May 29, 2015

RCMP release full Zehaf-Bibeau video

Brian LilleyArchive

The RCMP have released the full video manifesto recorded by Michael Zehaf-Bibeau moments before he began his terrorist attack and despite media reports to the contrary, he does no name accomplices.

When the Mounties released the video earlier this year they edited out 18 seconds, that missing part of the recording is now public and it mainly shows Zehaf-Bibeau praying.

"In the name of Allah the most gracious and most merciful," Zehaf-Bibeau says as the video opens. "All praises to Allah, the Lord of the universe. We seek his help and ask his forgiveness."

"Lord, open for me my chest, ease my task for me and remove the impediment from my speech. In the name of Allah the most gracious and most merciful."

That marks the entirety of the missing portion of the recording at the opening. From there Zehaf-Bibeau explains calmly that his actions are driven by Canada's foreign policy and the opposition to those "who are trying to bring back religious law in our countries." See full transcript below.

At the end a single sentence was edited out which said, "Lord accept me and peace be upon you and upon the Mujahedin. May Allah curse you."

There had been media reports claiming Zehaf-Bibeau named accomplices or encouraged others to do the same. Those reports were false. As for why the RCMP edited out prayers at the beginning and end of the video, the police service would say little. In their new release they stated that they needed time to analyze what was said.

"The RCMP believed that the content initially removed for public release could assist in determining the origin and nature of Michael Zehaf-Bibeau's radicalization to violence. The RCMP also needed time to fully analyze the language used, including the dialect of Arabic being spoken, consult subject matter experts and follow up on a number of investigative leads. We will not speak further to any investigational results arising out of this analysis," the release read.

Throughout his video Zehaf-Bibeau speaks of us vs. them, clearly indicating that he does not see himself as Canadian. His father hailed from Libya and that is where he was buried once his body was released to his family. 

Zehaf-Bibeau killed Cpl. Nathan Cirillo as he stood on ceremonial guard at the National War Memorial on October 22, 2014. He then ran up to Parliament Hill, hijacked a car and burst into the Parliament buildings where he fired off some shots before dying in a hail of bullets.


"In the name of Allah the most gracious and most merciful. All praises to Allah, the Lord of the universe. We seek his help and ask his forgiveness.

Lord, open for me my chest, ease my task for me and remove the impediment from my speech. In the name of Allah the most gracious and most merciful.

To those who are involved and listen to this movie, this is in retaliation for Afghanistan and because Harper wants to send his troops to Iraq.

So we are retaliating, the Mujahedin of this world. Canada’s officially become one of our enemies by fighting and bombing us and creating a lot of terror in our countries and killing us and killing our innocents. So, just aiming to hit some soldiers just to show that you’re not even safe in your own land, and you gotta be careful.

So, may Allah accept from us. It’s a disgrace you guys have forgotten God and have you let every indecency and things running your land. We don’t, we don’t go for this. We are good people, righteous people, believers of God and believing his law and his Prophets, peace be upon them all. That’s my message to all of you in this, Inshallah, we’ll not cease until you guys decide to be a peaceful country and stay to your own and I-, and stop going to other countries and stop occupying and killing the righteous of us who are trying to bring back religious law in our countries.

Thank you.

Lord accept me and peace be upon you and upon the Mujahedin. May Allah curse you."

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commented 2015-06-16 20:45:46 -0400
The religion of peaces.
commented 2015-05-29 22:25:04 -0400
Glenn Craig – thanks for clearing that up. (-:
commented 2015-05-29 21:13:08 -0400
Speaking as a lawful and law abiding gun owner…one of the things in the CBC’s coverage of this annoyed me was how they were OK with his choice of weapon… was not one of those nasty “assault rifles” but simply a traditional “hunting rifle” …the Winchester 30-30 has twice the muzzle energy of an AK-47…it loads seven rounds as compared to the clip limit of five on an AR-15 AND you can top it up on the fly which you cannot do with an “assault rifle” with removable clips and once the action has been properly broken in it can be indexed just as quickly as an AR-15 and faster than an AK-47 in semi-auto mode. In fact when fired from the hip at engagement distances of less than 50 feet it is a more effective weapon than the AK-47 or the AR-15 and would easily dominate a room full of pistol shooters….that is why the cowboys liked them so much.
commented 2015-05-29 20:01:40 -0400
“after the shots were fired at the monument” Oh that’s all. Then a living breathing Canadian Soldier doing his duty was not killed? That clears it up. Is it a Full Moon?
commented 2015-05-29 18:39:08 -0400
Ok so that’s very nice that an insignificant portion of this video was reinstated. Since we’re having such a nice video party lets see the full videos of the hallway shoot out from the CCTV’s in the corridor and not just the lame Globe and Mail cel cam. Theres 25-30 shots fired on the Globe video but no visible damage or ricochet sounds? We’ve seen his strange drive, run into the S-E corner of the grounds complete with “greeters” and “reelers” and then the hijacking of a limo to drive 50 meters? NOW Let’s also see the 6 staged police vehicles on the South West corner of the parliamentary lawn at least 30 minutes prior to the monument shots fired? The same ones that remained static and stationary and failed to engage Bibeau even after the shots were fired at the monument? Let’s also see the municipal CCTV footage from the monument please because very simply, the jig is up Mr Paulson and Mr Blaney et al.
commented 2015-05-29 18:24:31 -0400
Doesn’t his mother work in the immigration department of the government? Not sure about this but I seem to remember something about it. She should be fired if she works in the immigration department. Who knows who she would let in being related to this scum bag. Shouldn’t take any chances.
commented 2015-05-29 18:07:11 -0400
And oh yes, for the lefties who like to make accusations about news sources, the NDP concern came from CBC!
commented 2015-05-29 18:05:40 -0400
And now the NDP are terrified that the Gov’t will use this video as an example of the threat this country faces from Islamists! Whose side are they on? And where’s Trudope? Making more committments to visit extremist Mosques to confirm he’s for them? Strangely silent so far!
commented 2015-05-29 17:14:16 -0400
So, I am sure, that any of his family members that were still in Canada have been deported. I mean all of them. It matters not whether they have been given citizenship or not. They must go to send a clear message to others that this behavior will not be tolerated. If not, we really need to get our country of Canada working to stop this type of immigration to stop the poison from entering MY country.