November 27, 2015

Ray Heard: Trudeau's BBC interview full of exaggerations, "cheap shots" at Harper, Trump and Rob Ford

Brian LilleyArchive

I talked with political and journalistic veteran Ray Heard about PM Justin Trudeau's first trip to England after his election.

I thought Trudeau came across as a bit of a braggart.

Heard agreed and mocked the new PM's bizarre assertion that his famous last name hadn't helped him -- that he'd in fact worked "two or three times harder" than the average Canadian would have to get elected.

Heard said Trudeau's BBC interview was full of "cheap shots" at Stephen Harper, Donald Trump and even Rob Ford.

As well, Justin's claim that he'd "left his opponents in the dust" isn't supported by the voting results. It no doubt left the average British viewer unduly impressed with Trudeau's margin of victory.

We also talked about Trudeau's illogical comments about the Queen's portrait controversy. (Heard complained that the paintings Trudeau put up instead were in fact "inferior works of art"...)

And what to make of Justin's comments about Russia and Turkey?

Listen to Heard's theory...

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commented 2015-11-30 14:46:48 -0500
Harper’s mistake was simply getting the rest of Canada to hate him. The PC’s disappeared in the east, literally. The First Nation followed the Fair Elections Act making sure everyone eligible to vote received a voters card after making sure Elections Canada knew they were out there on the First Nations. Especially after Elections Canada wouldn’t recognize the addresses on the voter cards.( A PC ploy that backfired). First Nations turnout was the highest ever. Every eligible voter that needed a ride, got one.And the media helped. The big boys have all that viewers, whereas, the Rebel , their Youtube videos are lucky to hit 10,000 views each. I love social media.
commented 2015-11-30 14:29:55 -0500
You need someone here with a mind of their own. Plus we’re betting on how long this online rag survives. I’m betting 5 years.One year after the oldtimers here see the PC’s don’t want anything to do with Stephen Harper next election. Plus, you don’t need the kind of money the SNN didn’t have to stay afloat on the internet.
commented 2015-11-30 13:50:40 -0500
the leftards are proving how insecure and intellectually challenged they are.. thanks for coming to the rebel children..
commented 2015-11-30 13:26:51 -0500
The MSM made sure that it wasn’t a fair campaign. The fact that the media unions were able to register to campaign against Harper says it all . The coverage was totally biased, and the attacks on Harper were relentless. And he stood against it all, now that is a man. The Liberals would crying like injured fleas, if that had happened to their boy. But it didn’t happen, because of their lying fairy tales, that passed for some as real news. It was a blatant conflict of interest, that was not made public.
commented 2015-11-30 13:04:39 -0500
“This Kid” won because Canadians were sick and tired of paranoid and incoherent fearmongering and nonsense from the modern Right.
commented 2015-11-30 13:03:24 -0500
A loss is a loss … You would think with all this knowledge being passed around post election , someone would have at least told Harper, pre -election. So he could have at least had a chance in the rest of Canada. Nope everyone held their tongue.Now he’s working in his memoirs hoping the Rebel will throw a PSA at the bottom of every story for him.
commented 2015-11-30 12:49:13 -0500
The only reason this kid won, was due to all the money being pumped into the unions, illegally, from the UN, to attack PM Harper, for the past 10-years to defeat him. I would think that the 99-seats won, in spite of the lying union goons, and the MSM and their unions, was a pretty fine day. Though a traitor to Canada, placed their by that terrorist cesspool, the UN, will now ensure that we fall the 3rd world status. At least I can say that I wasn’t blind enough to vote for this empty headed baby.
commented 2015-11-30 12:34:33 -0500
Robert Caughell. Exactly. Trudeau did leave his poorly run and campaigned PC’s in the dust. " He’s Just not ready." really worked for them. " He’s just not worth it" worked even better for the Libs, because it was the truth. They attacked Trudeau the day he became leader of the Liberals or , as I say it, the " Oh shit." day. Now they’ll spend the next four years spewing hopeful ( will someone under 50 east of SK listen to us!) conspiracy theories about why their leader was such an embarrassment to the PC’s. They shoulda lined up Campbell Manning.
commented 2015-11-29 20:30:37 -0500
Trudeau is but a fucking moron what an embarrassment
commented 2015-11-29 18:17:49 -0500
i remember pictures of charles as a child.. he was a beautiful baby.. justin still is..
commented 2015-11-29 18:07:32 -0500
little andy, how inventive your post about trudeau derangement syndrome…limited intelligence is a hallmark of adolescent left wing trolls..
commented 2015-11-29 14:12:19 -0500
Robert Caughell said:
“More bitch, bitch, bitch hypocrisy from the right wing media. It was OK to them for Harper to take cheap comments about the NDP/Liberals but when the tables are turned they get all sanctimonious. The so called Rebel journalists should look in the mirror before making comments.” The difference for anyone who cares to see is the “Left Wing Media” has focused on lies and spurious stories (wafergate, boy drowned on beach, comparisons to Hitler, etc) in attacking Conservatives whereas the so called “Right Wing Media” has used facts and actual statements to back up their reporting. So sad that truth and facts matter not to lefties, however not surprising!
commented 2015-11-29 13:58:54 -0500
always glad to see intelligent commentary from the left wing reality deniers…thanks for you being you bobby… there is no cure for stupidity..
commented 2015-11-29 13:56:45 -0500
wonder boy is a parody of a caricature…the anti semites at the cbc will maintain the illusion of substance as long as money is involved..
commented 2015-11-29 12:13:53 -0500
Prince Charles is a vacuous enviro-loon . . . he and Justin seemed to hit it off . . . their IQs added together are barely three digits . . .
commented 2015-11-29 10:25:59 -0500
The picture of two spoilt brats in a pod. Charles has the same mental challenges as boy wonder does, they are both privileged brats, with nothing to offer the world, except their snobby airs!
commented 2015-11-28 20:39:11 -0500
“obviously it’s a very concerning situation” – I have heard him use the word “concerning” a few times from Mr. illiterate. Situations are not concerning Mr. Trudeau, they may be disconcerting perhaps, in the very least it is a real word used in the proper way. Heard someone paid big for that education.
commented 2015-11-28 16:53:05 -0500
Robert said, “The so called Rebel journalists should look in the mirror before making comments.”

Odd you should say that. I was just thinking the same thing about you. Maybe you should look in the mirror before making your comment.
commented 2015-11-28 14:57:21 -0500
yes indeed he is THE ACTOR ….can repeat but ah…ah…sigh….has trouble talking from the mind…being an ally is in total contradiction to his aspiration of being THE HERO ….let s just watch the slide DOWN ….
commented 2015-11-28 13:27:00 -0500
Liberal trolls stay in your holes! For whom the bell tolls? It is for Canada! Trapped in a hellhole!
commented 2015-11-28 12:15:55 -0500
I think the constant demonizing attacks on PM Harper, for the past 10-years, warrant the same treatment for this wonder boy. He’s been given every free pass imaginable by the MSM, and it’s quite laughable. The little boy will have to toughen up, or he’ll be spit out, which frankly I can’t wait to see happen. It’s just a matter of time until some of those who threw their vote to the wind, get to reap what they have sown with this rich trust fund kid. The middle class will be wiped out, and anyone who thought otherwise, just wasn’t paying that much attention.
commented 2015-11-28 11:59:57 -0500
More bitch, bitch, bitch hypocrisy from the right wing media. It was OK to them for Harper to take cheap comments about the NDP/Liberals but when the tables are turned they get all sanctimonious. The so called Rebel journalists should look in the mirror before making comments.
commented 2015-11-28 10:21:41 -0500
Trudeau Derangement Syndrome is tough, isn’t it? Both Trump and Ford put themselves in a position of ridicule, and I find that Trudeau’s comments about Harper are far more respectful than anything being said about Ms. Notley or even Trudeau himself around here.
commented 2015-11-28 10:11:43 -0500
Reviewing the video clips of the Spawn with the royals its seems that young master Zoolander has perfected the insincere “hand hug”
commented 2015-11-28 07:54:20 -0500
It’s incredibly painful going from a strong leader like PM Harper, to letting a narcissistic rich trust fund kid grind us down for his own elitist pleasure. He and the Liberal cronies and the corrupt MSM, will be living it up on our dime now, while forcing us into survival mode, by limiting our personal rights and freedoms. I can’t even stand watching this clown, parade around like he’s a god or something. He’s definitely a legend in his own mind, and Canadians are now the laughing stock of the world.
commented 2015-11-28 07:04:40 -0500
The Justin Trudeau Show , brought to you by the CBC , CTV and Toronto Star.
commented 2015-11-28 02:54:04 -0500
There are a lot of theories about oil from ISIS. I don’t think it would go anywhere if not from the permission of the US. Otherwise the US would just blow it up (as if they care that much about climate change). Truth is I don’t know where that oil is going and where money is going whether is goes to support ISIS or to buy off Turkey. A lot of this stuff if covert so it is all theories and rumors.
commented 2015-11-28 00:13:39 -0500
Justin’s diary. Hilarious! Great post.
commented 2015-11-28 00:06:31 -0500
Well, I just watched that BBC interview and posted this in the comments section on youtube:
What a pompous fool. Canada didn’t elect a Prime Minister; they elected a Canadian Idol. They elected an empty headed actor who happens to have a famous last name who professed to be the messiah who would save the middle class from the evil fiscally responsible Conservatives that put Canada in a enviable fiscal position world wide and he would tax the one percenters. Only HE understands the middle class. Except there’s just one problem. He IS a one percenter. A rich one percenter who ran on a platform of saving the middle class and won the election over two other more experienced politicians (Harper and Mulcair) who ARE middle class. Are Canadians dumb? Perhaps, but I think shallow is a better description. Or incredibly naive and definitely NOT paying attention to what a dangerous world we now live in. What we need at this time is an experienced, focused, fiscally responsible leader and Trudeau does not fit that description.
commented 2015-11-27 22:58:15 -0500
Justins Diary LMAO-“Thought my plane was going to land in the water” , keep up the good work. Your source material is pretty much infinite with this clown.