SHOCKING: Tommy Robinson back in court — Help send REAL reporters to the UK to cover his trial


The Attorney General of the United Kingdom has made the political decision to prosecute Tommy Robinson AGAIN for contempt of court, for reporting outside the court house in Leeds, last May.

They’re taking him back to court again for the same thing. A year later.


To be clear, Tommy Robinson has already been arrested, prosecuted, and packed off to prison for this same thing, last year.

And he served ten weeks in solitary confinement, kept in a small cage for 23 and a half hours a day.

And as you know, the Court of Appeal, chaired by no-one less than the Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales, found that whole judicial process was corrupted. It was illegal. it was improper.

Read the ruling yourself. A stunning rebuke of the way he was treated by the system.

So Tommy Robinson was set free by the court of appeal. He was practically starved to death in prison, by the way — he lost 40 pounds (three stone as they say in the UK) because they were letting him eat only one can of tuna and a piece of fruit a day, and the prison warden wouldn’t let him buy any more food with his own money.

They would have killed him in there had we not crowdfunded his appeal, and by we, I mean you — thank you for paying his legal bills. We got him out.

But now Theresa May’s attorney general wants to put him back in.

You’d think the UK government wouldn’t ever want to remind anyone of their disgraceful conduct again. Tommy was the first journalist imprisoned for contempt of court in the UK since the 1940s. And it was done illegally. But they want to do it again.

And to be clear: this is a political decision made by Theresa May’s attorney general, Geoffrey Cox. This is not the police. This is not a judge. It’s political.

Do you think the timing is coincidental? It’s right before Brexit is supposed to happen — or maybe not happen. Tommy Robinson is a vocal proponent of Brexit and he helped lead a massive demonstration in support of it — maybe they want to sweep him off the streets before that happens.

Or maybe it was Tommy’s stunning expose of the BBC, the British state broadcaster, last month in Manchester.

According to Tommy, his new trial is coming up in just two weeks — the court date is set for March 22, at the Royal Courts of Justice. How ironic — it was in that very building that the three most senior judges in the land set Tommy free.

Obviously, Tommy has been very busy in the last 24 hours — I’ve only had a chance to have a quick exchange with him by text, and with his lawyer. He’s obviously going to fight this like hell. Last time, we here at The Rebel Media did the crowdfunding for his lawyers, because Tommy was in prison and couldn’t do it for himself. This time, he’s handling his legal fees on his own — of course I’ve offered him any help if he needs it.

One thing I’m going to do is to go back to London to personally report on the trial, because you can’t trust the UK mainstream media.

And I’m going to do what I’ve done before for Tommy — I’m going to bring in other, real reporters from outside the UK too.


So today I have reached out to all the reporters that we brought from overseas to give Tommy fair coverage last time:

Scotland's free speech warrior (and a victim of politically motivated prosecution himself), Count Dankula.

Andrew Lawton, the Canadian who did such a great job last time, and exposed how the UK media coordinated in advance to bad-mouth Tommy. He’s in.

I spoke with Cassandra Fairbanks from Washington, D.C. who came last time. She’s in.

Same with Will Chamberlain of Human Events magazine. He’s a Yank, too, and you’ll remember he actually attended Tommy’s case that very first time in London last year. He’s in.

I’ve spoken with Avi Yemini — he’s checking his schedule.

I’ve put in calls to other reporters too, like Pardes Seleh of Mediaite in Washington — she’s looking at her schedule, too.

As well, the three lads from Politicalite, the pro-Tommy website up in Manchester, are coming down by train.

So we’ve got seven reporters confirmed, and it could be up to nine. Wouldn’t that be amazing? An army of independent reporters, doing the work that mainstream media won’t.


So that’s what I’m doing. You know the deal. It’s just like last time:

We’ll offer each of these reporters a low-cost economy flight to London, or in the case of the Manchester lads, economy-class train fare. We’ll put people up in a low-cost hotel — 3-stars, maximum. And we’ll cover their cab fare and incidentals like that.

No-one actually gets paid, other than their expenses. And in return, all they have to do is attend at court and do a report — we have no editorial oversight of what they do. But I know they’re real reporters. so they’ll cover things far more accurately than the UK media will.

So please help me. It looks like we’ll have the biggest contingent ever: Six, possibly nine journalists. I believe the battle in the court of public opinion is just as important as the battle in the court of law.

I’m going to need at least $10,000 to $15,000 to buy everyone economy-class plane tickets and hotel rooms. But I think it’s essential, don’t you?

If you do, please contribute below. It’s the least we can do to help Tommy.

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