July 30, 2015

RCMP worried Public Safety Minister’s press releases may alienate Muslim terrorists

Blazing CatfurRebel Blogger

In the old days they used to call this appeasement… or the work of Fifth Columnists:

On terror rhetoric, Public Safety Minister ignores RCMP and his own advisors

“Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney’s office ignored edits that would have toned down a counter-terror statement issued in January, according to a document obtained by Global News.

Instead, the statement, issued Jan. 26 in response to an ISIS audio file calling for attacks on Canada, used language Canadian law enforcement has called “inflammatory.”

An e-mail obtained through an access-to-information request includes edits to a statement that replaces “jihadist” with “terrorist” and “declared war on” with “threatened.”

You have to give Minister Blaney credit for ignoring the RCMP’s timid advice on this matter but he should consider a house cleaning of his own “advisers”.

This is the same RCMP that wrote an “Anti-Radicalization” handbook with Muslim Radicals that was so radical they had to disavow it after being publicly shamed and currently find themselves facing accusations of entrapment of the mentally unfit in the Methadone Muslim Case.

The article goes on to quote a mealy mouthed piece of Jihadi appeasement authored by the RCMP called Words Make Worlds (read about it here - Words Make Worlds - RCMP Jihadi Appeasement) which perversely warns people not to associate Islamic terrorism with Islam. I suggest the RCMP publication be more accurately renamed “Words Make Imaginary Worlds”.

The article in turn cites the Muslim Brotherhood front group the National Council Of Canadian Muslims as having advised the Minister against telling the truth about Muslim terrorism...oops sorry… against using such terminology lest they offend the Muslim community that keeps spawning Jihadis.

Good for Minister Blaney and make no mistake: Political Correctness kills.


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commented 2015-07-31 22:24:28 -0400
Good for Public Safety Minister Blaney. Someone has to tell it like it is.
commented 2015-07-31 12:40:12 -0400
The night of the Charlie Hebdo massacre the CBC National REFUSED to use the word terrorism in their report. Not once did they say the word. I guess they were afraid of offending the people who state that they categorically want to kill us and our western lifestyle and democracy. However the CTV National News with Lisa Laflamme opened their newscast with: “Terrorist attack in Paris!” Is the CBC style type of reporting what I want MY tax dollars going to? Not on your life!

Back a couple of years ago during the riots of the G8-G20 talks here in Toronto, I watched the head of the RCMP say that some protestors “vandalized” some police cars…WTF? The protestors demolished/burned to the ground 3 one-hundred and sixty thousand dollar each pieces of TAXPAYER property – that’s $480,000.00 worth of our stuff demolished – vehicles that will have to be replaced by US…What was this bureaucrat thinking? “Vandalized”??? What would have to be destroyed in order for this individual to state the obvious? My god, what have we become? Sad, sad, sad….
commented 2015-07-31 11:16:48 -0400
Is the RCMP turning into cowards, are they afraid to tell the truth about islam, Are they being paid off by saudi as well.. We do not want to turn into Europe, where everybody appeases islam with the fear the so call religion of peace will get angry and do harm to us. Shame on the RCMP.
commented 2015-07-30 19:21:39 -0400
rcmp are as relevant as cbc…
Just saying.
commented 2015-07-30 17:24:14 -0400
Nothing wrong with saying it like it is. We need more of this, not less!