the 2nd run-off.
I voted Leech in #3 spot which still may give her points that count. My wish here wasn’t for her to be PM, but to send a message to the winner that I want Canadian values for Immigrants and Refugees or get them away from our Country.
Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be anything on the Net that better explains the voting process, however I believe I’m close.
commented 2017-05-07 15:49:22 -0400
At RICK PLESNIK: Hope you are wrong Brother…Believe me,.. I feel the same way as you…Never in my whole Voting Life have witnessed a full blown sociopath in the pmo with so many other sociopath’s by their side..
commented 2017-05-07 15:39:34 -0400
Rebelnites: President Trump was elected because he was not a Career Politician. The American Everyday People demanded and voted for a change of the status qua…What do Everyday Canadians want to vote for?
commented 2017-05-07 15:32:37 -0400
Beating Trudeau? I have a nagging feeling there will be no 2019 election. Jihadi Justin will use M 103 to promote the phony “Islamophobia” crisis, impose this draconian example of sharia law to stifle free speech and use the “whole of government approach” in the motion to impose a dictatorship to “combat” implied “problem”. Sure hope the 38 odd percent of Lieberal voters are proud of their idiocy!
commented 2017-05-07 11:08:07 -0400
Jacques laundry.. Kelly Leach would be a poor leader for this country…
She is conveniently absent from controversial votes in the house as well like Trudo she is a supporter of the various fringe groups that are causing so many problems today… as well she only wants to partially dismantle the CBC as she wishes to keep important broadcasts running in French and English. Her firearm ownership plan (as I hate to use the term gun control) includes the Rcmp having the final say in what Canadians are allowed to own.. She is a slow-motion liberal more willing to pursue her quiet agenda then taking the hard stance against what’s happening in Canada today… She is more like a Kathleen Wynne clone. She is no Donald Trump.!! She may not be a professional politician but neither is Brad Trost who is a climate change denier with a scientific background in geology and holds a degree in his field. Brad Trost wishes to completely overhaul Bill C 68 leaving control of firearms in the hands of the representatives who are elected by the people not with an unelected and unaccountable dangerously hypocritical federal police force who are neither responsible for making law or policy is in this country and are also doing a poor job of enforcing the laws that exist already.
As well he is pro-life with strong views about accepting mass migrations of people from terrorist countries..
He also wishes to reduce personal income tax for Canadians to 15% and 9% corporate tax in Canada. he has a strong understanding of economics grounded by commonsense views for the safety of this nation and would put established Canadian families first over virtue signaling policies that endanger not only the sovereignty of this country but the citizens of this country as well..
Please support brad Trost in the upcoming elections
commented 2017-05-07 09:35:51 -0400
Liza Rosie, always appreciate your posts.
While I want to agree with most of what you said. Having lots more babies who will stay on welfare and breed more babies who will live on welfare their whole life, and on and on, is hardly productive. I do see Ron Joseph’s point. We have way too many generational social program,welfare recipient as it is. Putting a stop to this mass muslim immigration would be far more productive in my opinion.
I’m with you on the threat that the muslims will be,the more their numbers grow. I’m certainly not pleased on the drain to tax payers, these thousands of un-vetted muslim, so called refugees are having on us. To be fair if they were Christian refugees from muslim countries,I would have no problem with it.
BTW, Scheer, give me a break. If voters want a leader who does not flip-flop, has integrity and understands the problem with un-vetted refugees into this country,it’s Kellie Leith. She is not a professional politician, so like Trump I,’m more likely to trust her.
God Bless.
commented 2017-05-07 08:59:02 -0400
Annoying automatic spell checker: “Golob began by speaking of Scheer……”
commented 2017-05-07 08:56:51 -0400
Golden began by speaking of Scheer having a “positive message” that will unite the party, thereby parroting Scheer who in his campaign has been presenting himself as the leader with the positive message and image who is situated, in his view, between extreme positions in the party. Interestingly, while Golob made an oblique reference to there being “three pro-life candidates”, Brad Trost wasn’t even mentioned by name, while Pierre Lemieux, who Faith described as “my guy” whose message she “loved”, was mentioned and his fundraising success discussed. Faith’s gushing over Scheer’s appearance was hard to bare; for example, over his height (because he is taller than Trudeau) and liking his messaging, persona, charisma, and, finally, that “he’s adorable”. I guess, for some, style over substance is judged important in beating glamour-boy Trudeau and his sunny ways.
commented 2017-05-06 22:47:42 -0400
Liza Rosie—-I was only annoyed with Faith and especially her guest who remind me of some women where I live.
Their entire view of the Country is the importance of two things:
1. Their babies
2. Social Programs, where other people will pay to care for their babies.
Work and the economy mean nothing to them.
commented 2017-05-06 22:39:02 -0400
Our current CRIMEMINISTER must go at all costs , or it’s really, woe and be tide for us as a country
commented 2017-05-06 20:22:01 -0400
Ron Joseph, we are a western country quite able to take care of our babies. We could use a bit of a “wild out of control births”. If we don’t start having babies, Muslims will be happy to do it for us as they as a rule have very large families, and we will be extinct in our own country. Can you not see this reality?
commented 2017-05-06 19:44:37 -0400
Brad Trot for the most common sense leadership… Pierre Lemieux shares a lot of this man’s values and they are actually friends and are supporting each other in this leadership choosing race.
commented 2017-05-06 19:01:30 -0400
As a western separatist who realizes a snowball has a better chance in hell than Western Canada freeing itself, so if I have to go with reality, and I can’t believe i’m saying this, but only the french guy can beat Zoolander. For a guy from Quebec, he can’t be worse than Harper (Ok, Stevo did great on the economic front, so-so on provincial independence). Even if he has a chicks name. Maybe he’ll even ditch the CBC (probably the snowball analogy again on that on though. We always have hope.)
commented 2017-05-06 18:36:02 -0400
Understandably with Golob present, other groups having a different perspective were not mentioned. For example, the Campaign Life Coalition (CLC), which Golob left in 2016 and seems since to hold a grudge with, to her disgruntlement has only recommended Brad Trost and Pierre Lemieux as the only acceptable candidates. Similarly, the same two were the only endorsement given by Parents As First Educators (PAFE). It seems Right Now’s different perspective has become a source of their squabbles with the positions taken by the other two bodies. In making their assessment, Right Now used a combination of three metrics based upon 1) voting record, 2) Right Now’s impression of a candidate’s winnability (based upon, for example, a consideration of their number of Facebook likes), and 3) their policies and principles. And out of that, they came up with a percentage ranking with the top four, Lemieux, Scheer, Trost and O’Toole, garnering 83%, 82%, 81% and 79%, respectively. Seriously, with all the in-built subjectivity, one is to conclude that there is any significant difference in ranking between all four of these leadership candidates!?

A full-fledged conservative is not just a social conservative, but, as well, a fiscal conservative and a democratic conservative. Therefore, a thinking conservative in choosing a leader of the conservative party would examine the candidates’ positions on all the other issues to be considered, aligned with conservative values and principles, such as getting rid of the CBC, position on man-made climate change, immigration policy, fiscal policy, etc., etc..
commented 2017-05-06 15:23:16 -0400
Faith, wild, out of control births has not worked out too well for Africa during the last 50 years.
commented 2017-05-06 15:05:43 -0400
I have to agree that it ain’t over until the fat lady sings, and that won’t be until May 27. Polls can be very wrong as we have all seen before. We may be surprised at who wins this race. I certainly did not vote for either of Alissa Golob’s preferred candidates.
commented 2017-05-06 14:02:10 -0400
I won’t be voting for Scheer because I don’t believe he has the best chance to beat Trudeau.
However, social conservatism will not be the bogeyman it has been in past elections because Trudeau will be running on his anti-woman pro-Sharia stance. Basically, the fear of social conservatism will balance out with the fear of subjugation of women under Justin’s Sharia compliance policies.
commented 2017-05-06 13:06:28 -0400
Faith’s highly biased guest Alissa Golob, appearing on behalf of her pro-life organization Right Now, came across as nothing less than a lobbyist who was well briefed by the Scheer campaign as far as her talking points. For example, suggesting that the race is “down to Bernier and Scheer”, is exactly what Scheer declared at the Toronto debate and, accordingly, was chastised by Obhrai at the time for dissing his fellow candidates. The same message, as parroted by Golob, also appeared at Scheer’s Facebook page. After O’Leary existed from the race, Scheer rather triumphantly and presumptively declared, “And then there were two”! Really?
commented 2017-05-06 13:05:38 -0400
What’s up with my being unable to make a comment on a Faith Goldy’s post?
commented 2017-05-06 11:57:04 -0400
A social conservative will be destroyed by the MSM and in the campaign. Libertarian leader will keep the media and the left off balance because their ignorance of the ideology makes it easy to set traps for them.

There is a place for all the candidates in the cabinet – I’m amazed at the polish on this incredible group of people. Great Canadians all of them.
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