August 12, 2017

RAW: Driver Mows Down Antifa, BLM at Unite The Right Charlottesville

Faith GoldyArchive

Hundreds from the Alt-Right gathered in Charlottesville, Virginia to rally in Lee Park. However, their demonstration was quickly greeted by violent Antifa and BLM protestors only to be shut down by police in full riot gear as the town declared a state of emergency.

Hours after the event was scheduled to take place, counter protestors took to the street.

And, when bottlenecked on one downtown road, the scene became horrific as a silver Dodge Charger mowed through the crowd leaving several bloodied and injured.

I was only metres away from the horrific scene and caught it all on tape.

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commented 2017-08-12 21:28:08 -0400
Jimmy Reece. Thanks for the timely entertainment. Possible Nazi salutes seen. lol
commented 2017-08-12 21:26:08 -0400
Jamie Macmaster: It’s always easier picking out other’s deficiencies.
commented 2017-08-12 21:22:28 -0400
Jimmy Reek is a hateful lying provocateur.
commented 2017-08-12 21:21:57 -0400
Jimmy Reece..Don’t go away mad girl…just go away..
commented 2017-08-12 21:18:10 -0400
Jimmy Reece …you still hanging around with us….? Why..?
commented 2017-08-12 21:17:17 -0400
commented 2017-08-12 21:16:37 -0400
Just starting to listen to the crap on the news. Of course, they blame Trump and the right. Instead of toning it down, they will push even more their f….g non-stop racism condemnation. We whites are done and toast. In Canada, it is the same divisive rhetoric with TruDope and his Islamophobia. We are all islamophobes, therefore racists, therefore the ones to police and to silence. In my province now, they have even set up a commission to study systemic racism. This will end very badly.
commented 2017-08-12 21:14:55 -0400
Daryl Herman..I watched and listen to most of President Trump’s rally’s before he became President..

The Man seem’s genuine…..
commented 2017-08-12 21:07:45 -0400
Jamie MacMaster…Maybe you are getting confidence mixed up with ego..Sometimes you just got to roll with the Person who is plowing the road the best way they know how..You can’t please everyone..But at least President Trump is working to please the American People that voted him in…Look at what Canada got??? There are so many names we can call him…trudeau doesn’t care what we call him…he is brain dead to what Canadians are..he doesn’t give one sh!t about us…
commented 2017-08-12 21:00:35 -0400
FAITH! – When I was notified of this “event” via RT News App – I thought to myself – I hoped no Rebel people would be on-site if an very obvious “episode” could possibly go off – like what happened.
Glad you are safe!! Stay that way!

@ John Siciliano commented 4 hours ago
You know, that if you would listen to ANY of President Trump’s speeches – you would KNOW you are full of hateful Libtard bullshit!!
In contrast it is your idol Obumer who has created this situation & you blatantly defend these violent Libtard acts of barbaric stupidity – as a human – if you are one – would be too ashamed to speak such crap!!
Who the hell are you? One of those murdering jihadist types? – if so your day in prison is about to become reality – simply because your type is too stupid to keep their lunacy PRIVATE.
commented 2017-08-12 20:54:00 -0400
When the media, most of the politicians, the schools teachers and administrators, etc., all preaching diversity, identity politics, and calling every white a racist, xenophobe and bigoted and a white supremacist, it was to be expected that someone would snap. I don’t excuse it but It had to be expected and the globalists better tone it down because there will be a lot more.
commented 2017-08-12 20:50:37 -0400
“My humble opinion is President Trump is on Humanity’s side..”

I don’t disagree with you, ROB GREELEY. Then there is no place for ego.

As for turdo la doo, he’s too stupid to think that there is any other side than his.
commented 2017-08-12 20:41:14 -0400
My humble opinion is President Trump is on Humanity’s side..Which side is trudeau on?? Is trudeau on the side of Everyday People in Canada and the United States??
commented 2017-08-12 20:38:58 -0400
No Edward, I don’t have the answers. And I don’t pretend that I do. But I’ve become pretty good at picking out deficiencies over the years. Perhaps Nero tweeted while Rome burned?
commented 2017-08-12 20:33:29 -0400
I don’t put people on pedestals. They will always let you down as they are only human. I get that some people don’t like Trump’s personality but it is time they grow up and try to see past their personal personality bias. I have always had a liking for people who are mild mannered and humble and yet I think Trump is a refreshing timely reminder on not giving up and stop apologizing for everything. For the conservatives who among us who apologize when someone else steps on our foot it was a much needed wake up call. besides all that the liberal isn’t it time we had a women for a president or a black president is wearing thin. I couldn’t care what color or sex you are but I do wonder what is their next slogan. Isn’t it time for a really black president? Isn’t it time for lesbian President? Where does the identity insanity end? They only make these issues to exploit them.
commented 2017-08-12 20:22:12 -0400
Well you seem to have all the answers Jamie except for yourself.
commented 2017-08-12 20:11:33 -0400
“So in response to Jamie Macmaster just exactly could Trump do to extinguish them without violating their rights? "

That, in the past tense, is a question that Trump will have to answer. Get working on his answer.
commented 2017-08-12 20:06:18 -0400
It was just a matter of time before some extremist snapped.
commented 2017-08-12 19:51:43 -0400
I think white supremacists are as gross as they come but like it or not they have the rights to free speech and freedom of assembly in the U.S. just as they always and have these types of marches for decades and are protected by the law. It doesn’t matter if we disagree with what they say they still have had their free speech and groups like Neo-Nazis and communists had had their rights protected by the A.C.L.U. who are not supporters of them either. I do not believe either side should be allowed to carry weapons or mask their identities and should be held accountable for crimes they have committed and if they are making death threats or threats of physical violence. So in response to Jamie Macmaster just exactly could Trump do to extinguish them without violating their rights?
commented 2017-08-12 19:34:39 -0400
Well, REBELATION, here’s my thoughts. Trump is a self-obsessed dickhead. But Obammy is a bigger dickhead and yellow to boot. And as for Hillary, she’s just a greedy, slimy, lowlife crook.

So yes, if I was a Yank, I would have voted for Trump. But I wouldn’t have done so under the illusion that he was some kind of a Churchill, Reagan, or Thatcher…let alone a Messiah. I learned long ago that if you continually shake your pom-poms for any political leader it eventually rattles your brain to the point that you lose your objectivity. So I’ll call them as I see them. The sooner Donald sticks his phone up his arse and starts governing, the better. Oh, and he shouldn’t leave it on vibrate.
commented 2017-08-12 19:17:32 -0400
You lay some blame with Trump Jamie? What’s he done? Stand up for Free Speech? He mentioned it once. Maybe what he’s ‘not’ done, as in insist on the arrests of anyone wearing a mask at a protest, as I’m guessing they have laws against it like we do. But has any politician done that?

This was inevitable because the Left are Nazi’s that refuse to talk and beat up regular folk that like their country and want a border. The US Founding Fathers stated that every once in a while, democracy would have to be renewed through civil war, (and then start over again). That’s what you’re witnessing, the beginning of that civil war!
commented 2017-08-12 19:02:48 -0400
Inevitable. The fires were lovingly tended and stoked by Obammy, and Trump has done nothing to extinguish them.
commented 2017-08-12 18:59:32 -0400
Peter Netterville..There may come a time when honest People might think to themselves and say F@CK !.You wanted this to happen!..well you got it baby!! Let it happen… Captain!!

My opinion is to be a smart mad..don’t fall prey to the mental illness goof balls that are antagonizing innocent People into the grandiosity bipolar mental illness liberals World of hate.
commented 2017-08-12 18:32:27 -0400
Janice said, " … the Right plays by the rules and the Left tries to win at all costs … "

Truer words have never been spoken. The response from the Right can be either:

1) continue to play by the rules.
2) respond in kind equal violence for violence.
3) respond with a greater level of violence.

In my opinion, options 2 & 3 will cause an ever increasing escalation of violence until civil war breaks out or the military is brought in to quell the Right and let the Left continue their violence.

Option 1 will mean the Right will continually be overwhelmed by the violence and the liars in the MSM.

Damned if you do and damned if you don’t.
commented 2017-08-12 18:10:50 -0400
Peter Netterville and Rob Greeley,
I expect for a while, the MSM will be quiet, then they’ll look for a way to blame Unite The Right. anyway. Or they’ll just post a neutral news piece, saying that people were killed and injured at a Unite The Right rally. Those who don’t know the details will assume that the Right was at fault. The Left/MSM have no shame, but as someone said recently, the Right plays by the rules and the Left tries to win at all costs. We need to remember that.
commented 2017-08-12 18:03:24 -0400
Michael Doll..Agree, good comment!
commented 2017-08-12 18:03:23 -0400
@ Janice

I wonder how people like John Siciliano will spin this into a right wing attacker. But don’t worry, him and the rest of the liars in the main stream media will figure out some BS to twist the truth, like they always do.
commented 2017-08-12 17:59:42 -0400
Janice Kay..They won’t say a word in a correction…they are slimy disgusting p@s..if by chance they do..It will be in small print way at the bottom of the page to cover their slimy p@s @rses….
commented 2017-08-12 17:58:42 -0400
Good comment, Michael.
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