Help send REAL reporters to Tommy Robinson's trial!

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When Sky News interviewed Tommy Robinson, they edited the videotape unethically, to make it look like he said something that he didn’t say.

And then they put their lie, their fake news, right in their headline! Now, those lies have spread across the UK — and they’ve even spread internationally.

And it’s going to be exactly the same thing at Tommy’s next court date — unless we do something about it.

We’re going to crowdfund the cost to fly in real reporters from other countries to the Old Bailey on October 23, 2018, to do a proper job of journalism.

We’ll pay for economy-class airfare for reporters to come to London for Tommy’s trial. We’ll pay for a 3-star hotel, we’ll pay for their cabs, and give them £100 for incidentals. And in return, all they have to do is come to Tommy’s trial, and report on it.

Four journalists have agreed to come with me (so far):

*Cassandra Fairbanks, an investigative reporter Washington, D.C.

*Andrew Lawton, a reporter and commentator from London, Ontario, Canada

*Candice Malcolm, a journalist and activist in the U.S. and Canada

*Avi Yemini, a journalist from Australia

They are each from different cities, different media, even different languages. But they all have one thing in common: they tell the truth.

Our total budget, to bring in all of them, plus the three cameramen, will probably end up costing about $17,000 Canadian, which is about £11,000. 

But it's worth it. Because when Tommy goes back to court, each of these real reporters will be there as a counterweight to the BBC and the Guardian and Sky News who just lie about Tommy.

If you think this is important, then please help cover their economy-class travel, by donating below.