July 20, 2016

Ray Heard on RNC: “It’s a Trump convention with a few circus-like issues”

Brian LilleyArchive

It’s a convention like no other, for a candidate like no other but is the contentious atmosphere really without precedent?

Long-time politics watcher Ray Heard covered the 1968 GOP convention that nominated Richard Nixon reminding us that was a year that saw riots break out at both the Republican and Democrat conventions.

But this convention is not without division and controversy of its own.

Watch as I get Ray’s take on how the Republican convention in Cleveland is going so far and get his assessment on the party unifying behind Donald Trump.

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commented 2016-07-25 16:40:32 -0400
A vote for Hillary, is a vote for the destruction of Western Civilization.
Obama & Justin are traitors to Western Civilization.

Our culture; way of life and freedom are in jeopardy!

It would be wonderful to join hands and sing in peace, but this shall never happen if the Islamist’s are given a safe haven in the West.

One only need look at what is happening on the East Coast in Canada or in Germany or in France to know that this “Idealism” does not work and shall only lead to our destruction.

Obama; Hillary; Justin & Angela Merkal are enablers of Islam. They cannot be trusted.

I only wish we had a strong leader in Canada like Donald Trump shall be in America.

Thomas Pratt
commented 2016-07-20 19:44:03 -0400
@ Donald

The very fact that the CNN, a quintessential example of the “main stream socialist media”, actually admitted if only for a moment that Hillary was guilty is astounding in and of itself. Maybe there is hope for some socialists. Maybe they are not all retards.
commented 2016-07-20 16:26:02 -0400
i was even more stunned than usual last night when cnn fact checked chris christie and found clinton guilty on 3 counts in the email scandal….they then actually went on to say that the reason clinton wasnt indicted was because top law enforcement was afraid of the clintons… but today they are back to their same bigoted selfs.. jake tapper, just said " you know i dont like to bring up unpleasant things but" blah blah trumps …….if you had said only about the clintons jake you would have then not been telling porkies.