February 11, 2017

Real Madrid removes cross from logo to calm Middle East soccer fans

David MenziesMission Specialist

Sometimes professional sports teams tweak or redesign their uniforms, ostensibly to move more merchandise to fashion-conscious sports fans. But then there’s the elite Spanish soccer club, Real Madrid.

They sort of “altered” their logo too. Not on jerseys the team will be wearing and selling in Europe but rather, their new crest is meant for Middle East soccer fans.

If you look really hard at their logo, you’ll spot a tiny cross. Real Madrid doesn’t want to upset the “cultural sensitivities” of soccer fans living in non-Christian-majority countries.

As a private entity, Real Madrid can do whatever they want and it seems this self-imposed cultural censorship is indeed a business decision. Apparently even a teensy-weensy bit of Christianity on a soccer logo in the Middle East might prove toxic for the bottom line.

The only surprising thing about the logo re-do is that they didn’t go full Sharia and substitute the cross for a crescent moon

Just imagine if a professional Arab soccer team decided to remove an Islamic symbol from jerseys for sale in non-Islamic markets. Can you hear the cries of “Islamophobia already?

Its ironic that Real Madrid’s contempt for its own Christian roots is being done in the name of “cultural sensitivity” considering most of the Middle East is unforgiving when it comes to religious and cultural minorities.

Persecution, torture, enslavement, even murder - it’s not like there’s a whole lot of sensitivity happening in that neighbourhood.

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commented 2017-02-12 15:18:32 -0500
Mark Chadwick, well if this “something” is so small, then why remove that tiny little cross at the top. Those small something is allowing sharia law to creep in & isn’t that what they tell the Islamist would be jihadist to do? Yes, you had better pray for God to help us.
commented 2017-02-12 12:09:51 -0500
Why are people catering to these dirty violent Muslims? That one way ticket to mars is looking better and better each day!
commented 2017-02-12 11:28:07 -0500
If something this small gets a reaction,god help us.
commented 2017-02-11 19:21:16 -0500
Since 9/11: 1.6 Million Immigrants from Muslim majority countries to the United States. And that’s not considering the massive immigration into Europe.

Wonder what they’re doing.
commented 2017-02-11 16:29:43 -0500
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 32,798 Attacks, 210,178 Killed, 293,879 Injured that we know of.
commented 2017-02-11 16:07:33 -0500
Now why in the hell don’t they grab Cristiano Ronaldo and force that racist bastard to change his first name? Or at least cut the christian bastard from the team? Oh well, guess Spain wants to go back to being in a caliphate with full on sharia. Too bad, I liked looking at Spanish tits on the beach. Guess they missed the lesson from Tropic Thunder, “you never go full retard”.
commented 2017-02-11 13:27:55 -0500
Let the Middle East form their own Soccer League, they can then play with each other, this is what they like doing anyway.
commented 2017-02-11 13:27:55 -0500
Let the Middle East form their own Soccer League, they can then play with each other, this is what they like doing anyway.
commented 2017-02-11 13:08:40 -0500
And isn’t it ironic that Mr Trad, from Saudi Arabia heads up the United Nations Human Rights panel? Saudi Arabia, a country that does not allow churches to be built there, or even for women or men to wear a cross on a chain around their neck.

Christianophobia anyone? There shouldn’t be any mosques allowed in North America until they start allowing churches to be built in Saudi Arabia.
commented 2017-02-11 12:49:52 -0500
Well it comes down to the dollar bill.
Muzzies ain’t gonna buy anything with a cross.
Therefore, remove the cross and you will not lose sales.

Dump Justin bin Trudeau
commented 2017-02-11 11:26:57 -0500
Well if I were a soccer fan and I was a supporter of Real Madrid and I wanted to express my anger of the removal of a small cross the best way would be is NOT ATTEND THEIR GAMES let the Muslim pay for Real Madrid and let them go bankrupt
commented 2017-02-11 11:14:43 -0500
Are not churches in Europe removing crosses from their roofs to not offend the sensitivities of muslims? Has not England lowered the Cross of St. George when muslims complained about it? At least Real is still allowing the cross on its European merchandise, which is the bigger surprise to me than them removing it from their arabic merchandise.
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